Tuesday September 28, 2021
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Friday Night Fundraising League Results for the minis after week 2 – you must have two weeks with clear rounds to qualify for prizes at the final this week so lots of riders have to go for it this week 🙂

3 points  Clear Round

2 points Pole down or wrong course

1 point for more than one pole down

Well done everyone, see you on Friday evening for the final.

Class Rider   Pony Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
X poles  Sophie mccullough Assisted Ralphie  3 3  
X poles  Julia kerr   Cheerna  1 3  
X poles  Poppy Dickson Assisted Jumbo 1    
X poles  Evie hoyle   Nemo 2 2  
X poles  Phillip Moore    Jazz 3    
X poles  Alexis Trainor   Silver 3 3  
X poles  Poppy Dickson   Jumbo 3 1  
X poles  Tim morton Assisted Snoopy 2    
X poles  Lauren oRourke   Duke 3    
X poles  Emillie McCullogh Assisted Ralphie  3 3  
X poles  Lucille Clarke Assisted Toffee 2    
X poles  Maisie Wright Assisted Lily Mae   3  
X poles  Charlotte Young   Doodles   2  
45cm Carlene mccullough   Inga  3    
45cm Lauren orourke    Duke  3 3  
45cm Peter Morton   Jumbo 2    
45cm Phillip Moore  Assisted Jazz 3    
45cm Anna Poots Assisted Henry 3    
45cm Courtney  Assisted Snoopy  3 2  
45cm Sienna Doherty   Cratloe Tommy 3 2  
45cm Alexis Trainor   Silver 3    
45cm Jessica Clarke   Dinky 3    
45cm Taylor Lee Doyle   Jackeroo   2  
45cm Maisie Wright Assisted Lily Mae   3  
45cm Charlotte Young   Doodles   2  
45cm Sarah Oike   Sunny   1  
45cm Annie Flanagan   Button Moon   2  
45cm Lydia Flanagan   Sally   1  
60cm Sienna Doherty    Cratloe Tommy 3 3  
60cm Erica ingram   Molly 3 3  
60cm Anna Poots Assisted Henry 3    
60cm Jessica Clarke   Dinky 3    
60cm Lauren O’Rourke   Duke 3 3  
60cm Andrew Wishart       3  
60cm Sarah Oike   Daisy   3  
60cm Annie Flanagan   Button Moon   3  
60cm Lydia Flanagan   Sally   1  
60cm Taylor Lee Doyle   Jackeroo   2  


Friday Night Fundraising League Results for the minis –

3 points  Clear Round

2 points Pole down or wrong course

1 point for more than one pole down

Well done everyone, see you next week for week 2.

Class Rider   Pony Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
X poles  Sophie mccullough Assisted Ralphie  3    
X poles  Julia kerr   Cheerna  1    
X poles  Poppy Dickson Assisted Jumbo 1    
X poles  Evie hoyle   Nemo 2    
X poles  Phillip Moore    Jazz 3    
X poles  Alexis Trainor   Silver 3    
X poles  Poppy Dickson   Jumbo 3    
X poles  Tim morton Assisted Snoopy 2    
X poles  Lauren oRourke   Duke 3    
X poles  Emillie McCullogh Assisted Ralphie  3    
X poles  Lucille Clarke Assisted Toffee 2    
45cm Carlene mccullough   Inga  3    
45cm Lauren orourke    Duke  3    
45cm Peter Morton   Jumbo 2    
45cm Phillip Moore  Assisted Jazz 3    
45cm Anna Poots Assisted Henry 3    
45cm Tim Morton Assisted Snoopy  3    
45cm Sienna Doherty   Cratloe Tommy 3    
45cm Alexis Trainor   Silver 3    
45cm Jessica Clarke   Dinky 3    
60cm Sienna Doherty    Cratloe Tommy 3    
60cm Eric ingram   Molly 3    
60cm Anna Poots Assisted Henry 3    
60cm Jessica Clarke   Dinky 3    
60cm Lauren O’Rourke   Duke 3    



