Monday September 23, 2019

22nd September Rally at Oatlands with Angela and Jade

There will be catering, please support.

Bio – security measures:-  Please do not allow horses to graze, share water buckets or hay nets and only have your horses out of the wagon/trailer for the minimum amount of time.  Do not touch any one else’s horse or allow horses to sniff or touch.

Tack and Turnout Chris, Janette and Cheryl 


10 am

Blae Richardson 

Lucy Parsons 

Lola Bea Bryce 

Eva Jones 


11 am

Eve McGeown 

Emma Parsons 

Lara Caine

Elizabeth Perkins 


12 pm

Faye Qualtrough 

Ella Fargher 

Milly Duncan 

Lily Howland 


1 pm

Kenzie Steel 

Sophie Bateson 

Issy Ennett

Isla Caine 



10 am

Annabelle Byers 

Breesha Byers 

Emilia Lace

Barnaby Phythian 

Alfie Phythian 


11 am

Ruby Qualtrough 

Sienna Curphey 

Evie Grayse Cringle Preston


12 pm

 Sorely Cringle Preston 

Willow Curphey