Wednesday September 22, 2021
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Cross Country Clinic  1st September 2021 

Directions – turn up past Andreas School and go straight on at the roundabout  – carry on up the road for about a mile and when you come to the turning off for Thurot Cottage – directly opposite that you will see the Pony Club banner – go through gate and carry on down the concrete road and you will come to the trailer park.  Please park within the barriers.

There will be no catering at this event.

All entrants  must have a skull cap (no peak) to correct standard and must wear a back protector to correct standard 

Cheryl Curphey


Lilee Carter
Ruby Qualtrough
Evie Grayse Cringle Preston
Victoria Thompson
Sienna Curphey


Ann Atkinson
Claire Cope
Jayne McGee
Emma Redmond


Sophie Bateson
Kenzie Steel
Sammie Callister
Grace Wolstencroft 


Eve McGeown
Emma Parsons
Tayla Griffin
Lindsay Collister 
Jemima Mylchreest 

Clare Drewry


Barbara Eyers
Fiona Montgomery
Leah Knight
Jess Collister
Milly Duncan 


Isla Caine
Gill Corlett
Sophie Wright
Isla Curphey 
Francesca Loader