Joyce Clarke May Day Show Results –  Saturday 1st May 2021

It was all sunshine and smiles at the Joyce Clarke Estate Agent’s May Day Show, which was held at Iveagh Pony Club. Children and parents, – delighted to be out competing again – dazzled with a superb level of turnout, with squeaky clean tack, flowing pony tails, and shiny ponies. Taylor-Lee Doyle, Amelia Wheeler, Ebony Ritchie and Grace Harney gleamed more brightly in this aspect picking up the Tullyear Grooming tack and turnout prizes, for the working hunter cross poles, 50cm, 65cm and 80cm respectively. Every competitor received a goodie bag from Joyce Clarke Estate Agents and Owner of this successful Portadown based agency, Libby Clarke popped along a say hello.

The Iveagh pony club prides itself on fun, friendship and teamship and helps educate children on the care, welfare and riding of ponies. It’s always a joy to see young talent starting out, which begins with children as young as three years old. Two young talents were Alexis Trainor and Sophie McBride, winners of the Assisted and Non-Assisted Cross Poles Working Hunter.

The working hunter continued to higher heights where Taylor Lee Doyle won the 50cm class and Sophia Madley made an impression on her pony Alfie, to win the 65cm working hunter. Beth Wishart on her mums horse Bluebell won the top 85cm class in beautiful style, showing off her talent to judge Sarah McMahon.

Meanwhile the showjumping ring was running to time, with a rider jumping every two minutes. Gwen Kerton and Shirley McCombe dedicated their expertise for the entire day to judge budding competitors. Parents held their breath whilst some of the younger kids navigated the cross poles, 50,60 and 70 cm classes, willing them to remember the course of 12 jumps. Then it was time for much cheering, as the completion culminated with the 80-90cm speed classes. With the speed time being announced after each round new leaders rose, as impossible turns were made and ponies were stretched out to a gallop on the straights. The deserved winner of the 80cm speed class was Lucy Orr on Jazzie Suzie who won by 1 second, with Jay Doherty on Shanvalley Lily hot on her heels, followed by rising star Harry Purdy on Belle.

The much-anticipated 90cm speed class brought even more excitement with Jay Doherty on Sweet Lily leading from the start only to be caught by his sister Samara Doherty on Ceide Saoirse with an equal time! The siblings’ were delighted to share first prize and Harry Purdy featured once again coming third with his pony Belle.

The dog show provided some fabulous canine fun. It was judged by Philip Smith, who recently returned to Northern Ireland after managing Grand Prix Horses in USA and then five-star eventers in England. Philips fun commentary along with wonderful prizes from Judy Maxwell from Baileys Horse Feed. Judy kindly donated Baileys Horse Treats and the most gorgeous luxury dog bed which was won by a beautiful collie, owned by the Murphy Family.

Talented and much in demand organiser of the Joyce Clarke May Day show Lisa Trainor, will be running a mini show jumping league each Friday in June. For details keep an eye on the Iveagh Pony Club Facebook page.


x poles – 70 cm All well done Time
80 cm Ist Lucy Orr Jazzy Susie 24.96
2nd Jay Doherty Shavalley Lily 25.99
3rd Harry Purdy Belle 26.9
4th Kacie Jackson Bella Bambino 27.48
5th Samara Doherty Ceide Saorise 27.78
6th Jennifer Tate Jack 29.73

90cm 1st Jay Doherty Sweet Lily 25.81
1st Samara Doherty Ciede Saorise 25.81
3rd Harry Purdy Belle 26.94
4th Jay Doherty Shavalley Lily 27.96
5th Sarah Cowan Pandora D 28.6
6th Beth Philips Flash 29.6

Working Hunter
X Poles Assisted 1st Alexis Trainor Silver
2nd Zach Cassidy Manorowen Tommy Lee
3rd Mark Brown Zara
X Poles Unassisted 1st Sophie McBride Rolo
2nd Taylor-Lee Doyle Jack-A-Roo
3rd Zac Bradley Charlies Dream

