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Hogwarts School of Pony Magic

Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd July 2020

At Moyallen

Book Online Now – Very Limited Places


A magical two days of fun, games, skills & riding for

12yrs [on 01/01/20] & Under

Book Now for A Chance to Win the House Cup!



Points for the HOUSE CUP, will be awarded for competition, quidditch points, good manners, acts of bravery, defence against the dark arts, acts of kindness & spotting of magical creatures.




09:30 – 10:00  Parents & Students; meet at The Three Broomsticks Kitchen, for Coffee & Gillywater. Students may pop on the “sorting hat” to see which “house” you will be in:-

Hufflepuff, Slitheriyn, Slughorns, Honeydukes, Gyrfindor, Ravenclaw, Fantastic Beasts


10:00 – 13:00 How to cast a spell on your pony lessons and Camping [in dark lands] Badge


13:00 – 14:00 Bring your own picnic & Demo “Stunt riding to dodge dementors & dragons”


14:00 – 14:30  Dressage/ Loading Badge & Care of Magical Creatures Crafts


14:30 -16:00   Lessons and Flying On Magical Creatures Competition [Show Jumping] & How Well Is Your Magical Creature Trained Competition [Family Pony]




09:30 – 10:00  Meet at The Three Broomsticks for coffee or butterbeer. ANNOUNCEMENT OF POINTS TALLY FOR THE HOUSE CUP


10:00 – 13:00  Training your magical creature lessons and quidditch tournament on foot


13:00 – 14:00  Lunch – Bring your own picnic – Harry Potter loves Treacle Tart!  Potion Making Class Over Lunch


14:00 – 14:30  Wildlife Badge                                 

14:30 -16:00   Wizards Derby & House Games Competitions




£50 per rider – limited to only 50 places – book now online at

Vanne’s Ruby Show Report and Results

By Rose Decourcy-Wheeler

Ponies, horses, competitors, past members and friends arrived in droves at Moyallan grounds to celebrate Vanne Campbell MBE’s 40 years as District Commissioner. To celebrate her Ruby Anniversary Vanne sported Iveagh colours (black and White) and a ruby jacket. Iveagh bunting and flowers helped decorate the magnificent grounds.

Three arenas were in operation. The annual Kehoe Kars Derby took place in the grass arena commencing with the 70cm class which was hotly contested and resulted in 8 clears. The jump-off was won in great style by Zara Zahor-Ala riding Little Joe, a pony many Iveagh members remember being ridden by Jonny Mulligan. In second place we had Zara Smith just ahead of Taylor McKnight. The 85cm class proved more taxing with only one clear round, Emma-Jane Orr on Jazzy Suzie the clear winner. The 4 faulters jumped off and David Kehoe managed the fastest time here, closely followed by Sophie Hanna. The Stephen Smith designed Derby course continued to test the riders in the 1M class and experience showed as Terry Smith, the veteran vet led the way with 4 faults. A timed round separated the 8 faulters and Katie McCombe ended up in second place with Ella Herron in third. Many thanks to our judges Robin and Maureen Wallace.

The Walled Garden Arena provided fun for the less experienced members and over 100 children jumped round courses from cross poles to 70cm, some led but many managing with only a little verbal assistance. Senior members had kindly arrived to help here under the supervision of Janet McDowell and Helen Patterson.

The third arena started promptly at 9am with the Jumps Ahead Qualifier won by Sophie Hanna on Oreo Patches, obviously on a winning streak as she was placed in the Derby too. Another in winning form was Emma Jane Orr who finished second in this class.  The three Dengie Qualifiers followed: The Junior Dengie won by Amber Bradley, the Debut Dengie won by Patrick Williams who had driven from Co Fermanagh, and the Winter League’s winner was Ellen Ward. The judges Judith McClelland and Pauline Turner assisted by Margaret Clarke kept the arena running to time. The next class was the 1M 10 which concluded in a father/daughter jump off. No mercy was shown and Ronnie Morton won this class. Then it was time for the course-builder Mickey McCann to alter the course for the Mini-Major class. The arena was packed with supporters. The Majors consisted of many professional riders who had kindly given up their busy day to support Vanne and several others who had come out of retirement to be there. The Minis consisted of Pony Club children from around Northern Ireland. The Mini Major pairs did a course walk together, with the Minis taking advice on their speed rounds from the experts and then the competition began! A marvellous spectacle, the cheering from the crowds created an electric atmosphere and the competition was fierce. The eventual winner was (Major)Rachel Brown (known to all in PC as Rachel “Buddy” Brown) teamed with Lucy Morton (Mini), who had just returned from winning a silver medal in the European Championships. In second place was well known coach (Major) Becky Cullen riding the famous coloured stallion Glenhill Gold accompanied by James Murphy (Mini). Former World Champion Dermott Lennon, Angela Percy, Declan McParland, Jonny Mulligan, William Green, Nicky Corr, Grainne Bennett, all former members were amongst the professionals taking part joined by Ronnie Morton, Ronnie Ross, Toni Donnelly and Roz Murphy and coming out of retirement from show-jumping were Niall McAlinden, Vina Buller, Jim McCann, Gary Hylands, Sarah Hall and Hylda Mills. Lisa Priestly honoured Vanne by riding Dolly the horse she had ridden in the winning team at Hickstead in 2003

The Pony Club Chairman Christopher Bromfield accompanied by Area Rep Liz Lowry kindly presented the prizes with Vanne Campbell, photos of all the pairs were taken by Prime Photography, then the arena was cleared to make a special presentation to Vanne by Sarah Clarke on behalf of the Iveagh Pony Club. Music and a delicious Roast Pig and BBQ followed.

