Friday July 1, 2022
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Area Competitions 2022

Area competitions are a chance to represent Iveagh Branch and compete against Branches and Centres across NI and have fun, they are also a chance to qualify for the Regional and National Championships.

Dates below are planned, some venues to be confirmed.


18/2/22 Barrier Health Show Jumping Portmore Killultagh
25/2/22 Quiz   North Down
6/3/22 Barrier Health Dressage Omagh RDA Seskinore
9/4/22 Horse & Pony Care Castle Irvine, Necarne Demesne Fermanagh
21/5/22 Games Eglington  North Derry
25/6/22 Dressage Laurelview East Antrim
3/7/22 Area Eventing Laurelview Mid Antrim
9/7/22 Show Jumping Meadows Iveagh
30-31/7/22 Tetrathlon Dirraw Farm and Joey Dunlop Centre Route
29/8/22 Home Championships Hazeldene East Down




Home Championships (Eventing) gives Pony Club members a competition which needs courage, determination and all-round riding ability combined with the careful and systematic training of the horse. Riders gain a deeper understanding of the different disciplines open to them.

Home Championships (Eventing) is split into three phases:


Most pony club dressage tests are performed in a 20 x 40 metre arena.

Dressage is about showing the judge that you can get your pony to do what you want him to do, when you want him to do it. When riding a dressage test the pony and rider are judged on how they perform a series of movements.  The judge is looking for smoothness, suppleness and obedience of the pony, accuracy from the rider and the overall harmony of the pony and rider partnership.

Within the test there are separate movements that flow from one movement to the next, each movement is marked from 0-10. 10 being excellent, 5 sufficient and 0 no movement was performed. At the end of each test, the dressage judge also gives four general impression scores for the performance. All the points are then added and divided by the total possible score to give a percentage mark for that test performed by horse and rider.

Show Jumping

The second phase takes place in the show jumping arena over a course of show jumps.

Cross Country

Finally, the cross country phase is designed to test the horse and rider’s ability over a variety of fixed fences and undulating ground, it should also demonstrate the rider’s knowledge of pace and the use of his horse across country.


At the end of the competition, scores for all the competitors are totalled. Each test is scored individually and the penalties accrued are added together for the final results. The lowest score is the winning score. In the case of a team competition, the individual scores of each of the four team members are added together. If all four team members have completed the competition the best three scores count and the team with the lowest team total is pronounced the winner.


There are various classes available.

  • 40cm assisted
  • 40cm
  • 60cm
  • 80cm
  • 1m


Area 17  Blue Cross Horse and Pony Care

The competition features teams of three Members who demonstrate their knowledge and practical horsemanship skills taken from the Pony Club Efficiency Tests over a number of rounds.

Teams compete at their Area Competition with the aim to qualify for the Championships.

There are three levels:

Mini – Teams to consist of three members aged 10 years and under on the 1st January of the competition year, with one member to be 8 years or under. Questions to be based on the Care section of the E, D and easier parts of the D+ Efficiency Tests.
Junior – Teams to consist of three members aged 13 years and under on the 1st January of the competition year, with one member to be 11 years or under. Questions to be based on the Care section of the D, D+, C and easier parts of the C+ Efficiency Tests.
Senior – Teams to consist of three members aged 25 years and under on the 1st January of the competition year, with one member to be 16 years or under. Questions to be based on the Care section of the C+, B and AH Efficiency Tests.
Teams make their way around different ‘stations’, each of which will comprise of a different theory or practical based topic. Ten minutes are spent at each ‘station’, during which time Members are asked a series of questions to be marked by the Assessor.

Dress should be appropriate to a working yard environment. Pony Club sweatshirts, shirt and tie, jodphurs, boots, gloves and hats are expected.

Points will be allocated per section, as well as for the manner in which Teams approach the competition. One round will be chosen, at random, as the ‘tie-breaker’. In the event of a tie, the Team with the highest score in that particular round will be declared the winners.