Tack & Turnout Taylor-Lee Doyle Jack-A-Roo

50cm 1st Taylor-Lee Doyle Jack-A-Roo
2nd Annie Flanaghan Alfie
3rd Ellie Murphy Toffee

Tack & Turnout Amellia Wheeler Creeve Lea Midnight Gambler

65cm 1st Sophia Madley Alfie
2nd Leah Turkington Charlie
3rd Amelia Wheeler Paddington
3rd Pippa Moore Makers

Tack & Turnout Ebony Ritchie Sienna

80cm 1st Beth Wishart Bluebell
2nd Sarah Cowan Pandora D
3rd Catherine Cowan Lady Remarque

Tack & Turnout Grace Harney












































































































































Image previewImage previewImage previewImage previewImage previewImage previewImage previewImage previewImage preview



Youngest jumper of the day – Matilda Trainor on Dolly Daydream aged 23 months – completing her first ever round.

























































































Jessica Clarke on Dinky

Cora Kelly on Fudge

Conan Doyle on Bandit


Area 17 Three Phase Arena Event – Full Results
The Meadows Equestrian Centre, Sunday 8th March 2020


Iveagh Tetrathlon June 2018 Results

Inter Boys, Girls, Junior Boys, Girls Iveagh June 2018

Minimus, Tadpoles ,Beanies Iveagh 2018



Area 17 Enjoy Dengie Winter League Finals

Twenty four members from Area 17 qualified for the Dengie  Showjumping and Dressage Championships and the NFU Quiz Championships at Moreton Morrell college in Warwickshire.

In the Dengie Speed Competition Laoise O’Farrell (Iveagh) on Monlough Meteor did a fantastic round to come first, while Kiara Malcolmson (Iveagh) on Tyrone Molly came 6th,a wonderful result for Kiara’s first Dengie trip. Sarah Moore (Iveagh) on Seapatrick Make A Move, one of the two youngest in the competition, did one of the fastest rounds but sadly had a pole down. Kyra Gilmour on Warren Bank representing RD Equestrian did a very good round to come 7th. It was super to see a Centre Member get to the Championships and do so well. Aoife Carr (Route) on Kaleidoscope and Victoria Surgeoner (Mid Antrim) on Rocket Lady both did good clear rounds while Katie Good (Killultagh) on Ballymourne Lilly had an unfortunate pole down. They all went well over the warm-up course, before facing Steve Martin’s challenging Championship course.

In the Open speed competition, Carl Webb (Iveagh) on Crazy Dreamer did well to come 6th, while Kerrie Kerr (Iveagh) on Knockannagveigh Limited Edition did one of the fastest rounds,  but with an unlucky pole down.  Charlotte Harding (East Antrim) on Crossmaglen Bandit did a steady clear round and Aisling Monaghan (Seskinore) on Emby had an unlucky pole down.

In the Dengie Championship Eva Kerton (Iveagh) on Colour Confusion was the only Area 17 member to get into the jump off and was doing a very fast clear round which got us all very excited until the last fence! Eva had been one of the fastest rounds in the Speed competition, but alas with a pole down.

In the Open Grand Prix Aisling and Carl both had one pole down while Kerrie and Charlotte (on a big horse for a twelve year old) both got into the second round. Steve Martin’s course meant that only four made the jump off. The four faulters were placed by their time in the second round. So Charlotte was fifth and Kerrie was ninth… a brilliant result for the two youngest competitors.

All the Area 17 supporters were very proud of the way that their members went over a very challenging course. The Iveagh Branch were very grateful for all the help that Micky McCann gave the competitors’ and Liz Lowry the Area Representative was very pleased with how they all rode.

In the Dressage Champioships the next day there were eight members qualified from Area 17. In the Novice A competition Caitie Slater (Iveagh)on Colour Code Chinook, Scott McIvor (Seskinore) on Canadian Clipper and Charlotte Harding  on her pony, Winterfold Ivy, not a large horse as in the previous day’s jumping!