A huge thank you to Aine Lavery for all her organisation, the Sponsors TRI, The Equestrian Store, Kehoe Kars, Baileys Horse Feeds, Tullyraine Equine and to the Richardson family for providing a parking field and course-building team. And an even bigger thank you to all the former members and friends who came to join in the fun day.


Results from Vanne’s Ruby Show

Kehoe Kars Derby

70cm Class:

1st Zara Zahor-Ala on Little Joe, 2nd Zara Smith on Tootsie, 3rd Taylor McKnight on Bambi, 4th Sam McElroy on Tootie Fruitie, 5th Lara Jameson on Curious George, 6th Lily Murphy on Busby

85cm Class

1st Emma-Jane Orr on Jazzy Suzie, 2nd David Kehoe on Park Crystal, 3rd Sophie Hanna on Oreo Patches, 4th Alex Phillips on Flash, 5th Katie Haire on Galway Girl, 6th Bethany Smith on Golden Grove Royal Wedding

1M Class

1st Terry Smith on Frankie, 2nd Katie McCombe on Afandou, 3rd Ella Herron on Dam Boy, 4th Ella McAllister on Monochrome Girl, 5th Felicity Ferris on Tucanu, 6th Grace Kehoe on Fifty Shades of Gray

Arena 2

Cross Poles:

Clear Rounds: Zara Calvert, Noah Phillips, Ana Phillips, Lucas Bradley, Erin Ham, Jack Tumilty, Henry McCarthy, Scott McKnight, Sophie McBride, Zoe Daniel, Lucy Orr, Lila Forsythe, Issac McCarthy


Clear Rounds: Charlotte Nelson, Zara Calvert, Ella Calvert, Erin Han, Ted Geary, Sophia Madley, Lucy Orr, Fergus Lowry, James Cosgrave, Abi Gardener, Ava Philips, Maria Pearson, Harry McMillan, Juliana Nelson, Henry McMahon, Lily Murphy, Sophie Thompson


Charlotte Nelson, Beth Phillips, Ted Geary, Kirsty Fisher, Amber Thompson, Sophia Madley, Annabelle Betts, Lucy Orr, Zara Calvert, Zoe Daniel, Sarah Mckenzie, Jenna Morton, Sadie McMahon, Henry McMahon, Kitty Cullen x 2, Cara Cosgrave


Amber Thompson, Zoe Daniel, Harry McMillan, Kitty Cullen, Robbie Coleman, Kirsty Fisher, Rachel Sands, Beth Phillips, Amy Coleman, Clara McNeill

Arena 3

Jumps Ahead Qualifier (25 Competitors)

1st Sophie Hanna (Iveagh) on Oreo Patches, 2nd Emma Jane Orr (Iveagh) on Jazzy Susie, 3rd Megan Nelson (EDown) on Murphy, 4th Heather Fulton (Route) on Molton Crown, 5th Hannah Thompson (M Antrim) Ballylurgan Imperial Fly, 6th Rory Osborne (Iveagh) on Double Dazzle

1m10 Class

1st Ronnie Morton on Ice King, 2nd Lucy Morton on Delton, 3rd Meabh McIlduff on Dalsown Dun and Dusted, 4th Kiara Malcolmson on Seapatrick Cordento

90cm Dengie League Qualifier:

1st Ellen Ward (Iveagh)on Phoenix Delight, 2nd Tara Berthlon (Iveagh) on Cortown Lassie, 3rd Meabh McIlduff (Iveagh)Done and Dusted, 4th Mya McDowell (Iveagh) on Imps Girl, 5th Rory Kinnear (EDown) on Regardless, 6th Anna Jackson (East Antrim) on Oldtown Sterling

Dengie Debut Qualifier:

1st Patrick Williams (Seskinore) on Coill Dearmud William, 2nd Lucy Morton (Iveagh)on Petal, 3rd Taylor McKnight (Iveagh) on Asterix, 4th Ellen Donnelly (Route) on Reme, 5th Ellen McEvoy on Super Sue, 6th Lee Bloomfield (Iveagh) on Belle

Dengie 75cm Qualifier:

1st Amber Bradley (Iveagh) on Flynn Rider, 2nd Sorcha Owens (Tullylagan)on Legavalloon Miss Pepper, 3rd Rhiannon Ferguson (Kays Equestrian) on Ard Cull Millie, 4th Sarah Jane Sloane on Millie

Mini/Major Class

1st Rachel “Buddy” Brown and Lucy Morton

2nd Becky Cullen and James Murphy

3rd Jonny Mulligan and Kym Moore

4th Roz Murphy and Sam Jackson

5th Sarah Hall and Amber Bradley

6th Grainne Bennett and Abby McMillan

*****Important information for 2018 Area Competitions*****

For the area competitions in 2018, instead of the traditional team file, we are trialling an electronic version.  Please follow the link below to the new “Team File”.  Please read the information on the “Introduction” and “Dates and Classes” tabs first, then go to the “Rider Details” tab.  Names have been pre-entered, you just need to enter horse/pony details then use the drop down boxes to indicate which competitions and classes they will compete in.

We are also using this table to ensure information on tests is up to date, so please ensure you include that information too.

If you are unsure about area competitions, speak to Vanne, if you are unsure which class(es) to enter, speak to an instructor who knows your child(ren) and if you need any help with completing the file, speak to Annie Chambers.

Please complete by 20th April.

Team file is accessed here –!AvbiCRLV8EJkgiTAJbKyeDpGQnOR.  If it opens as read only , just click on edit document.  You don’t need to save, it will save automatically.


