Thursday May 23, 2019

What To Wear

For General Rallies a Herts Hunt sweatshirt, fleece or polo shirt (no hoodies), gloves, hair net and beige or dark jodhpurs.  Half chaps and gaiters can be worn but must be in plain black or brown.  Members must not wear “muckers” or chunky soled boots.


For Cross Country rallies members may wear Herts Hunt sweatshirt or Herts Hunt cross country colours.  Fixed peak riding hats are not allowed for safety reasons.  Back protectors and medical armbands are compulsory.


All hats and hat covers should be plain black or dark blue. (Unless Cross Country).  Numnahs and saddlecloths should be white or cream for dressage otherwise, branch colours, black or brown.


We are in the process of updating our clothing supplier.  Please check out or contact Jane Engestrom on 07889 715377.