All did respectable tests while in Arena B Vicky Campbell (Iveagh) on Denis The Menace did a lovely test and came 4th to the delight of all the supporters. Katie Magill (Killultagh) on Flapjack Flyer and Kirsten Thom (Mid Antrim) on Cloonlee Red River both did good tests just out of the ribbons.

In the Open Dressage Championships Christine McNally (Route) on Boltown Hemera went brilliantly to come 6th in her arena while in the other Arena, Erin Burns (Iveagh) on Harry Hoot was the youngest competing by a long way and did a very competent test and was congratulated by a Pony Club Official. It was so good to see the members from Area 17 riding so well at the Dengie Dressage Championships.

The Iveagh Quiz Team of Sarah Sinton, Rachel Taylor, Jack Scott and Lucy Morton all enjoyed the Quiz experience, except that one member found out that you cannot identify things by smell if you have a heavy cold! All the Events were enjoyable for all the competitors and their support team. It was great to see the our members who were the youngest in both Show Jumping levels and the Open Dressage coping so well. A wonderful experience for all the Area 17 members who rode so well and tried their hardest

Dengie 1 Dengie 3 Dengie LaoiseCaitie Slater 1


Easter Derby Report and Photos

Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club held their annual Spring Derby on Easter Tuesday, generously sponsored by Kehoe Kars of Newry. Following the wet weather of the previous week there was some concern regarding whether the ground would be dry and firm enough. However after a couple of dry days, Easter Tuesday arrived with lovely warm and sunny weather with good going underfoot.

There was a great turn out, with all the riders keen to tackle the challenging derby course, designed and built by Steven and Trevor Smith. Obstacles included the ever challenging devil’s dyke and bank.

Thanks go to Dora Beacom for her commentary and scoring, to all the volunteers including fence judges, starter, arena party, catering, coursing building and those who helped in any way. Special thanks to our sponsor Mr John Kehoe of Kehoe Kars, whose four children are all active members of The Iveagh Branch, thanks also to Annie Chambers for organising the event.

The first class (85cm) saw 8 clear first rounds, followed by an exciting jump off which included one of the youngest riders Alex Finney, who finished 1st and 2nd on her two ponies, and  the eldest competitor Albert Lowry, who finished 3rd, on his faithful Oh Dear.

The Metre Class proved more difficult for those involved with no-one finishing the first round faultless. This meant the six combinations on 4 faults went through to a jump off, in which Steven Smith finished 1st and 2nd with the only two clear rounds on Eric and Charlie.

The day ended with a 70 cm class, again making all the riders work hard and with just three clear after the first round. Rory Osborne riding Socky had the fastest jump- off time to win the class.

Full results:


1st Alex Finney – Master Roan

2nd Alex Finney – Some Journey

3rd Albert Lowry – Oh Dear

4th Aoife O’Farrell – Abigail’s Dream

5th Caira Malcomson – Tyrone Molly

6th Ellie McElroy – Monochrome Boy


1st Steven Smith – Eric

2nd Steven Smith – Charlie

3rd Gary Hylands – Picanto

4th Conail Mcgrath – Easy Jet

5th Herbie Purce – Seapatrick Hamish

6th Tabytha Bonar – Bella Bambino

70 cm

1st Rory Osborne – Socky

2nd Emma Wright – Flash Pony

3rd Ella McCallister – Max

4th Finn Osborne – Double Daz

5th Daniel Moore – Flash

6th Julie Simpson – Annie’s Treasure

70cm prize winners 85cm prize winners Metre Prize winners







Iveagh Two Phase Results

Two Phase Results


Congratulations to Iveagh members Katie Burns and Roisin Muirhead who were competing at the FEI Pony Dressage Competition in Addington, England last week, the Irish team achieved qualification for the European Pony Championships in Malmo, Sweden in August. AMAZING. Well done girls!