Jumps Ahead Running Order 2018

Please note – course walk at 8.30am with class to start sharp at 9am 

2018 Jumps Ahead

Final at

Vanne Campbell’s Ruby Anniversary Show

Saturday 4 August 2018

At Iveagh Grounds, Moyallon Rd, Portadown

Pony Club Area 17 is delighted to announce that they have been invited to hold their prestigious Jumps Ahead 2018 Final at the 40th Anniversary Show for Vanne Campbell, who was elected as Iveagh DC in 1978, and who is one of the longest ever serving DC’s within the Pony Club organisation.


This is a qualifying competition with qualifiers running at shows throughout the early summer. Once again, Pony Club Area 17 is delighted to secure the sponsorship of TRI Equestrian Northern Ireland, who never disappoint with the generosity of the prizes.


Jumps Ahead is open to Area 17 Pony Club Members aged 11-18 year. The fences are 90cm in the qualifying competitions and 95cm – 1.0m in the final. There is added excitement in the final, with a joker fence at 1.15cm, this jump is optional and if cleared knocks 5 seconds off the riders time, and if it is faulted then 5 seconds are added to the time.


This is a dramatic and impressive competition and is a showcase for the best of Area 17’s young talent.


Qualifiers: (entries on the day)

1          Lurgan Show                                                Killultagh 2nd June 18

2          Bann Valley Show RDA, Coleraine         Route 23rd June 18

3          Banbridge Show, The Meadows               Iveagh 10th June 18

4          Craigantlet Show                                         North Down 13th June 18

5          Randalstown Arches Show                       Mid Antrim 23rd June 18

6          Combined Training Show, Moyallon      Iveagh 29th June 18

7          Omagh Show                                               Seskinore 8th July 18

Rules for the Pony Club

Jumps Ahead Competition 2018

Final Kindly Sponsored by TRI Equestrian NI

For PC members age 11 – 18


Up to 148 cms

Registered or Unregistered with SJAI

Must not have completed in top classes such as RDS qualifiers in current or previous year

But may have competed in an ABC Class

(Therefore old grade A’s who are now regularly Pony Clubbed are allowed)


Registered or unregistered with SJI

Horses not to have competed at 1.10m or above



Age 11 to 18 on 1st January 2018.

Riders must be current members of a branch and have attended branch rallies in 2018 to be allowed to compete in the final. The DC of each branch/Centre proprietor will be asked to confirm the eligibility of their qualified members prior to the final.

No spurs allowed.

Competition Heights

Height of fences in qualifiers 90cms

Height of fences in final 95cms-1m.  Prizes 1st – 6th in Final


Conditions of the competitions

Eigiht Qualifying competitions to be held at regional SJAI or Pony Club shows.   Qualifiers run under Article 238 2.2 (2 round class, both rounds timed, 2nd   round against the clock).


Entry Fee at Qualifiers: £12                  Entry Fee at final: £20

Top six from each pony qualifier to go forward to final.

Total in final: 30/36

If a pony is already qualified from a previous show, the qualifying place     (and rosette) moves down the placings.

To gain qualifying place competitors must complete the first round with 8 or less faults.



Judged under SJI show jumping rules:   currently 238 2.2.

Joker fence is an extra fence in the jump-off of the Final.

Add 5 seconds to actual time of round if joker fence is faulted (refusal/knockdown)

Take 5 seconds off actual time if it is jumped successfully

Note to organisers of Qualifiers:

Please provide your own rosettes and retain all of the entry fees

Jumps Ahead 2018 Rules and Information

Jumps Ahead Final 2018 – Entry Form


Junior Camp Photos

Follow the link to view the images from that group. These are previews and can’t be downloaded.
Each is password protected so you will need to enter the password to view the images. Each password is the instructors name followed by 123, e.g. Amy123
Please don’t share the link to view the images with other people outside of Pony Club as some parents don’t want the photos shared.

Order Links:
Please follow the link to place an order, if you have any problems please contact me.



Contact Emily:


Full results from Area Show Jumping 2017 at Rademon Estate

Area SJ 2017



 Iveagh June 2017 tet results



Message from Kevin Osborne

“Huge thanks to Billy, Martin, Martin, Conal, Finn and Rory who formed the inaugural work party 2017. The “General Assistance/repairs/maintenance list” contains over 40 adult names so we anticipate many new faces this Saturday between 10.00 – 12.00? Please confirm by text to 07885264777. We all lead extremely busy lives and our time is of course precious. Please do not expect the few to do all the work for the many!!”









East Down Tetrathlon 12th May results.

EDPC Inter Branch Tetrathlon 2016 – Results Summary

EDPC Inter Branch Tetrathlon 2016 – Open & Inter

EDPC Inter Branch Tetrathlon 2016 – Junior

EDPC Inter Branch Tetrathlon 2016 – Minimis

EDPC Inter Branch Tetrathlon 2016 – Fledgling-1

Iveagh Tetrathlon, 22nd May results.

The computer programme automatically added in 1400 for the cross-country, so you may have to do a bit of mental maths!!

2 Inter Boys Iveagh May

3 Inter girls Iveagh May

4 Junior Boys Iveagh May

5 Junior Girls Iveagh May

6 Minimus Iveagh May

7 Fledglings Iveagh May-2

Cross Country Fences & Course



Other dates include:


19th June                    Route Tetrathlon

15th/16th July        Area Tetrathlon, run by N Down,  Ards Leisure Centre and Perry’s,  Craigantlet




HomeChampionshipResults 2016 PDF (2)





Open Showjumping Team

Iveagh Pony Club have recently celebrated one of their most successful campaigns through the Area 17 Competitions, gaining 5 team and 10 individual qualifying spaces for the Pony Club UK Championships in August, hosted at Chomondely Castle in Cheshire.

