Friday July 1, 2022
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Rally information 2022

Sorting out the rides is an extremely arduous job, and it takes several people working together. Members must ride with the coach/group to which they have been allocated.  The first week of the April rally block is a flat work rally and will be used to assess and ensure members are in the most appropriate group. 

Changes may be made thereafter based on the professional opinion of the coaches.  If you have any issues with the group your child has been put in, or any matter pertaining to the rallies then you must email Please don’t direct queries to your child’s coach, and you should not make changes yourself.  Changes will not be made at Pony Club on Rally night, but will adjusted for the following week where possible and deemed necessary. Thank you for your understanding.

Payments can be made via the Events/Online Entries page of the Iveagh website: The closing date for booking rallies is the Thursday preceding the start of a new block.

Tuesday 28th June 2022

Sandra -Playpen
5.30pm 6.30pm  
Molly McCarthy Zach Cassidy  
Myia Latto Sam Oliver  
Lucy Mackey Tom Oliver  
Charlotte Cassidy William Morton  
Holly Wylie Ollie Patterson     
Sally O’Hare    
Sarah McMahon- Garden Sand
5.30 6.30 7.30
Alfie Hagan SADBH KINNEY Erica Ingram
Maisy Davison MEDB KINNEY Fergus Lowry
Penny O’hare Serena Brown Mia Robinson
Megan Burns Tilley Tumilty Ella McCrory
Phillip Moore Jocelyn Hutchinson Una McClelland
  Juliana Nelson  
Ronnie- Main Sand
5.30pm 6.30pm 7.30pm
Pippa Moore Andrew Wishart Beth Wishart
Lily Murphy Freddie Castles Rebecca McAdam
AVA PHILLIPS-MARTIN Annabelle Clarke Beth Phillips
Annabelle Betts Freddie Clarke Taylor McKnight
Charlotte Betts Isaac McCarthy Lucy Orr
 Maria Pearson
Rachel Starrett Tilley Tumilty
Micky McCann – XC
5.30pm 6.30pm 7.30pm
Ellie Murphy Izzy Irvine Lois Trimble
Alice Steele Holllie Benson Olivia Glover
Taylor-Lee Doyle Caila Jo Amy Burke
Harry Hannaway Jessie Clarke Alana Eadie
Megan Hannaway Katie Morton Katie Donnelly
Henry McCarthy   Leah Turkington
Jonny Hagan – Main Sand
  6.30pm 7.30pm
  Annabel Starrett Daisy Douglas
  Sophie MCB Phoebe starrett
  Annie Keys Amy Clarke
  Ava Wickie Maisie Anderson
  Kacie Wickie  Amber Bradley
  Rosie Strain  Emily Benson
Mya – Garden Sand
5.30pm 6.30pm  
Isabel Thompson Cora Kelly  
Ella Hagan Jude Kelly  
Emily Morton Lucille Clarke  
Patrick Burns Julia Kerr  
Freya Beckett Maisy wright  
Ewan Fitzpatrick Burns Mark Brown  

Wednesday 29th  June 2022

Grace Kehoe – Playpen
Grace Kehoe –Garden Sand
Grace Kehoe – Garden sand
5.30pm (assisted) 6.30pm 7.30pm
Eliza burke Tori Beckett Lexi Robinson
Ellen McNiece Annie Flanagan Molly Morton
Carter McManus Cooper McManus Abbie Knox
Lucy Davidson Zac Bradley Grace Brannen
 Emily McClelland
Ella Robinson Lydia Flanagan
    Jessica lee
Ron- XC
5.30pm 6.30pm 7.30pm
Lily Davison Olivia Johnston Lucas Bradley
Ella Johnston Em-J Crawford Alice perkins
Lauren Beckett Annie Crawford Harry Purdy
Samantha Keys Lauren O’Rourke Sophia Madeley
Emily Keys Lilah Boyce Jennifer tate
Lauren O’Rourke   Grace Harney


Micky McCann- Main Sand
5.30pm 6.30pm 7.30pm
  Lexie Kerr Katie Robinson
Robyn Ferris Alex Best Jenna Morton
Evie Ferris Bailey Parker Melissa McKinstry
  Isabelle Kehoe Emma-Jane Orr
  Harry Purdy Victoria Lee
   Lorne Walsh
David Kehoe


Rachel Taylor – Low Sand    
  6.30pm 7.30pm
  Ava Murphy Anna Poots
  Lily Park Khaleesi  McWatters
  Sarah Eakin Annie Flanagan
  Khaleesi McWatters HENRY PERKINS
    Susannah Tate
    Sophie McKee




2022 Iveagh Summer Rallies

Rallies will recommence 29th March 2022, and as normal they will be available to book in blocks of 4 or 5 weeks only, with the exception of July which is a 3-week block.

Rallies must be booked via the Iveagh Branch online payment system, strictly no cash or payment on the day.

We are all looking forward to a lovely summer of rallies with our fantastic members and brilliant coaches.

PC sweatshirts or jackets must be worn at rallies, beige or black jodhpurs. gaiters/long boots, no bright colour skull hat covers and long hair in hairnets or plaited NOT a big bunch – Be proud of your club!!

Please be aware that those using the grass arena should ensure they are wearing a skull cap and body protector, and stud if required.

Ask per the vote last year, Iveagh Parents have overwhelmingly voted to retain the smaller ride groups of 5/6. Therefore, for 2022, the rallies will be in small groups at a cost of £7.50 per rally.

The rallies will be one hour in duration. The only exception to this will be rallies for those members on lead-rein or riders needing assistance, those rides will be for 45 minutes duration and will cost £5 per rally. Every child in the playpen must have a designated leader, who should come equipped for all -terrain and all-weather hacks.

Parents have also voted strongly in favour of being flexible re times, to keep the ride groups as suitable as possible re rider level/ability, so there is no option to select a time and no guarantee of siblings being at the same time slot. 

 Parents should email when booking if they have any specific requests, this allows those sorting the ride lists to take into consideration time constraints etc. We cant promise that specific requests can be met however we will do our best to accommodate where required


Reminder regarding the role of parents

Without the help and support of parents there would be no Pony Club, we are thankful and appreciative for all the work undertaken by the parents, and the support they give to the members. Just a note to remind everyone that when the rallies are on-going and your child is in a group lesson with an instructor, all parents must remain outside of the arena, unless specifically requested by the instructor, or your child is on the lead rein. Parents should not coach from the sidelines, interfere with the instruction given during the rally or interfere with the equipment.

Iveagh Pony Club Key Principles for Parents and Guardians

  • Be positive a role model
  • Promote good sportsmanship
  • Volunteer – the club can’t run without your help!
  • Be supportive and respectful to coaches and other volunteers
  • Only discuss issues with Officials or Committee Members, not coaches or other parents


Disciplinary Process:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Written warning
  3. Ban of Parent or Guardian but member still welcome to attend Pony Club

See below link to The Role of the Parent within Pony Club