Iveagh Quiz Champions

Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club recently hosted the Area 17 NFU Mutual National Quiz at the Village Centre in Hillsborough. This was the first Area 17 competition of 2015 and was attended by approximately 30 teams from Branches and Centres throughout Area 17. Competition was fierce with the winners qualifying to go to the National Final at Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell  on Saturday 5th April 2015.


1st Magpies – Casey Webb, Kathryn Morton, Fin Walsh, Lucy Morton

2nd Pandas – Katie King, Abby Morton, Jack Scott, Lorne Walsh

3rd Zebras – Claire Sinton, Rachel Taylor, Helen Sinton, Katie McComb

4th East Antrim – Emma Brown, Robyn McConnell, Charlotte Harding

5th Penguins – Carla Troughton, Beth Parker, Anabelle Heffron, Rory McIlduff

6th Blue Mid Antrim – Amy McNeice, Sarah McNabney, Tori Surgenor,  Alex Henry McCool

Team Going to the National Quiz Championships is Iveagh Sarah Sinton, Rachel Taylor, Jack Scott and Lucy Morton

Many thanks to all who helped – Vickie White for her fantastic questions, Horace De Courcy Wheeler who was Quiz Master, Margaret Murphy for the delicious catering, Sharon Lyle Hall for the thorough training of the Iveagh teams and everyone who hosted the training and helped on the day.


2015-02-27 22.28.56




Some of the Iveagh Prize-winners from the Dengie Dressage Area Final – report to follow on Dengie Dressage Tab

Open Dengie1

2015-02-28 16.55.52



Area 17 Sparkle at Olympia

Olympia is a fantastic Equestrian Christmas Party and is host to the UK’s only Show Jumping and Dressage FEI World Cup Qualifiers. It also has outstanding Equestrian Displays and a great Shopping Village and a special Christmas Finale. This year saw Extreme Driving which is a high speed indoor driving competition with the World’s top three drivers participating taking place.

The Pony Club Mini Major International Show Jumping Class

Following the successful running of the Mini Major competition at last year’s Olympia, The Pony Club were once again asked to select Members to compete at the 2014 show on Monday, 22nd December. The Mini Major Competition pairs up Pony Club Members on 128 cm ponies with Top International Riders, with whom they walk the course and then jump as a pair, and they are always so nice and supportive to their young partner. The International show jumper goes first, their round isn’t timed, when they land their Mini partner sets off and their time is taken.

The following Area 17 Members and ponies competed in the Mini Major at the London Olympia International Horse Show 2014 in December:-
Anabelle Heffron (Miss Elegant) – Iveagh
Niall McEvoy (Sparkling Majestic Caesar) – Seskinore Harriers

Anabelle was paired with Guy Williams an ex-Pony Club member and Niall was paired with Reed Kessler, from the USA. Niall jumped an impressive clear round. His time was rivalled by the next competitor and when Anabelle went to jump after her international partner Guy Williams, she jumped a fantastic, fast and balanced round to go into the lead; all the Area 17 supporters were absolutely thrilled. The last competitor went 0.9 seconds faster than Anabelle, so Anabelle came a fantastic second place and Niall was in fifth place.

Both Niall and Anabelle rode so well despite the noise, bright lights and excitement and they both enjoyed the wonderful experience, as did their Area 17 support group who were delighted by the way the two young people performed.

Vanne Campbell who has attended the Mini Major many times over the years said “Liz Lowry, Area Representative was so thrilled to hear how well our Area 17 young members rode, and how they coped so well with the intense atmosphere. We should all be very proud of them. It is a wonderful competition and experience for our young show jumpers.”

Annabel at Olympia

You tube link of Anabelle’s fabulous performance


Stormont Reception

Stormont 1 Stormont 2


Iveagh Branch of The Pony club in association with the County Down Hounds recently held a very successful Children’s Drag Hunt and raised over £1500 for The Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children.

83 riders young and old, some experienced and some not so experienced enjoyed 40 fences suited to all abilities over the beautiful countryside just outside Banbridge, with ground conditions and weather near to perfect.