The Area Competitions ran for 3 consecutive weeks, with the first being the Area Dressage at Ballyarnet Country Park in Londonderry run by the North Derry Branch. Dressage not usually being one of Iveagh’s best disciplines, the weekly training sessions from some of the area’s best coaches helped the riders come home with some of the best dressage results the club has ever had. The first class of the day was the Open Class, the team of Laura King, Roisin Muirhead & Ciara Muirhead secured first place and a qualifying envelope to enable them to compete at the UK Championship Competition. Laura King also secured first place individually overall. Not to be beaten, the Intermediate Team of Lynn Clarke Hearty, Erin Burns, Caitie Slater and Laoise O’Farrell also secured first place (and a qualifying envelope) with Lynn, Erin & Caitie all securing top 3 positions in their arena’s. Vicky Campbell & Daniel Kehoe also managed to pull off qualifying scores to see them both heading to Cheshire for Individual Positions. Lastly, Katie O’Hare in the Novice Section also managed to ride a superb test to also gain her qualifying envelope to compete at the Championships.

Novice Showjumping Team

The following week brought a massive number of riders to Meadows Equestrian Centre for the Area Show jumping Competition, run by the Tullylagan Branch usually our top discipline Iveagh won all three sections to secure qualifying envelopes for 3 teams as well as 3 Individual Positions. The first class of the day was the Open Show jumping, with the Iveagh Team of Casey Webb, Rachel Chapman, Charlotte Eakon and Abbey Morton being the only team to finish with a clear score sheet and gain their qualifying envelope. Rachel Chapman also finished 7th individually and secured an spot in the individual class.This was followed by the Intermediate Competition. The Iveagh Team of Hannah Agnew, Hollie Smith, Hannah Rafferty and Kathryn Morton won and Hannah Agnes also qualified as an Individual. Next competition of the day was the Novice Show jumping, with Jasmine Crothers, Sarah Clarke, Harry Haire and Shanie Murphy also being the only team with a clear sheet at the end of the competition to secure their trip to Cheshire! Eva Kerton also secured herself an individual position.

Intermediate Dressage Team with Area 17 Rep Liz Lowry, Iveaghs Rose DeCourcey Wheeler & Declan Cullen of Pegus Horse Feeds

The final week was the Area Eventing held at the excellent facilities of Cloncaw Equestrian run by the Seskinore Branch, non-stop rain left for very tricky conditions with the Cross Country Phase having a lot of problems. However, 4 of our members managed to negotiating the testing weather and secure themselves qualifying spaces in August. In the Open class both Casey Webb & Carla Troughton both rode double clear to secure their trip to Cheshire, whilst in the Intermediate Class Ciara Muirhead took first place and Kathy McGaffin third to also secure their spots. Kate Shields and Jasmine Crothers also qualified as Novice Individuals. Kiara Lane was first in her ring but unfortunately cannot make the Championships.

On top of the above qualifiers, Tabytha Bonar secured her spot in Endurance, whilst Rebecca Mackey and William Armstrong both make the trip over for Polocrosse.

Open Dressage Team of Roisin & Ciara Muirhead & Laura King who also lifted the individual cup

In total, 31 riders & horses will make the journey to Cheshire for a week of competition between the 19 Areas of the UK Pony Club. As expected, everyone has been working incredibly hard towards qualifying and the work now begins towards the Championships. Nothing would be possible without the backing of some incredible trainers throughout the disciplines and the extremely hard work of the Iveagh Committee who keep everyone on the right track.




Iveagh Inspire at The Pony Club Conference

Members of the Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club have recently completed a hugely successful project to preserve the rich 50 year history their Branch. The project which was very generously funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund culminated in the production of a beautiful book and a fascinating, lively and fun film.

The book, packed with photographs tells the story of the club by interweaving the stories of past and present members with the writing of an editorial board, made up of members aged 10-24. Their fascinating film begins in the amazing summer of 2013 by following members’ fortunes as they prepare for Championship competitions, and along the way reveals the role the club has played in the success that former members have had at Olympic and World Championship level through all equestrian disciplines.


Such has been the success of the project that the Editorial Board were invited to present their work at the prestigious annual Pony Club Conference, which was held at Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey on 5th March 2014. Presenting at an event of this nature was a massively daunting task, as well as being a huge accolade for the Branch. The Conference was attended by well in advance of 500 delegates, including dignitaries such as Lady Lloyd-Webber, who is President of the Pony Club. She said that the children were wonderful and a credit to Area 17.

The Project Manager, Dr Sally Walmsley, introduced the project to the Conference, after which each member of the Editorial Board had a part to play in the presentation. The delegates were truly inspired by the members of Iveagh, and the project was unbelievably well received. Liz Lowry (Area 17 Rep) and Vanne Campbell (Iveagh DC) were both extremely proud of the members.

iveagh 3

The Pony Club Way – From Iveagh Playpen to World Stage

Friday 7th February 2014 saw the culmination of many, many months of hard work and determination pay dividends. It was a night for the glitz and glamour of the red carpet as the Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club premiered their film ‘The Pony Club Way – From Iveagh Playpen to World Stage’. A beautifully produced book, ‘The Pony Club Way – 50 Years of The Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club, was also launched at this event. The evening at The Seagoe Hotel was attended by well in advance of 300, who enjoyed a Champagne reception, film premier, book launch, supper and dancing.

The book takes the reader from the beginnings of the Iveagh Branch of The Pony through to its success both in competitive riding and at the grass roots level for those who simply want to enjoy their pony in a more knowledgeable fashion by exploring key aspects of how the Iveagh pony club, a voluntary organisation, is run and maintained. It is packed with photographs and provides a comprehensive history of the branch.

