Monday November 29, 2021
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Cross Country Training Rounds Monday 25th October 2021 at Andreas Airfield.

There will be catering at this event – Funky Foodz have very kindly agreed to come so please support.

Directions – Turn off at Andreas School go straight on at roundabout and carry on for about a mile until you come to sign for left turn – directly opposite you will see the an entrance with Pony Club banner go through the gate until you come to the Portacabin – there is an enclosed area with barriers for parking please park within this area.

Dress will be as for normal cross country – skull cap (no peak)  and back protector to current Pony Club standard, hair in hair net and no earings unless covered by tape.

The course will be a shortened course – warm up in field opposite the Portacabin then down to the start –over Fences 1 and 2 through the gate and over fence 3 but do not go not into the top field go across to the gallop and then down the gallop and carry on the normal course to finish in the start field.
Cheryl will be situated on the course to give help if required otherwise just a carry and complete course.
This is an informal event – times are allocated to give recovery time. 

Eve McGeown
Evie Grayse Cringle-Preston
Hattie Pepper
Ruby Qualtrough
Tara Gurney
Erin Ross Munro

Eve McGeown
Tara Gurney
Macie Murphey
Layla Kennedy
Sienna Curphey
Cam Eyres
Jed Dixon-Howells

Emma Parsons
Lucy Parsons
Caitlyn Graham
Chloe Hurst
Macie Murphey