Saturday May 8, 2021
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YELA, Tests and Achievement Badges



open to all our 13-25 year old members


For a small branch the Hursley has had a lot of success over the years in many disciplines and we are now excelling in encouraging our members as active leaders and volunteers in their sport.

Matteo, Millie-Mae and Lottie are now working towards their Gold YELAs, Izzy, Frankie, Amy, Lauren, Gracie, Jess and Grace silver and Fred is on his bronze.

A huge amount of fun was had at the Hairy Pony Party when our YELAs worked hard as Jilly’s Christmas elves – thankyou to them all!

If you or your child are working towards, or are already on the scheme can I suggest that you follow YELA on Facebook as they regularly post interesting volunteering opportunities.

We’d love to get even more members involved as there are always chances to start earning YELA hours –

*Are you 13 years old or older?
*Do you enjoy working with your pony and having fun with others at pony club?
*Do you already help at pony club events, or help your family when they do?
*Would you like to get a bit more involved?

If so please sign up to YELA so that you can earn recognition for what you do. ‘YELA is the Young Equestrian Leaders Award, a scheme for 13-25 year olds designed to recognise the time and effort lots of our members already give to equestrianism, including all the time they take to help at Pony Club events.’

It runs over three progressive levels, bronze, silver and gold. Bronze requires just 20 hours of volunteering and introduces skills in responsibility, organisation and communication, and Silver and Gold develop these further.

It’s easy to register online at, and the bronze award costs just £14. Please have a look at the web site, or ask me if you have any questions – Evelyn Lallo 





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Pet Sense BadgeMucking Out BadgeFeed your Pony BadgeFeeding Badge

Badges, Badges, Badges!

Please don’t forget there are a few badge earning opportunities coming up.

Do you want to earn more badges? Then keep reading

Why not have a go at the Pet Sense Badge. Earn it from home!

Requirements You will need to be responsible for your pet’s care EVERY day, for at least 1 month.

Keep a written/photographic or even an online diary to show:

1. that your pet has a suitable diet, fresh water, a safe, clean and comfortable place to live. You can draw and write in your diary. Photos of you cleaning up after them and their home/bed would be excellent.

2. photographs of your pet exercising, playing and training, as appropriate for the pet.

3. show examples of when your pet is excited, relaxed and how you would know if it was anxious or scared.

4. find out about the natural life of your pet’s relatives in the wild and say how you can help cater for this in captivity.

5. explain how you would know if your pet was unwell, injured and where you would get help and advice. Please let me know if you or any members would like to earn this badge.

Hursley Branch of the Pony Club enjoy arranging achievement badges in either equine or non-equine subjects for it’s members during most school holidays.  There are nearly 30 badges to collect and once you have 21 badges or more you will be awarded your GOLD achievement badge so come along and start collecting!


This badge is running continuously for members to undertake at any time with their own instructors. It aims to improve the balance of the rider and help them to establish a correct seat on their pony. The member must be able to walk and trot on the lunge, with and without reins and stirrups. They must also demonstrate some simple suppling exercises on the move and a few strides of rising trot without stirrups.

Before you start, please phone Sheila Robinson to get a syllabus and a form for your instructor to sign. When you have successfully completed the test, return the signed form together with £1.00 to Evelyn and they will send your badge. Good Luck!