The film considers the 50 year history of the Iveagh pony club from a different perspective focussing on individual equine disciplines and showing how these start in the playpen with very young children and go via the activities of the Iveagh Branch of The Pony to the world stage. The book and film are collaborative pieces of work linking past members to current members and used the skills of an ethnographer and filmmaker (a past member) to bring all together in two final formats.

The entire project was made possible by the very generous funding of the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project was lead by Dr Sally Walmsley with the very active participation of an editorial board made up of current Branch members, aged from 10-24 years who learned interviewing skills with the help of Reminiscence Network Northern Ireland. Intergenerational Workshops were held over the summer of 2013, gathering memories, photographs and anecdotes from past parents, members and friends of the branch, this formed the basis for the film and book.

The conclusion of the project will see the editorial board present the project at The Annual Pony Club Conference which is to be held at Epsom in March, followed by a series of road shows around various Pony Club events this summer.

Sincere thanks to The Heritage Lottery Fund, Reminiscence Network Northern Ireland, Dr Sally Walmsley, The Editorial Board and all the parents, members and friends of the branch who contributed to the book and the project in any way.

Books and DVD’s can be obtained by contacting any of the following:

Áine Lavery 07859 919795

Sally Walmsley 07084 448496

Vanne Campbell 07703 594759

Shirley McCombe 07825 141171

Or any Iveagh committee member


Iveagh Halloween Show – kindly Sponsored by TRI Equestrian

Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club held their Halloween Show at Moyallon on Saturday 1st November, generously sponsored by TRI Equestrian. There were show jumping classes for all, from cross poles to a very competitive 1.2M, there was also a top score Show Jumping Class which was won by Lucy Morton who earned herself a massive 500 points! The Family Pony Class proved very popular with a spooky Halloween Course designed by Susan Roberts. The introduction of a Young Handler Class gave the children an opportunity to show their ponies in-hand.

The Fancy  Dress was the major attraction of the day, with many fantastic costumes for riders and ponies. The overall prize going to Zara McConnell who was a very strict looking member of the Mounted  Police! The Dog Show proved almost as competitive, with a wide array of little and large pampered pooches. Each and every dog was a winner in their own right, but Pippa the Cocker Spaniel belonging to Charlotte and Elizabeth McCracken caught the eye of the judge and took home the trophy.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make The Iveagh Halloween Show a success. Special thanks to our Sponsors TRI Equestrian for the fabulous prizes. We had excellent support from our team of willing volunteers, thanks to: Stephen McAlinden, Katie King, Helen Jennings and family, Margaret Murphy, Jane Richardson, Susan Roberts, Anne Kerr, Elizabeth Jess, Sharon Lyle-Hall, Georgina Walsh, Shirley McCombe, Diana Heffron, Susie Hamilton-Stubber and anyone who helped in anyway.

We have amazing photos courtesy of Katie King which are available on Facebook

Halloween Show 1

Halloween Show 4

Halloween Show 7

Moyallon Flood Light Switch-On Ceremony

Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club had the Official Switch-On Ceremony for their new floodlights on Friday evening 26thSeptember. This was in perfect time for the dark evenings which are now upon us. It was fantastic on Friday evening to see Pony Club grounds at Moyallon being used by the members during the hours of darkness.

These lights have been very generously funded by The Big Lottery Fund, Awards for All Programme, in the form of a £10,000 grant and will make a huge difference to Pony Club life as the nights draw in and over the winter months. The addition of the lights will make Moyallon an all-year venue and will provide the members and their families with even better value for their membership subscription and field levy.

The Switch-On Ceremony was attended by Liz Lowry, Area 17 Representative, who counted down to the switch-on; the excited club members filled the arena and celebrated as the lights turned on. Vanne Campbell, District Commissioner of the Branch thanked Billy McCombe and Áine Lavery for their hard work in both securing funding and managing the project. She also thanked the Big Lottery Fund for their support.

Moyallon will be open over the winter months for rallies, training and schooling. On occasions when there are no rallies, competitions or team training, any member can avail of the floodlit main arena for their own private schooling.

Iveagh Silver Show is on Saturday 4th October  – full schedule is on the Iveagh website and a Dengie Qualifier will also take place that day. Should the Show run late into the evening the flood lights will ensure that the show can continue unhindered by falling darkness.

moyallon 1Prize winners celebrating the switching on of the new lights

moyallon 2Liz Lowry (Area 17 Representative) and Billy McCombe

moyallon 3Mrs Richardson (left) of Richardson Estate pictured with Shirley McCombe assistant DC of Iveagh Branch Pony Club

Congratulations to all who took part in the Home Championships on a VERY wet Bank Holiday Monday. All parents are to be thanked for the turnout of ponies and riders on the day, bringing them to training sessions, and being there on the day! Their hard work paid off with the teams winning and coming second in Classes 1(85cm) and 2 (75cm),  team 3rd in Class 3 (65cm), team win in Class4 (Unassisted) and team 3rd in Class5 (Assisted) and numerous individual placings. Full results can be found on the Home Champ Tab. For many others who weren’t perhaps on a winning team their performance is to be congratulated too, many achieved a completion score and personal bests.
Championship Success
Massive congratulations to Iveagh Branch who are UK Pony Club Intermediate Champions for the second year in a row. The fantastic four are Hannah Agnew, Rachel Chapman, Hannah Rafferty and Hollie Smith. Huge thanks to the Mickey,  Steven and the parents who supported the girls on their successful venture to Cheshire.
Kathryn Weir was on winning Area 17 team that won the Endurance Riding at the Championships and was second individual, possibly the first time Iveagh has won in this discipline at Championship level – well done.
Congratulations also to our Novice Eventers, Laoise O’Farrell, Caitie Slater, Daniel Kehoe and Lucy Johnston who are UK Pony Club Novice Eventing Champions; and to Iveagh Novice Show Jumpers, Rachel Patterson, Jack Scott, Eva Kerton and Herbie Purce who  came second in the UK Pony Club Novice Show Jumping Championships…What a fantastic year for Iveagh!
Iveagh Intermediate Champions
Novice Eventing Champions
Show Jumpers

