Tuesday May 30, 2023
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Instructions for use of Floodlights

Flood Lights – Important Notice

The floodlights are now available for general use, please follow instructions below.

  • Lights are operated on a coin meter timer system. The coin meter is in a white box adjacent to a lighting pole at the edge of the arena. Please open the box and close it carefully after use.
  • Each 15 minute period will cost £1, therefore e.g. for just £4 you can have an hour of schooling.
  • The metre takes all denominations of coins and has a digital display which gives the number of minutes of light that have been paid for. It has an audible alarm and a red light which gives 5 minutes warning before the lights are due to extinguish.
  • When the meter runs out and the lights extinguish they have to completely cool down before they can be started again, therefore it will be at least 30 minutes before we can use the lights again.
  • The lights will take approximately five minutes to warm up, it is absolutely essential to finish schooling and leave the arena before the lights extinguish. We do not want a scenario whereby any child is mid-jump or caught short in any way when the lights extinguish. So please keep a close eye on the time.
  • Please be courteous and obliging to the other members of the club. Just because you have put the money into the meter does not give exclusive rights to the arena. Please accommodate the other members and share the expenses of the lights and the facilities of Moyallon so that the maximum number of riders and families can get enjoyment from the floodlights over the winter months ahead. Remember that the low sand is floodlit also.
  • Please report any fused bulbs or malfunctions to Áine on 07859 919795 and do enjoy the enhanced Iveagh Branch facilities.