Monday May 29, 2023
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Rally Times

Thursday 11th May 2023.  Combined Training Practice at Andreas Airfield. 

There will be catering at this event.

Dress as for rally or can be as for dressage. 

PC Walk & Trot 2022    Dressage time SJ from 6pm
Emilia Wes 5.30  
George Barbie 5.37  
Esme Secret 5.45  
Neave Ali 5.52  
Isla  Pepsi 6.00  
Molly  Finn 6.07  
Breesha Bouncer 6.15  
PC70 Eventing Test 2022    Dressage time SJ from approx 6.45pm
Annabelle Jazz 6.30  
Sienna Alice 6.37  
Ruby Billy 6.45  
Eve Maisy 6.52  
Isla Luna 7.00  
Sienna Polo 7.07  
PC90 Eventing Test 2013    Dressage time SJ from approx 7.30pm
Grace Kora 7.20  
Emma Maisie 7.27  
Francesca Frank 7.35  
Lucy Charlie 7.43