Saturday August 13, 2022
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Camp 2021

Eland Lodge 4 to 7th August 2021

We are going to be using the facilities on site at Eland including the SJ arena , Dressage arenas and the XC course! The XC course will have a new section of “up to 50cm” which will be ready for use when we get there.

This camp will cater for ALL abilities from lead rein onwards.

We will also be using the stables that are in situ for the duration of the summer (similar to the ones we have used in previous years at camps) there are 42 stables so therefore 42 places available this cannot be added too.

The daily running will be slightly different as we want to make the most of what Eland has to offer and have an action packed three days
This year there will be more riding and practical sessions per day so ponies will need to be super fit to keep up with the work load
There won’t be a presentation evening or a test day this year. Test Day will be on another date to be confirmed later.

As usual all bedding/feed/hay/haylage is to be provided by yourselves and not included in the cost.

We are able to stay over and as usual you are expected to take care of your child/ children between the hours of 5pm – 9am we will be taking charge of them every day between 9am and 5pm.

We are hoping to have either catering facilities to provide lunches and evening meals or have a food van or similar on site. If we have catering equipment then I will need parents of children in camp to run this, all parents are expected to be able to give up some of their time to help with food prep etc during the three days this will be a condition of booking in (so get your annual leave booked!)

Please book online to pay £100 deposit