The organiser would like to thank most sincerely all the farmers whose land was crossed.


Hunt 4 Hunt 3 Hunt 2

Iveagh Pony Club Silver Show 4th October 2014

Kindly sponsored by The Equestrian Store, Portadown

2014-10-04 12.10.402014-10-04 16.04.59

A huge thank you to The Equestrian Store for such generous sponsorship of the Silver Show, so many children went home after a wonderful day in the autumn sunshine clutching bags full of goodies.

This year we has three rings in operation, a working-hunter ring,  equitation jumping up to 70cm, and show-jumping from 75cm to 1m 10. The lead rein/starter stakes was won by Kaitlynn Kearns on Joe, immaculately turned out, just ahead of Niamh McClory on Indiana Jones. For many children  it was their first time doing a working-hunter class, and the judge Phillipa Auret steered them through the class and gave all competitors many useful tips. Sadie McMahon with a broad grin was the winner of the 75cm class, just ahead of Poppy Moore. The 85cm class had a clear winner in Hannah Rafferty who gave a very polished performance, with Corey Tennyson close behind and the winner of the horse section. The 1M class provided the judge with a difficult decision but the final winner was Laoise O’Farrell just ahead of Hannah Rafferty, and the horse section was won by Beth Cunningham much to the delight of her large support team.

The equitation jumping, judged by Vanne Campbell, provided some excellent jumping. The 40cm class won by Ruby McGinn,  just ahead of Kaitlyn Kearns. Ally Haire on his young pony Dusty showed everyone how to ride, winning not only the 50cm class but the 60cm class too. A combination for the future, watch out! The 70cm class was timed and the clear winner here was Sam McElroy on Belmont Toby, arriving straight from the rugby pitch.

The 75cm class, incorporating a Junior Dengie qualifier, attracted an entry of 25, and ended up with an exciting jump-off,  all the competitors being  given the chance to practice the jump-off, and the winner here was Connie Crothers on Albus Dumbledore

Over 20 competitors took part in the 90cm class, also a Winter League Dengie Qualifier, and again the course built by Stephen McAlindon provided several tense moments for the parents! Tara Bertholon took the trophy home with second place going to Alex Lappin who rushed in from the working hunter ring.

In an amazing double Rachel Brown was the winner in both the 1m and 1m10 classes bringing to a close the Iveagh Silver Show 2014.

Grateful thanks to all the parents/helpers who spent Friday in the rain building the courses, Judith McClelland the SJ judge, and those parents who assisted on the day.

Results: Class1 LeadRein/Starter Stakes Working Hunter; 1st Kaitlyn Kearns, Joe 2nd Niamh McClory, Indiana Jones 3rd Thea Walsh, Hunter 4th Ali Haire, Dusty 5th Ruby McGinn, Bandit 6th Katie Haire, Thunder Baba

Class2 75cm Working Hunter; 1st Sadie McMahon,Spotty 2nd Poppy Moore, Totie,3rd James Hynds, Ginger 4th Katie McCombe, Bambi  5th Zoya Robinson, Amazing Jacko 6th Victoria Lee, Beachmount Breeze

Class3 85cm Working Hunter; 1st Hannah Rafferty Robe Dream 2nd Corey Tennyson Billy’s Boy,3rd Rachael Patterson 4th Kathleen McCormac, Tara 5th Rachael Taylor, Roxie

Best Horse: Corey Tennyson, Billy’s Boy

Class 4 1M Under 153 Working Hunter 1st Laoise O’Farrell,  Monlough Meteor 2nd Hannah Rafferty Robe Dream 3rd Hannah Chambers, Pumpkin  4th Jasmine Crothers Prince Aragog’s Spirit

Class 4b 1M Horse Working Hunter 1st Beth Cunningham, Dream Debut 2nd Gemma Chambers, Crisp

Class 5 40cm: 1st Ruby McGinn, Bandit 2nd Kaitlyn Kearns, Joe 3rd Sophie Cummings, Minstrel 4th Sophia Madley, Jack Doran

