Saturday February 24, 2024
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Team Competitions

It is considered to be a great honour to represent your Pony Club Branch, particularly in the Olympic disciplines of Eventing, Dressage and Showjumping.  At Grove we have a long tradition of training and supporting riders and their families in these and other fantastic sports such as Tetrathlon.

Members aim for Area competitions, with the summer events being the highlight of the year as places at the Regional and National Finals are contested.  At Grove members are encouraged to train for Areas throughout the year and if members meet the eligibility requirements then they are welcomed on to Teams.

Grove Pony Club are also invited to attend prestigious events throughout the year where selection is more rigorous due to the limited number of places available.  Selection is done by senior coaches, team managers and the DC, in line with policy,

Please visit the Area 6 Website for details of this years Area Competitions




1. Entry fees for team competitions will not be refunded after the closing date given by the team organiser unless the competition is cancelled by the organising body.