Rachel ‘Jumps Ahead’ at National Balmoral

National Balmoral played host to Area 17 ‘Jumps Ahead’ Final on 15th July 2014. The Pony Club was delighted to have Equilyptus 365 as sponsor for this prestigious class. There were 23 riders qualified for the final and this year the rules changed in that horses were allowed for the first time. This rule change made for more interesting competition, and in the final it seemed that the agility of the ponies overcame the power of the horses. All the riders were thrilled at getting the opportunity to compete at National Balmoral.

There were 14 clears rounds which guaranteed an exciting jump-off, especially when the 1.3m approximately Joker Fence was factored in. This is an optional fence, and when cleared successfully takes 5 seconds off the riders time, however when faulted adds 5 seconds.

First to jump–off was Eva Kerton for Iveagh, she jumped a fabulous clear round, but tried the joker fence and paid the penalty of 5 seconds. The next clear round came from Rachel Chapman, also of Iveagh. She had a fast time before she successfully attempted the Joker, meaning that the riders after her had a mammoth task if they were to be anywhere near her time. Nobody could catch Rachel and Duffy, however there were many brave attempts.

Area 17 are extremely grateful to our generous sponsor Equilyptus and to National Balmoral for hosting the final.

1st Rachel Chapman Duffy, Iveagh

2nd Niam Carr Keltic Mist, Route

3rd Bellspark Amie Holly Boal, North Down

4th Kiara Malcolmson, Tyrone Molly, Iveagh

5th Cerys Howell, Mr Murphy, North Down

6th Shona Roberts, Joey, Tullylagan

7th Eve Donnelly, Clonomey Jazz, Tullylagan

8th Eva Kerton, Colour Confusion, Iveagh

Jumps Ahead



There will be a series of Flatwork and Jumping Training Sessions running through October,

The final will be a Cross Country training day, similar to the (HSBC) training, which ran over the past few years.

The sessions will cover flatwork and jumping technique and will have a discussion time.

Trainers: Steven and Trevor Smith. Ballymac Stud. Gilford.

Lessons will be split into 2 groups of 6 Riders. Cost: £20 per head.

1. Aimed at   12 – 14 year olds           6.30 pm – 7.45 pm

2. Aimed at 15 – 17 year olds             7.45 pm – 9.00 pm

Dates:              Session 1         Friday 3 October

Session 2         Friday 10 October

Session 3         Friday 17th October

Sessions 4       Friday 24th October

The Final will be Cross County Training and will consist of 4 Groups of 6 riders running through the day.

31 OCTOBER.  10AM – 4 PM.  Cost will be £25.00 per head.

The aim is to review the sessions at the end and move on to more advanced training for those who progress.

This will be popular and it will be a case of first names received.

Tea/Coffee and Biscuits will be available in the Log Cabin for parents and friends.Kindly supplied by Jenny Smith.

App. Autmn Training

Iveagh Stalwarts Receive Pony Club Cubitt Awards

The Pony Club held their annual Cubitt Awards ceremony at Stratford Manor, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire on Monday June 2nd. The annual awards are held in honour of volunteers who have given in excess of 20 years to The Pony Club, and take their name from the late Hon Guy Cubitt, who was Chairman of The Pony Club for 25 years and President from 1970 – 1979.


65 awardees were nominated for 2014, proving their incredible worth to The Pony Club with over 1300 years of combined voluntary service between them!

Mr Steven Smith and Mr Billy McCombe, who without doubt, are stalwarts of the Iveagh Branch of the The Pony Club were amongst those awarded. Neither Steven nor Billy made it to the official Award Ceremony in Stratford-upon-Avon, however they were presented with their awards by Area Representative Liz Lowry on Thursday 3rd July at Iveagh Summer Camp. Liz commended them for their commitment to The Iveagh Branch and Billy paid tribute to The Iveagh District Commissioner, stating that she is as enthusiastic now as she was when he first became involved in Pony Club 30 years ago
Steven and Liz
Steven Smith receiving his Cubitt Award from Area 17 Representative Liz Lowry
Billy and Liz
Billy McCombe receiving his Cubitt Award from Area 17 Representative Liz Lowry
Members of Iveagh enjoying summer camp with their South African guests from Karkloof & Howick pony club in South Africa. Also pictured are District Commissioner Mrs Vanne Campbell MBE, Mr Billy McCombe (Cubitt Recipient), Area 17 Representative Mrs Liz Lowry, Mr Steven Smith(Cubitt Recipient and Chief Instructor), Mrs Shirlely McCombe Assistant District Commissioner.

£10,000 Grant for Floodlights at Moyallon

As you will see, there is currently work going on to install floodlights around the main sand arena at Moyallon. These lights have been very generously funded by The Big Lottery Fund, Awards for All Programme, in the form of a £10,000 grant and will make a huge difference to our Pony Club life as the nights draw in and over the long winter months. The addition of these lights will make Moyallon an all-year venue and will provide our members and their families with even better value for their membership subscription and field levy.

