Saturday December 2, 2023
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Our History


Originally founded in the 1970’s, The Heart of England Branch of the Pony Club is as the name suggests based in the heart of the country. 

Our Branch is one of the smallest of the traditional branches surrounded on all sides by much bigger branches  with our membership topping 98 in the late 1990’s. Although we have a few in number our tally of successes over the years has been wide and varied from Area Competitions to A Test passes. 

Our branch was donated the use of a field to call our own by Mr and Mrs Leslie Swan at Cornerways Farm.  This was the home of the Branch up until 2008 and holds lots of fond memories from members both past and present. It provided a very good base to operate from as not many of our members had transport and the field had a very central location for members to get to from the surrounding farms and yards. 

Our camp was usually held at either Carol Matthew’s farm on Clay Lane or at Fred and May Smith’s at Tidbury Castle farm and a really good time was always had by all.