Tuesday August 16, 2022
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Area Show Jumping 2022

Area Show Jumping

9th July 2022

The Meadows Equestrian Centre
Embankment Rd,
Co Armagh
BT66 6FD

Can all competitors please print their own numbers. Thank you.

Running Order:  Area SJ Running Order


  1. PC60 MINI

 Ponies up to 148cm and Riders under 12 on 1 January 2022


  1. PC70 JUNIOR

 Ponies up to 148cm and Riders under 14 on 1 January 2022



 MUST NOT have previously: (i) competed in the Pony Club Winter League (90cm)     Championship Final OR (ii) competed in the Pony Club Winter Open competition at Area level or above OR (iii) ever finished 1st to 3rd as an individual in the Show Jumping or Eventing at a Grassroots Regional Championships on two occasions. MUST NOT have previously represented their Branch or Centre at PC90 level or above in any Show Jumping or Eventing summer Area Competition or summer Championships.


  1. PC90 NOVICE

MUST NOT have finished 1st to 3rd as an individual at the PC Championships at PC90 level or above on two occasions. MUST NOT have completed a PC110 Area Level or above competition in previous years.



 Must be ineligible to compete in the Novice class.



 MUST NOT have finished 1st to 3rd as an individual at the PC Championships at PC100 level      or above on two occasions.


  1. PC110



Entries and Entry Fees

All entries should be made online using https://branches.pcuk.org/iveagh/events-online-entries/

Entry Fees:

 PC60 Mini: £20

All other classes:  £25

All entries are non-refundable.

Eligibility for all classes:

Horses and Ponies must be 5 years of age or older.

Combination of Horse and Rider cannot compete at two different levels of the same Sport at Area level or at the Championships.

Between the Area Competition and the Championships, combinations who qualify for the Championships are permitted to compete in BS (or SJI) competitions at a higher level than they are allowed to for the level at which they are qualified but not more than one level higher. (See Rule Book for details).


Please refer to Rule 29 of the 2022 Show Jumping Rule Book

All rules are available at – https://pcuk.org/officials/rulebooks/



Times will be published on the Iveagh website after 12noon on Wednesday 6th July 2022

Prizes & Prize Giving:

Rosettes will be awarded to 1st – 6th placed individuals in all classes.

Rosettes will be awarded to 1st – 4th placed teams depending on entry numbers. Prizes will be awarded depending on entry numbers.

There will be a physical prize giving, please ensure correct turnout and high standards for this.





  •  To be run in accordance with Pony Club Show Jumping Rules 2022
  •  It is the responsibility of each individual member to ensure they comply with 2022 eligibility, conduct and turn out rules.
  •  Queries may only be raised via the Secretary by the DC or their appointee. Protests / objections will be managed as per Rule 5.
  •  Photographic Rights – competitors and their parents/guardians have given permission for any photographic and/or film or TV footage taken of persons or horses/ponies taking part in Pony Club events to be used and published in any media whatsoever for editorial purposes, press information or advertising by or on behalf of the Pony Club and/or Official Sponsors of the Pony Club.
  •  A valid passport and vaccination record must accompany the horse/pony to this event and must be available for inspection if required by event officials. Vaccinations must be in accordance with the Pony Club Show Jumping Rule Book 2022.