Tuesday January 18, 2022
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Rally Times

Saturday 8th January.  Polework Rally  with short rider fitness session at Ballavartyn with Gemma Barker.

There will be no catering at this rally.

Please head to the arena cafe for your start time. Wear something stretchy, riding tights are perfect. You don’t need your riding boots/ hats for this part

1. 15 minutes unmounted stretch and strength work

2. Hats and boots on, tack your pony up

3. Meet in the arena for mounted pole work session
The mats will be spread out and disinfected between each ride. Please gel hands on arrival

9.45 clubhouse(Chris) 10am ride

Annabelle Byers 

Breesha Byers

Emilia Lace

Harriet Bailey 

Libby Shimmin 


10.30am clubhouse (Chris)10.45 ride

Cam Eyres 

Barnaby Phythian 

Alfie Phythian 

Jed Dixon Howells 

Hattie Pepper


11.15 clubhouse (Claire/Sharon )11.30am ride

Francesca Loader

Sophie Grounds

Tayla Griffin 

Eve McGeown 

Erin Woolnough


12pm clubhouse (Claire/Sharon )12.15 pm ride 

Emily Osborne 

Felicity Shimmin 

Darcie Duggan 

George Jackson

Esme Bond 


15 minutes break


1pm clubhouse (Zoe)1.15pm ride

Torin Kirk 

Willow Curphey 

Molly Huxham?

Grace Quilliam 

Lexie Looney 


1.45pm clubhouse (Zoe)2 pm ride

Sienna Curphey pm

Chloe Hurst 

Ruby Qualtrough 

Victoria Thompson 

Lilee Carter


 2.30pm clubhouse (Amanda)2.45pm ride

Elizabeth Perkins

Emma Parsons 

Sophie Bateson

Kenzie Steel 

Freya Cowie


3.15 pm clubhouse(Lindsey) 3 .30pm ride 

George Hotchkiss

Amelia Hotchkiss 

Susie Callister 

Sammie Callister 

Annabelle Corkill 


Finish 4.15