Friday July 1, 2022
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Welcome to Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club

Iveagh is a large and vibrant Pony Club Branch, within Area 17 in Northern Ireland. Our permanent home is our Pony Club grounds at Moyallon Road, Portadown. We enjoy fantastic facilities including 4 all weather arenas, one of which has floodlights. We  have grass arenas which contain a derby bank, a devils dyke and a drop fence, as well as a small cross country course. We pride ourselves on having the very best instructors and coaches who work tirelessly to support the members. We offer weekly instruction rallies, Mounted Games Training, Tetrathlon Coaching, and discipline specific coaching throughout the year. We hold Pony Club Camps at Easter and Summer and host competitions and shows regularly. Our members, past and present, excel at every level of equestrian sport, and even more importantly, forge life-long friendships through their involvement in the Club.
Members range from the age of 3 to 25 years old and we warmly welcome new members all year round. To keep up to date with our current activities please make sure you are receiveing our Whatsapp messages and join our Facebook Group

Iveagh Branch Parents Evening and AGM
Monday 6th June 2022
Tandragee Golf Club

1. Welcome
2. Introduction to the Branch Committee
3. Overview of disciplines
4. Training
5. Finance
6. Short presentation from the Branch members
7. Opportunity for questions, suggestions and a chance to offer your skills and time as a volunteer.
8. Supper
We would request that every family is represented at this meeting



See below areas in which we need you to volunteer:
  1. Office, admin and computer-based tasks
  2. Pony Club Grounds and Arenas: improvements, repair and maintenance
  3. Discipline specific tasks, such as helping with Show Jumping/Eventing/Dressage etc
  4. Catering/Cleaning
  5. Iveagh Shows, Events and clinics etc
  6. Rallies
  7. Camps
  8. Tests/Badges
  9. Fundraising/Grants
  10. Training for Coaches/Volunteers
  11. Parties and Celebrations
  12. Communications, Press and PR

Please contact us on or leave a message on Facebook or the Pony Club phone.

Also do let us know if you have a particular skill or profession which can be of help to the Branch.


We have a defibrillator at Moyallon, it is in the box located at the door to the kitchen, where the metre box for the floodlights used to be located.


Important: Any photographs or videos of children at Pony Club can not be shared to business pages or be used for promotional purposes. Please also be aware that not every parent has given permission for their child to be photographed or videoed at Pony Club.



Important Notice re the digital coin metre to operate the floodlights for the Main Arena at Moyallon
The coin metre is now moved, and located near a lighting pole at the side of the arena. This move is for the safety and convenience of the members, so everyone can see the warning light and hear the alarm when the lights are about to go out.
The metre takes all denominations of coins and has a digital display which gives the number of minutes of light that have been paid for. It has an audible alarm and a red light which gives 5 minutes warning before the lights are due to extinguish.
It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that there is adequate money in the meter and that the lights don’t go out when your child is riding. The price is £1 per 15 minutes.

We have been asked what the position is for members having private lessons at Moyallon. The answer is that any member is welcome to have a private lesson in any of the arenas in Moyallon, providing an official Pony Club activity is not taking place. This does not however, give you exclusive rights to the arena. Other riders are entitled to share the arena, we just ask that our members cooperate and accommodate each other, so that we can all enjoy the excellent facilities that Moyallon has to offer.



Reminder that hair must be in a hairnet or in a plait, (not a big bunch) and PC sweatshirt/white shirt/PC jacket to be worn with gaiters/boots or plain jodphurs. Be proud of your club!



Just a reminder that grounds at Moyallon are strictly and without exception for the use of current paid up 2021/2022 members and Moyallon cannot be used on a Sunday.