Friday April 23, 2021
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Rally Times

Wednesday 17th February 2021. 

Jumping rally at Ballavartyn with Suzanne Corlett

There will be no catering at this rally.


Elizabeth Perkins 
Emma Parsons 
Eve McGeown 
Isla Caine 
Caitlin Hughes


Jemima Mylchreest 
Gypsy Mae Quirk 
Grace Wolstencroft 
Alexis Farthing Cowell

12.00 noon

Issy Ennett 
Kenzie Steel 
Susannah Callister
Sophie Bateson 
George Hotchkiss 


Lindsay Collister 
Freya Cowie
Lola Bass 
Amelia Hotchkiss 
Sammie Callister


Blae Richardson 
Lola Bee Bryce 
Sammie Callister
Lola Bass
Lauren Batty

Garran Beg  Rally at the Glebe with Gemma Barker
There will be catering at the Glebe. 

10.00 am 

Emilie Saabye Katkjaer 
Millie Craddock 
Chloe Hurst
Tommy Bass
Layla Kennedy  


Annabelle Byers 
Breesha Byers
Emilia Lace
Neave Wheeldon 
Lexie Looney 

12.00 noon

Evie Grayse Cringle Preston 
Lilee Carter 
Victoria Thompson 
Caitlyn Graham 
Emily Corrin


Imogen Corkill 
George Jackson 


Barnaby Phythian 
Alfie Phythian 
Cam Eyers
Jed Dixon Howells 
Hattie Pepper