Class 6 50cm: 1st Ally Haire, Dusty 2nd Craig Carson,  Knockans Treacle 3rd Niamh McClory, Indiana Jones 4th Shannon Matthews, Minstrel 5th Katie Haire, Thunder Baba 6th Molly Davidson, Harry

Class 7 60cm: 1st Ally Haire, Dusty 2nd Katie Haire, Thunder Baba 3rd Sam McElroy, Belmont Toby 4th Craig Carson, Knockan’s Treacle 5th Molly Davidson, Harry 6th Shannon Matthews, Minstrel

Class 7b 70cm: 1st Sam McElroy, Belmont Toby 2nd Zoya Robinson, Amazing Jacko 3rd Shannon Matthews, Minstrel 4th Thea Walsh, Hunter 5th Anna-Rose Tennyson, Lucky

Class 8 75cm: 1st Connie Crothers, Albus Dumbledore 2nd Katie McCombe, Bambi 3rd Ally Haire, Thunder Baba 4th Finn Osborne, Daz 5th Ryan Boville, Toffee 6th Rory Osborne, Socky

Class 9 90cm:1st Tara Bertholon, Vava Boom 2nd Alex Lappin,Rio 3rd Lucy Morton, Princess 4th Herbie Purce, Seapatrick Hamish 5th Rachel Chapman, Pippa 6th = Laoise O’Farrell, Monlough Meteor & Hannah Chambers, Pumpkin

Class 10 1M: 1st Rachel Brown, Elmo 2nd Rachel Chapman, Pippa 3rd Kathryn Morton TWR

Class 11 1.10M 1st Rachel Brown, Elmo 2nd Rachel Chapman, Duffy

2014-10-04 15.31.46————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–


Iveagh Tetrathlon Results 2014


Moyallon Derby



1. Conal McGrath, Bannfield Boy

2. Natasha Kerr, Pepsi Mac

3. Chloe Wright, Flash

4. Herbie Purce, Tully Tiger

5. Albert Lowry, Oh Dear

6. Eva Kerton, Colour Confusion

Best U14 Conal McGrath, Bannfield Boy


1. Amanda Hylands Piccanto

2. Nicholas Tougher, Silver Fox

3. Rachel Chapman, Duffy

4. Angela McIlroy, Sparky

5. Stephen Richardson, Easyjet

6. Helen Parks, Mylo

Best U14 Eva Kerton, Colour Confusion


1. Alex Finney, Magnetto Cobra

2. Ellie McIlroy, Monochrome Boy

3. Katie McCombe, Bambi

4. Emma Wright, Blue

5. Anneka Knox, Goldrush

6. Christine Burns, Harry

Best U14 Alex Finney, Magnetto Cobra

Iveagh Inter-Schools Show Jumping Results from 12th April

Class 1 Primary School Teams 1st Mighty Midgets

2nd Girls in Red

3rd The Wolf Pack

Tack and Turnout Winners

Girls in RedClass 2 Primary School Individuals1st K. Magill

2nd R. Osborne

3rd D. Kehoe

Tack and Turnout Winner

A. LucasClass 3 Intermediate Teams1st Newbridge Integrated College

2nd Our Lady’s Grammar

3rd Dromore High School

Tack and Turnout Winners

Down High SchoolClass 4 Intermediate Individuals1st H. Agnew

2nd K. O’Hare

3rd H. Chambers

Tack and Turnout Winner

S. GloverClass 5 Open Teams1st Scared heaert

2nd Our Lady’s Grammar

3rd Regent House

Tack and Turnout Winners

Regent HouseClass 6 Open Individuals1st L. Cloughan

2nd K. Sinclair

3rd C. Eakin

Tack and Turnout Winner

A. McKeown

Huge thanks to all who helped including: Paul Sinton and Billy McCombe who painted and delivered the beautiful jumps, course designers Stephen and Niall McAlinden,  judges Sharon and Avril Hall-Callaghan, Jennifer Russell, Anne Kerr and Elizabeth Jess, Jill McIlroy, Annie Chambers, all those who provided catering, did arena party or helped in any way.