Moyallon will be open over the winter months for rallies, training and schooling. On occasions when there are no rallies, competitions or team training, any member can avail of the floodlit main arena and low arena for their own private schooling. The lights will be operated by a simple coin metre, each 15 minute period will cost £1, therefore for just £4 you can have an hour of schooling in the dark winter evenings.

In addition to the floodlights, it is our intention to install two CCTV cameras, one in the car park area and one in the main arena. The sole purpose of these cameras is to protect our grounds and our property. Unfortunately we have suffered the loss of jumps and equipment; we would therefore, like this to act as a deterrent so that we can retain our property for the benefit of the members.

The work is being project managed by Billy McCombe, and yet again we are deeply indebted to him for his unwavering hard work and commitment.


Mickey McCann

For the first time in its history, the DAKS Salver Award was presented to an individual from Northern Ireland. Mickey McCann was thrilled to receive this special accolade from Mr Paul Dimond, Deputy Chairman of DAKS, in recognition of over twenty years dedicated commitment to the activities and values of The Pony Club which has inspired a remarkable succession of Iveagh Branch and Northern Irish success in National Championships both in Ireland and the UK. Well done Mickey from all at Iveagh.

Mickey McCann


Change to age limit for Wednesday ride. Check Rally Tab. Rally booking arrangements as agreed at the AGM. See Rally Tab for info. All members must be booked in by the Saturday before by e-mail. ALL MEMBERS AND PONIES WHO WANT TO TAKE PART IN AREA COMPETITIONS MUST ATTEND 3 RALLIES AS PER PONY CLUB RULES.


CONGRATULATIONS to Iveagh members Sophie Buller and Katie Burns who have both had the call-up for the European Pony Squad. Sophie on G Maha will take part in eventing, and Katie on Caracas II will be on the dressage team. The European Championships take place in Millstreet, Cork on 30th July-3rd August.
Congratulations also to Abby Morton who is currently representing Ireland in Italy in the Ireland ‘Children on Horses’ team. Abby has had several international call-ups this year. India Forsythe and Joshua Rowe are in Belgium representing Northern Ireland in MGA.
Iveagh are very proud of all our members riding internationally and wish them best of luck.


Jumps Ahead 2014

National Balmoral Championships

Arena Two 9.00am Tuesday 15th July 2014

Kindly Sponsored by

Jumps Ahead Final Running Order

See attached for rules and information

Jumps Ahead 2014 Rules

Dressage/Flatwork Training 2014

Dressage training for those going to Dressage Area Competition will be held on Monday 14th July at Moyallan (avoid Scarva village on route) starting at 5pm (or earlier if required). Please let Rose know by Friday at the latest so that times and tutors can be booked.

Times below for training on Monday, everyone will have an opportunity to run through their test and get a few pointers. Please be ready to ride your test at the allocated time. Jackets and ties not necessary but correct rally dress and correct tack for dressage ie no martingales, snaffle bit only, no grackle nosebands.

Mon 14th July    
4.45pm   Sarah Moore
5pm Ciara Lane Kate Shields
5.15pm Kiara Malcolmson Vicky Campbell
5.30pm Sarah Sinton Claire Sinton
5.45pm Charlotte Brown Rachel Taylor
6pm Connie Crothers Jasmine Crothers
6.15pm Aoibheaan Morgan Ashleigh Woolsley
6.30pm Beth Cunningham Poppy Moore
6.45pm Lucy McIlroy Kerri Rafferty
7pm Caitie Slater Shannon Kelly
7.15pm Amy Boyce Laura Boyce
7.30pm Michael Mcgaffin Kathryn McGaffin
7.45pm Kathryn King Laura King
8pm Carly Green Laoise O’Farrell

Tests this year are

Area Dressage:

Junior/Mini        Pony Club Walk& Trot Test 2013

Novice:                 Pony Club Novice Dressage Test 2009

Intermediate:    Pony Club Intermediate Dressage Test 2013

Open:                   Pony Club Open Dressage Test 2014

Area Eventing:

Novice:                 Pony Club Novice Eventing Test 2013

Intermediate:    Pony Club Intermediate Eventing Test 2009

Open:                   Pony Club Open Eventing Test 2010

Home Championships:

85cm/75cm/65cm Classes:         Novice Eventing Test 2013

45cm Assisted/Unassisted Class:     Walk & Trot Test 2013


Area Dressage is at Black’s Farm, Muff Road, Cookstown on Thursday 17th July. Entry fees are £18 for Open/Intermediate/Novice classes and £12 for Junior(under 12 on 1/1/14 , £10 for Mini under 10 on1/1/14. Entries close 7th July.


4 week Dressage  league commencing Thursday evening 12th June.

All entries welcome ( Not a Pony Club Competition)

Venue Free Spirit Equestrian, Bessbrook

Classes BD intro B, Prelim 7 2002, Prelim 13 2006.

Entries in by 12 noon Tuesday 10th June. Times will be up on the Free spirit and Carlingford lough face book page.

Enquires contact Cairlinn 00353876790691


Flatwork is the adaptation of the schooling movements and principles of dressage to the needs of hunters, equitation horses, and jumpers.

This year we are continuing to work with our trainers to improve dressage scores or just improve the” rideability” of your pony/horse in all disciplines.

Sessions begin on Monday 12th May 2014 and run for 3 weeks initially. This has now been extended for a further 3 weeks, 2nd June, 9th June, and 16th June. The venue is Moyallan, and each rider is taught on an individual basis for 30 minutes. This training proved invaluable last year and is open to all abilities, from those who have never ridden a test, to those who just need to improve by a few vital points. Our trainers have all competed internationally and have a wealth of experience.

