Monday October 25, 2021
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Travel to Regionals and Championships 2021

Step by Step Guide for NI-GB-NI Temporary Equine Movement



  1. Ensure pony/horse is a registered equine (passport may require over-stamp by NIHB) – Contact NIHB directly for info.
  2. Create EHC 8334 – see guide attached on how to complete DEFRA account and EHC application
  3. Complete and return Travelling info spreadsheet to the branch representative
  4. Print and complete ATC (emailed to all branches) to accompany pony/horse and passport to Port when leaving NI for inspection at Daera Office before going to the port for ferry boarding. Please ensure you leave sufficient time for Daera to complete checks before your boarding time. It takes about 20 mins to complete, but be aware the ferry will have other live exports on it that will also need checked so there may be a queue.
  5. Larne departures – Daera Portal Office, 10 Redlands Rd, Larne, BT40 1AX

Belfast departures – Daera Office, Old Ulster Bus Yard, Duncrue Street, Belfast, BT3 1AX



  1. Vet (Organised by Area 17) will attend Championship Venue and inspect ponies; they will produce a paper copy and a pdf of the EHC 8334 that you have already completed online.
  2. Each branch will need a representative to upload all completed EHC’s to traces system to produce a Chad-A to notify the port of your intention to reimport in NI – Branch rep to liaise with Colleen Glasgow to upload via Area17 account minimum of 24 hours prior to arriving back in NI
  3. Before leaving the Championships accompanying your pony you need a completed and signed EHC 8334, Chad-A sent via traces and the ponies/horses passport.

Example Certificate

ATC form

Step by Step Guide for NI-GB-NI Temporary Equine Movement (1)

Defra Account and EHC application

Travelling Info

Hi Liz 

Please find attached information from one of Mid Antrim’s members mother, Teri, who is travelling to the regionals and is involved in producing certification for equine movement NI-GB-NI on a daily basis. 
Teri is happy to produce all or some documentation as required for a very reasonable fee! £10-£25 depending on what is required. 
Please feel free to contact her directly. She is happy to do both Regionals and Championships. 
Hopefully this will take the pressure of some parents. 
See below….


For all the lucky competitors who have qualified for championships in GB.


SECONDLY, I can assist you with the paperwork now required for the return travel from GB to NI.

As I’m sure you are now aware you need an export health certificate signed and stamped by the attending OV, a common health entry document (CHED) and a GMR (goods movement reference for the ferry).





If you would like me to assist you with any of these please don’t hesitate to get in contact on 07894738772 or

What I need:

Name and Address of exporter (owner)

Name and Address of event venue

Picture of animal’s passport (front page and marking sheet)

Certifying Vet names and Practice

Vehicle registration number

Thanks Teri