Monday November 29, 2021
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  • Members’ Portal

    The Members’ Portal has been added to the “join us” section of the main Pony Club website to help and encourage new members to renew online.

    This allows a parent who has never been associated with The Pony Club before (or for many years and therefore has no record in PELHAM) to create an online account and add their children and memberships.

    Video Links

    Portal video links if you are NEW to The Pony Club (ie you’ve never taken out membership before)


    Portal video links if you are RENEWING or have LAPSED memberships


    If a renewing/lapsed members does not use the renewal invite and goes directly to portal.pcuk.og and the email address they type in is already on PELHAM the Portal displays a message advising that they already exist on the system. In this case, they will need to request a Portal invite to ensure duplicate records are not created if they are not joining from an invitation email.

    If they use a DIFFERENT email address, then the system cannot recognise it, and they could set up completely new members.

Dressage Tests

We aren’t able to have the Dressage Tests available on our website to download due to copyright protection but most tests are available to either download or purchase from the PCUK website.

Parents Guide

Parents Guide

All forms are in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.