Wednesday June 29, 2022
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What to Wear

People can get confused about what to wear to what event so we here is  the low down on what to wear and when to wear it.

Isle of Wight Pony Club clothing can be obtained from:-

Kid and Co – Ryde


Whilst it is not complusary to wear Pony Club clothing it is preferable.

Ties , badges and manuals are available from Wainwrightscreenprint as above. We do hold a small amount of stock of Ties and badges.

For all rallies and clinics the following should be worn 

Correct safety standard riding hat (Please ask Sam to tag your hat if you haven’t already done so.)



Safe riding boots, long or short

White , Cream, Beige, Black, or Navy Jodhpurs/breeches (chaps or jodhpur clips to be worn with short boots)

Pony Club sweatshirt or plain black/blue sweatshirt  (NO hoodies)

Pony Club polo shirt, navy or white (when too warm for jumpers)

Pony Club coats are also available

Test days and Show days

Correct safety standard riding hat



White shirt

Pony Club tie

Black, navy or tweed jacket with Pony Club badge and felt on left lapel

Safe riding boots, long or short

Beige or white jodhpurs/breeches (short chaps or jodhpur clips to be worn with short boots)

Turnout of your horse/pony

Along with his/her usual tack (saddle/bridle) your pony should wear a black, navy, brown, or white saddle cloth/numnah. Tasteful bling is now accepted within The Pony Club (simple sparkles, nothing over the top please!)

Tack checks/turnout inspection

At rallies and clinics your instructor will carry out the usual tack inspection to check the fit and safety of what you/your pony are wearing. At general rallies and clinics we will not be marking you on turnout as such. Instead we’ll all be making a mental note of who always makes an effort and looks smart, those of you that stick in our minds at the end of the year will be rewarded! We appreciate that, for example, the rallies at Island Riding Centre on Friday evenings are tricky for some of you with no lights at your yard etc. So if your pony has a bit of mud on his legs we’ll let you off, however, for the welfare of your pony we expect any areas tack will be going to have been brushed. Test days and show days we expect you and your pony to be spotless though!

Cross-country Rallies/Hunter Trials or XC event 

– Correct standard skull cap

–   Jacket should be replaced with XC colours of your choice (MUST be long sleeved shirt – NO hoodies)

– No Stock pins or PC badges are to be worn

– Body Protector should be worn and a medical armband if necessary

Fox Hunting/Bloodhounds

– Tweed/hacking jacket

– White or cream breeches/jodhpurs

– White or cream shirt

– Pony Club tie or stock with stock pin (remember if you want to pay a PC member fee, you MUST wear your PC tie and badge)

NOTE: Good manners are necessary (remember you are representing the Pony Club). Always say ‘Good Morning’ to your Masters, Huntsmen and Hunt Secretary (when handing your fee). Be as polite and as helpful as possible whilst out hunting and remember there is a recognition trophy awarded to the most helpful out hunting.

NO Jewellery (execpt watches) should be worn whilst riding – i.e. necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belly bars, tongue bars or any other sort of piercing. If newly pierced, tape must be applied to cover the piercing completely to avoid accidents