Saturday March 6, 2021
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Camps 2020

Every Year at the Isle of Wight Pony Club we hold a series of camps for all ages.

At Camp you have a chance to excel in you and your pony’s performance individually and as a team. From lessons to horsemanship and a chance to achieve badges as well as take part in numerous evening activities and games, the Pony Club camp is widely enjoyed by all and you should not miss out.

Once you have booked for a camp you will be sent details of what you need to bring and what to expect when you arrive . When you arrive at camp your parents will need to fill out full medical details and provide information about the pony / horse you have brought with you. If you have any questions or want to know about any thing please do not hesitaite to get in touch with a committe member.


Due to exceptional circumstances this year we will be running a series of day Summer rallies rather than specific camps , which are open to all ages from 3rd-6th August . These are for members only can be booked via



We Also hold Adult (21+) camps as a fundraiser for our summer camps. For more information please contact Sam Martin 07812360220


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2nd JULY

5ht JULY




3 rd Sept

6th Sept