Thursday December 2, 2021
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Autumn Show Jumping Clinics

Our next Autumn Show jumping clinic will be held on 28th November 2021 in Arena 2 at the MEC.  The times have not changed from our last clinic.  Any queries please email

Micky       10am
1.0 – 1.10m Mya Mc Dowell      
1.0 – 1.10m Samara Doherty      
1.0 – 1.10m Poppy Moore       
1.0 – 1.10m Abbie Wylie      
1.0 – 1.10m Eve Fitzsimmons       
1.0 – 1.10m Zoe Daniel      
Ronnie       10am
1.0-1.10m Tara McHenry      
1.0 – 1.10m Jessica Mulgrew      
1.0 – 1.10m Sarah Cowan      
1.0 – 1.10m Rosalind Moorhead      
1.0 – 1.10m Anna Rose Tennyson      
1.0-1.10m Abbie McMillan      
Micky        11.15am
90cm Grace Harney      
90cm Lee Bloomfield       
90cm Kacie Jackson      
90cm Megan Magennis      
90cm Jay Doherty       
Ronnie        11.15am
90cm Sophia Madeley      
90cm Leah Turkington       
90cm Jennifer Tate      
90cm Zoe Daniels      
Micky       12.15pm
75cm Ella Hinds      
75cm Amy Clarke      
75cm Olivia Glover       
75cm Isabelle Kehoe      
75cm Abbie Knox      
Ronnie       12.15pm
75cm Kyra McHenry      
75cm Maisie Anderson      
75cm Erica Ingram      
75cm  Grace Brannen      
75cm Freddie Castles      
Micky        1.30pm
40-50cm Maisy wright       
40-50cm Justine Adair      
40-50cm Phillip Moore       
40-50cm Ella Rose Sands      
40-50cm Anna Poots      
40-50cm Susannah Tate      
40-50cm Sienna Doherty