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Grove Pony Club Camp 2023

 2023 Camp Report – By Elise

Camp 2023 was AMAZING. On the Sunday all of the ponies arrived at camp, all cleaned and eager for the week ahead.  After many trips backwards and forwards from the lorry park to the stables, with feed buckets, grooming kit, mucking out gear, the ponies were settled and able to rest.

Everyone met in the marquee and had a briefing from Emma Marsden, who is the DC (boss lady)! Emma introduced the instructors and explained the timetable for the week. Children were able to collect their camp t- shirts and learn who would be their coach for the week.



Each day was split into morning and afternoon riding sessions. All camp members took part in two planned out lessons, one jumping, one flatwork and an assigned stable management course.  During the week each group worked towards several of the stable management badges.

The sessions included water schooling, grid work, cross country, show jumping, riding bare back and mounted games.

Emilly Woodcock cooked DELICIOUS hot meals every day for lunch. A tuck shop was available at the end of each day when parents came to pick children up. 




Wednesday night was family night. After a full camp day and ponies had been put to bed for the night, parents and children gathered in the marquee for hot food from Evie’s kitchen. After everyone had eaten, all parents and children gathered to play team games and a huge game of rounders.  Once it became dark, a disco in the marquee ensued for all the children. By 10 o’clock people started heading to their tents and lorries for the night.

 On Thursday morning Emily served up bacon butties for breakfast.  Camp members started stable chores before the last full day of fun before the competition day on the Friday.



Through out the week visitors came to camp and gave talks.  The Grove and Rufford hounds, Hird’s vets and even a Pilates session entertained the children.  A massive thank you to Oliver Townend Team GB Eventer for joining week 2!





On Friday ponies were bathed and tack cleaned ready for the competition. Everyone got to decide their height that they wanted to jump, all parents were invited to come to watch.

This year’s final day hosted a mini and major competition. This is a pairs competition where the “major” an older rider jumps the first eight fences which are bigger and once they are finished the “mini”  younger rider jumps the smaller eight fences. The round is timed and it is the pair that go clear with the quickest time wins.






After a picnic lunch the presentation took place.  Emma Marsden thanked everyone for coming and gave out awards like best stable sign and cleanest stables. The coaches award prizes for their group, and announced the winners for the mini and major competition. Normally after presentation, before everyone leaves, there is a huge water fight.  This year because the week had been so wet, and the ground was saturated, the water fight was disappointingly cancelled.






This year was the best camp ever.  The atmosphere was fantastic.  All the children mixed together and helped each other. The camaraderie of the club really shone through.  The coaches, volunteers and committee put in so much time planning and preparing camp and making it a really special week

I can’t wait for next year!








2023 Camp Details – Osberton Estate

Grove Pony Club Camp Week 1
Sunday 30th July to Friday 4th August 2023
Grove Pony Club Camp week 2
Sunday 6th August to Friday 11th August 2023

Prepare yourself for a week (or two) of fun, friendship and learning!  Camp is the highlight of the year and your Branch Committee work tirelessly to bring you memories that will last a lifetime.  Members have been sent kit lists and itineraries.




The Pony Club’s purpose is:

  • To encourage young people to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with ponies and riding
  • To give instruction in riding and horsemanship and to educate Members to look after and take proper care of their animals
  • To promote the highest levels of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty to create strength of character and self-discipline

The Pony Club is a volunteer organisation and depends on parents and guardians to help. Fairness should take precedence over competitiveness. Teaching by example will foster caring and respect for all.

Parents / Guardians should therefore:

  • Be a positive role model for my child and other Members by respecting coaches, officials, volunteers and leaders; their authority and decisions; the rules and regulations under which The Pony Club operates
  • Agree to discuss disputes / appeals at a suitable, agreed time with the correct officials, within the appropriate level of The Pony Club organisation, without resorting to hostility or violence.
  • Always remember that Pony Club activities are intended to be educational, safe and fun to benefit the Members rather than parents.
  • Always respect the horses and ponies and show humane care for them.
  • Respect the property and equipment used in any activities, considering safety uppermost in all situations
  • Be knowledgeable about the rules of the discipline or competition their child is taking part in and encourage their child to know, be familiar with, and follow these rules.
  • Promote the physical and emotional well-being of their child, other Members and horses ahead of any personal desire to win or succeed in any activity.
  • Teach their child that taking part, learning and showing sportsmanship in all competitions, testing situations, clinics, etc are more important than winning.
  • Praise all Members equally for trying hard and competing fairly.
  • Inform officials as soon as possible if they or their child is unable to fulfil commitments or attendance at events.
  • Help their child and others to understand the satisfaction of co-operation, group work and team spirit in achieving personal goals and growth, and good results.
  • Volunteer their services and skills, whether equine-related or not, whenever possible.
  • When using social networking sites always conduct yourself in an appropriate way as you would face to face.  Be aware of what you say and how you say it – the use of sarcasm and innuendo are not appropriate.





