Monday October 3, 2022
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Sunday 11th September  2022. 10.00am Training Cross Country Clear Rounds at Andreas Airfield

Directions:-  If coming past Andreas Shop – turn up in front of school  and carry on until you get to roundabout – straight on at roundabout

If coming from Ramsey go past road to  Ballacorey Equestrian  and carry on until you reach roundabout – take third exit from roundabout.

From roundabout – drive for about 1 mile until you reach left turn signposted for Thurot Cottage directly opposite this turning you will see the Pony Club banner. Go through gate (shutting after you) and drive down the made up road and you will see Pony Club vehicles.

There will be catering at this event – please support

Dress:- Cross country colours may be worn but all entrants must have skull cap and back protector (lead rein do not need back protector) to correct standard. No earings. 

Times are approximate and entrants may go in any order.  Please arrive in time to walk the course and work in so that you are ready to go in your allotted slot. 

10am Mini/50

Willow Curphey 

Sienna Curphey x2

Emilia Lace x2

Annabelle Byers 

Breesha Byers x2

Edith Smith 

Darcie Duggan x2

Caelan Douglas 

George Jackson 


10.30 Mini/50

Molly Huxham

Cam Eyres x2

Ruby Corkish x2

Emily Osborne x2

Grace Forbes x2

Hattie Pepper x2

Henrietta Granger x2


11 am Mini/50

Libby Shimmin x3

Hattie Pepper x2

Lexie Looney x2

Harriet Bailey x2

Megan White

Henrietta Granger x2

Ruby Corkish 


11.30 am Mini/50 

Hanna Crookall x2

Bonnie White

Tilly Sayle x2

Kadie Watterson x2

Sofia Grounds x2

Hannah Wylie 

Macie Murphy


12pm Mini/50

Tayla Griffin 

Fiona Montgomery 

Lottie Moore

Wendy Barham

Catherine Barham 

Gillian Newey *x2

Kenzie Steel *

Isla Caine 

Ruby Qualtrough


12.30pm 70/80

Sienna Curphey x2

Ruby Qualtrough 

Macie Murphy

Tayla Griffin 

Kenzie Steel 

Myla Crookall x2

Amira Crookall x2

Lottie Moore x2


1pm approx 70/80

Eve McGeown 

Elizabeth Knott

Laura Mylchreest x2

Gill Corlett x2

Liv Buttery

Erin Ross Munro 


1.30pm  approx 70/80 

Grace Wolstencroft 

Isla Caine 

Sophie Bateson 

Gypsy Mae Quirk x3

Emma Parsons 

Anna Savino 

Jemima Mylchreest

Lindsay Collister x2


2pm approx 90/1m

Francesca Loader

Jenny Forbes

Sophie Bateson 

Francesca Loader

Lindsay Collister 

Elizabeth Knott

Gypsy Mae Quirk 

Anna Savino 

Lucy Parsons