Dengie Results

Dengie results 2014 portmore


Please check Rally Page for information on Novice and Junior training during March.


Click on link below for full results of Tyrella Derby

Tyrella Derby Results 2014

Sporting Images were the official photographers, photographs available on their website www.sportingimagesni.co.uk/

Millies Horse Jumps, who sponsored the portable cross country jumps, they have a special offer for competitors of 10% off any purchase.


Results of Tetrathlon Training Day

Tetrathlon results Jan 14

Iveagh Indoor Winter Show Jumping League

Results – week 1 8/12/13


1st Grace Boyle, Bambi

= 1stThea Walsh, Strawberry
Eirinn Reel, Fudge
3rd Lucy McIlroy, Grace
4th Kirsty Montgomery, Sweep

1st Katie O’Hare, Blaney’s Boy
2nd Catherine Weir, Molly
3rd Hannah Chambers, Pumpkin
4th Lucy McIlroy, Grace
5th Niamh Barton, Gizmo
6th Mya McDowell, Simply Black

1st Gemma Chambers, Honey
2nd Meabh McIlduff, Jasmine
3rd Mya McDowell
4th Niamh Barton, Gizmo
5th Lyndsey McCombe, Ozzie
6th Connell McGrath, Bannfield Boy


1st Olivia McGauley, Bluestone Bee
2nd Niamh Barrett, Sadie
3rd Edel Reel, Robinhood

=1st Olivia McGauley, Bluestone Bee
Niamh Barrett, Sadie

The next leg of the Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club Winter League is
Sunday 15th December at The Old Mill (formerly Millbrook Equestrian
Centre, Bessbrook) commencing at 10.15 with 45cms Ponies

Sun Shines on Iveagh Two Phase Event

After nearly ten days of dry weather, Sunday 24th February was a fantastic day for the Iveagh Pony Club Two Phase Event at Moira Equestrian Centre. The Event was the perfect opportunity to blow off the cobwebs and start the new season.

Entries came from far and wide; there were many welcome visitors and old friends, as well as competitors from within the Iveagh Branch.

The Cross Country Phase rode really well, the going was good due to improved weather and great ground maintenance. The all-weather surface was a great help. The course was challenging but did not prove overly problematic. Most riders negotiated the water very well, which was towards the end of the course. The green bank was another enjoyable obstacle.

The Show Jumping moved to a new location which was a fantastic place, the new venue made the running of the competition much easier.

Lorraine Sinton headed the team who provided excellent catering, many thanks to her.

Sincere thanks to Moira Equestrian Centre for the use of their excellent facilities and to the volunteers who helped in the days previous and on the day. Special thanks to Suzanne O’Farrell, Vickie White, Trevor Dunbar, Kirsten Dunbar, Vina Buller, Gillian Kerr, Eoin Crothers, Lorna Moore, Cathy Green and to all those volunteers who helped in the days’ previous and on the day.

3’3” Class

  1. Laura King, Colonel Gun
  2. Andrew Scott, Glenhill Lady
  3. Toby Purce, Banoffee
  4. William Tougher, Silver Fox
  5. Michael McGaffin, The Diamond
  6. Phillip McLean, Fabulous William

2’9” Class

  1. Lynn Clark-Hearty, Bobby
  2. Albert Lowry, Oh Dear
  3. Pauline Tomalin, Clover Honey
  4. Shannon Cowan, Calin King
  5. Roisin Muirhead, Golden Gate
  6. Anna Kelly, Scarlet Knight

2’3” Class

  1. Caitie Slater, Little Miss Rock Chick
  2. Kathryn Henderson, Fantasma
  3. Rachel Patterson, Ladybug
  4. Jade Harper
  5. Ellie McElroy, Belmont Toby
  6. Kiera Malcolmson, Tyrone Molly