Parents / Guardians should not:

  • Force their child or other Members to take part in activities with which they are not comfortable.
  • Disrespect the decisions of coaches / officials concerning the skills and abilities of their child or other Members.
  • Undermine the authority of coaches / officials by interfering with or coaching any Members from the side-lines.
  • Dispute the decisions of coaches / officials and volunteers during an event or in front of their child, other Members or parents.
  • Engage in or condone unsportsmanlike behaviours such as booing, taunting, using profane language, refusing to congratulate winners, etc.
  • Criticise officials, instructors, volunteers or members on social networking sites or using text messaging.

As a parent/guardian if you have a complaint about an issue then please place this in writing to this will be followed up using the Pony Club Guidelines.

The complaints procedure can be found at:



  • Hats must be approved standard and have a PC tag on. If it has not, then find the organizer who will be able to send you in the right direction to get tagged. Fixed peaks are not allowed for XC.
  • Hair must be tidy. If long, hairnets should be worn, or it needs to be tied up in bun fashion so that it is not trailing down.
  • Plain coloured jodhpurs/breeches. Silks, gloves etc.
  • Shirt and ties or tidy sweatshirt/polo shirts HOODIES SHOULD NOT BE WORN.
  • Jodhpur boots (with or without chaps) or Long boots should be worn and should be brown or black.
  • For any cross-country events, training or competition, BODY PROTECORS must be worn and Long-sleeved shirt/jumper.



  • Tack should be clean, correctly fitting and suitable for purpose.
  • Numnahs, girths, browbands and boots should be plain.
  • Bucket, water and hay net.
  • Sponge and sweat scraper.
  • Appropriate rugs.
  • Horse/Ponies should NEVER BE LEFT TIED UP unattended to the side of trailer/horsebox. There are some venues which do not allow you to tie up at all – please follow their rules.




  • It is our aim to cater for everyone.
  • Care is taken when sorting out rides so that we get you into the group where you will gain the greatest benefit. This means it is not done on age but by the ability of the rider/horse.
  • If a horse or rider are disruptive or out of control in a ride then they may be asked to leave, in which case we ask them to do so quietly and go straight back to their transport and load up.
  • Once your instructor has dismissed the ride you should take you horse/pony back to your transport, DO NOT continue to ride without permission from the organiser or your instructor.



  • Parents are asked not to interfere/distract while their child is being taught. Any questions, queries, complaints should go through the DC, Senior Instructor or organiser of the rally.
  • If non riding siblings are at venue, please ensure that they behave in an appropriate manner and are not just left to run wild!
  • If a parent were unable to be at a rally, please would they ensure that the rally organiser knows whom the designated adult is with that child and that any emergency contact details are available.
  • UNDER NO circumstances will the PC tolerate the mistreatment of animals.
  • We are lucky to be able to use a variety of venues and we ask you to leave these in the same state as you arrived. Any droppings, hair or hay around you trailer/horsebox should be cleared up and any litter taken home with you.
  • Please observe any instructions at venues such as parking, shutting of gates etc.
  • Some Officials will have their own children taking part at a rally or competition so may not be able to help or answer questions at certain times. There is normally another official there who can help, or you may have to wait for a while before your query is answered.





Grove Pony Club Camp 2021 – Osberton Estate

We are only asking for a deposit at this moment as don’t have a total cost due to still getting costs in. Camp has been £250 for the last few years and we will try our best to keep costs down. We will let you know full costs as soon as we can.
Bookings to open 1st March for fully paid-up members, so please ensure your membership is upto date and current, If your membership lapses once you have booked in your place and deposit will be forfeited.
If you have 2 ponies you are more than welcome to attend both weeks
Please remember book in early to avoid disappointment & help us get organised


GROVE PONY CLUB CAMP 2020 DATES – Monday 27TH – Friday 31ST jULY 2020 – Osberton Estate






Pony Club Camp 2019  – Monday 29th July 2019 – Friday 2nd August 2019 (Ponies can arrive from 4pm Sunday tea time)

camp info and medical 2019

Please complete the 2019 Camp Application and send to Charlotte Heath Smith

or email it to  – Email –


For everything you need to know about Camp please read the Parents Survival Guide link below.

Parents survival guide for camp2019


Full Paymentsto be made by 7th July Online Bookings

Payment can be made by instalments, a camp on-line payment event has been created – refer to the on-line booking system. Instalments can be monthly, bi-monthly, every quarter or when you have some spare funds. Any problems or questions regarding payment by instalment, please contact Treasurer  Katie Hebblewhite (refer to contacts page).


New 2019 Pony Club Clothing available on JTS Teamwear website – search Grove Pony Club.

Camp 2019 T’Shirts Available to order now.

Place your Camp T’Shirt orders by Wednesday 17th July for club collection saving you £6.95 delivery.

Your clothing will then be distributed on the first day of camp.