Tuesday January 18, 2022
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Tests and Achievements

Efficiency Tests

Iveagh PC Committee would like to remind all our members and parents that Pony Club is a training organisation.
Along with rallies, Pony Club Efficiency Tests are the back bone of the organisation. We strongly encourage all our members to take the tests, and we support our members to achieve, via ongoing coaching and specific test training.
Please familiarise yourself with the tests and make sure you are up to date with tests and training. If in doubt, please speak to a Committee Member who will gladly help.
What are The Pony Club Efficiency Tests?
The Pony Club Training structure encourages members to take tests which enables them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding. The tests are taken at recommended ages and are designed with certain objectives in mind – see below for the order in which tests are taken.

E Test  http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/tests_and_achievements/efficiency_tests/e_test/

D Test http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/tests_and_achievements/efficiency_tests/d_standard/

D+ Test http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/tests_and_achievements/efficiency_tests/d_plus_standard/

C Test http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/tests_and_achievements/efficiency_tests/c_standard/

C+ Test http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/tests_and_achievements/efficiency_tests/c_plus_standard/

Road Rider Test http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/tests_and_achievements/efficiency_tests/c_plus_standard/

B Test Horse and Pony Care http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/tests_and_achievements/efficiency_tests/b_standard_horse_pony_care/

B Test Riding http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/tests_and_achievements/efficiency_tests/b_standard_riding/