Thursday May 23, 2019
Team Selection Policy


This policy applies to the following competitions:

Area Competitions

Regional (Grassroots) Summer Qualifiers

Interbranch Show Jumping

Blenheim Eventer Challenge

Windsor Branch Nominations

Herts Hunt Pony Club is keen to enter teams (and individuals) in as many competitions at every level as possible.  Apart from those listed above, there is no selection criteria for ridden team events and the Team Managers enter teams comprising of anyone available and is keen to represent the branch.  All that is asked is for you to support your team members, turn yourself and your pony out well and to be polite and thankful to the organisers.  If you know there is an event with a team competition, please enter as an individual and inform the relevant Team Manager that you would like to be part of a team, and wherever possible, you will be included in a Team.


For events where the team is selected to represent Herts Hunt Pony Club, the decisions will be made by:

Joint District Commissioners

Associated Discipline Team Manager (where applicable)

Associated Discipline Team Trainer

If any one of the Selectors is either the parent/legal guardian, a relation or has privately trained any rider who is being considered for selection they must not take part in the selection decision involving that individual.



Full eligibility rules should be referenced in the associated Pony Club Discipline Rule Book.  Each rider/parent is responsible for ensuring they understand and comply with the PC Discipline Rule Book and are eligible for selection.  Dates for the Area and National events are on our website and facebook page and all riders applying for consideration for selection MUST be available  for the dates of the respective competitions and associated Championship should they qualify.



The Selectors reserve the right not to send a team or individual to any competition.

Combinations should be actively and successfully competing within the discipline at the associated level, with visible results.

Recent form will take priority.  Past form at major and team events may be taken into consideration by the Selectors.

Combinations should have attended at least 3 rallies, from August the previous year (Camp counts as one), with at least one rally in the current year, along with any organised Team Training.  Exceptions are at the discretion of the joint DC’s, where attendance is not possible due to work or school commitments.

Riders need to register their interest in being considered for teams by completing the appropriate forms that will be available at our members evening in January.



It is vitally important for the integrity of the Selection Guideline and those involved in its application both as riders, owners, selectors or other officials, that there is at all times a high degree of confidentiality relating to information which may have a bearing on selection.



Herts Hunt Pony Club expects riders and and their supporters to have a good attitude and participate in all the required activities within the branch, either riding or helping.  A high level of commitment to all the varied aspects for the preparation process is important.  We expect the members to support and help each other at all times as well as accepting advice in a constructive way.



Horse and Rider fitness is vitally important, not only to the success of competitor, but also to the safety and welfare of horse and rider.  It is important that riders plan ahead so they and their horse/pony are in the best form for their designated competition.



Once selected for a Team, the place is only confirmed on receipt of the entry fee(please pay by bank transfer).

Herts Hunt Pony Club will cover 50% of entry fees, and cost of  the  Team Trainer (if used) for ALL Area and Regional Summer Qualifiers.  Should the rider or team qualify for Championships HHPC will cover the Full Entry Fee only.  All other costs i.e. stabling, travel, accommodation is the responsibility of the rider/parent.

Herts Hunt Pony Club will cover 50% of entry fees and cost of a Team Trainer for the Summer Inter-Branch Show Jumping Competition.

Herts Hunt Pony Club will cover 50% of the entry fee and cost of the Team Trainer for Blenheim Eventer Challenge.

All other Pony Club Competitions will be entirely self-funded by rider/parent.