Saturday August 13, 2022
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Membership Renewal

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Branch Membership Renewal Form


Please send completed membership forms to The Pony Club Central Office:

Post to: Membership Team, The Pony Club, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2RW 


Email a scanned copy to:


Membership Payment

All membership payments should now be paid directly to The Pony Club 

Payments can be made via:

  • Cheque – made payable to ‘The Pony Club’
  • Card Payment (Call Pony Club head office on 02476 698300 to make a membership card payment)

Important Changes to Membership Structure in 2020

From 1st January 2020, branch membership changed to a 12 month rolling membership. This means that, for example, a new member joining on 10th January 2020 would be due for renewal on 9th January 2021, or a member joining on 20th June 2020 would be due for renewal on 19th June 2021.

Please also note the following points:

  • Members can renew up to 3 months before expiry to ensure there is no break in membership, e.g. a member due for renewal on 31st January 2020 can renew anytime in January, in which case their subscription would run from 1st February 2020 – 31st January 2021.
  • If a member doesn’t renew before their expiry date, they will need to renew before they can attend any Pony Club activities, e.g. if a member was due to renew on 31st January and didn’t renew until 15th February, they would not be able to attend any Pony Club activities from 1st – 14th Feb. In this case their subscription would run from 15th Feb 2020 – 14th Feb 2021.



*** Government COVID guidelineto be religiously adhered too ***

The DC or Instructor has the right to send anyone home if they think these guidelines have been compromised AT ANY TIME

Please arrive at allocated times and do not leave your vehicles until the previous group have loaded and started to leave the site

No  more than two people per vehicle  1 rider & 1 helper to help keep us safe with social distancing.

Please bring your own wash facilities and hand sanitisers.  There are no toilets or hand washing facilities on site that can be used.

Please bring your own drinks and refreshments and do not share

For the younger rides then our dedicated assistant, Jodie is on hand to assist after the parent has finished tacking up but then please stay in or by your vehicles. Jodie will take the child to the ride, dismounted, and assist in girthing up and mounting your child safely to begin the lesson  

Do not socialise with other helpers.  Do not move around the site or watch at the fence as this will break the six person rule

If a rider falls then the parent should be ready to go and assist but only when requested by the instructor, and not before, and please make sure you have a facemask and gloves

When the lesson has finished please untack, load horse/pony and leave immediately to avoid delaying the next ride.    Do not let any riders wander away from their own vehicle.  It may be best for younger riders to unmount and go immediately in to their own vehicle while the pony is being loaded by parent to avoid mixing with other. 

Try to avoid touching anything that does not belong to you, if you do please wipe down with sanitizer.

Please think anout social distancing at all times and the fact that only 6 people can be in one bubble at any one time


Do not attend  if either rider or helper or anyone in your household have a temperature, cough, cold or generally feeling unwell, please think about others at all times

Thank you everyone, and we sincerely believe that if we all adhere to these guidelines then we have more hope of staying safe.


From the DC, 11 June 2020

Exciting times as we are thinking it is now time we can slowly start to commence our summer programme and get going again!!
Obviously with the backing of HQ, and with all Risk Assessments renewed and everything in place we hopefully can catch up on our riding and enjoy our ponies together.
As the groups must be under 6 members, we are thinking we would divide into 2 groups.
Those with or working towards C Test, C+ and B Test are invited to book in at Fenella’s yard, Frogpool Farm, for riding instruction only.
Everyone younger will be with Sarah Garlick, and her brilliant assistant Jodie, at King Sterndale.
Date is Tuesday 16th June from 6pm to 8pm, instruction for 45 minutes per group allowing 15 mins between the groups to arrive and leave.
£15 per member. Parents must be prepared to not socialise with one another but in case of an accident we shall expect them to be first on the scene.
Everything else will be the responsibility of the Instructor who will always remain at an appropriate distance. In Fenella’s group it will be up to the member, or parent to make sure the pony is correctly tacked and girthed before commencing the ride. In Sarah’s group then Jodie will check all tack before helping your child to mount safely and correctly individually.
Any questions or queries then please ring me on 07773856736. Otherwise please book in Online if you are interested in coming along
We are hoping you are all as excited as we are to begin again! Annual Camp has not been cancelled, but probably will have to be “adapted” somewhat!

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