The last session on 16th June will be riding an appropriate dressage test under test conditions (Correct dress for horse and rider but plaiting not essential). Anyone who has not attended training sessions but wishes to practice a test is very welcome. Bookings as usual by e-mail for an allocated time

The cost of a session is only £10, the Pony Club will subsidise the remainder.

Dates are Mon 12th, Mon 19th, 26th May initially.

All lessons booked must be paid for unless bad weather causes cancellation.

Please book by the Friday before via text/email to Rose 07788710325 or, no exceptions as I need to book the appropriate number of trainers. You will be allocated a 30min slot between 5pm and 7.30pm.

Any queries or further information required please give Rose a ring.

Iveagh Games Teams

Iveagh Junior Games Team have won the Area Games at Necarne Castle, Irvinestown with a combination of accurate, fast play and keeping cool under pressure!

Well done to:

Katie McCombe on Saffy

Thea Walsh on Rusty

Sam McIlroy on Tinkerbell

David Kehoe on Pixie

The Team will travel to the Zone Finals in Doune, near Sterling which will be held on Saturday 12th July

Iveagh fielded four teams, the Senior A Team were third, the Senior B Team were 5th and the Junior B Team were 5th

Congratulations to them all and thanks and congratulations to the trainers. Gwen Kerton coached the Junior Teams and Gareth McCombe coached the Senior Teams. Both Gwen and Gareth have shown endless commitment and patience over the years and have provided the highest level of training for our games players.

Iveagh Senior Games Team

Massive Congratulations to The Iveagh Senior Games Team who won the Wilkinson’s Sword Trophy at Balmoral Show

The team played fantastically well, under severe pressure in the main arena at Balmoral Park. Two of the team members (Nicholas and Eva) were unavailable as they were competing at Royal Windsor on the same day.   – Well done for bringing the trophy back to Iveagh and good luck to all in the Area Games on 24th May 2014. Huge thanks to Gareth for training the team and showing such commitment all winter long.

Balmoral Games Team

Jack Scott on Gucci

Herbie Purce on Sparkles

India Forsythe on Moonlight

Holly Smith on Tucker

Méabh McIlduff on Rocky

Congratulations also to Mya McDowell on Tinker and Kate Shields on Honey who also competed at Balmoral, they made up a mixed team with Mid Antrim and also did us proud!

Iveagh Senior Area Games Team  have also been invited to compete at the Zones Final  in Perth

Senior Games Team for Zones

Nicholas Tougher on Saffy

Eva Kerton on Spider

Jack Scott on Gucci

Herbie Purce on Sparkles

India Forsythe on Moonlight

Good luck to both teams!


Congratulations to Carl Webb who has been selected to attend the Rider Development Pathway Camp in show-jumping as part of the Sport England Excel Talent Programme.

Congratulations also to Kathryn Weir who was placed 4th in the 20 mile Endurance Ride at Downpatrick, a marvellous achievement. If anyone wants further info on this sport I’m sure Kathryn would be happy to share her experiences.


Massive congratulations to Gareth McCombe who recently passed his Pony Club A Test. To put this in perspective: there are almost 31,000 members in the Pony Club across the UK and only 6 members achieved this test in 2013 – Wow!!

Also congratulations to Katy McKenzie who has achieved her AH, hopefully we will soon have another Pony Club A Test holder at Iveagh!



The Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club held their annual Prize Giving Party in the Bannville Hotel on Friday 17th January. Iveagh members had every reason to celebrate another fantastically successful year, riders excelled locally, nationally and in the Republic of Ireland.  District Commissioner Vanne Campbell congratulated all members who competed in 2013. She was very proud indeed of how everyone went and told the members that ‘to do you best is to succeed’.

Special congratulations went to Gareth McCombe on gaining the prestigious Pony Club A Test and to Katy McKenzie on getting the AH part of the test. To put in context there are approximately 31,000 members of The Pony Club in the UK and in 2013 just 6 were awarded the A Test. It was a tremendous achievement for Iveagh to have an A Test in 2013.

Vanne went on to thank all of the wonderful instructors and coaches at The Iveagh Branch, she thanked the committee members and helpers as well as Shirley McCombe and Sharon Lyle-Hall for all their hard work.

This year’s special guests were Gareth McCombe and Stephen McAlinden. Gareth is now a past member; however he puts so much into the branch with coaching, training and instruction. Stephen, a parent of past members, is still a very active and willing helper, who is steadfast in his support. The Iveagh Branch were honoured to have Gareth and Stephen present the prizes.

After the prizes were presented, Stephen McAlinden presented Vanne Campbell with a cheque on behalf of Ray Buchanan, Chairman of Iveagh Show Jumpers. Vanne thanked Stephen and the Iveagh Show Jumpers for all the help and support they’ve shown to the Branch over the years.

Before the dancing commenced, Sally Walmsley took to the stage to invite everyone to join her and a group of members ranging in age from 10 to 24, who are putting on their glad rags and walking the red carpet as they showcase their new film The Pony Club Way – from playpen to world stage and book The Pony Club Way – 50 Years of the Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club – a celebration by current members at the Seagoe Hotel, Portadown on the 7th February at 7pm. After the film, the up and coming Armagh band Castlestreet, which has a reputation for cheerful, feel good music will play and a light supper will be served. Tickets are £10 per family or £5 per individual. Contact Aine Lavery 07859919795 or Sally Walmsley 07804448496 for tickets. This party has been 50 years in the making don’t miss it!!

Participation Awards

Senior Boy William Tougher

Senior Girl Sarah Sinton

Junior Boy Jack Scott

Junior Girl Méabh McIlduff

Dressage Awards

Open Katie Burns

Intermediate Lynne Clarke Hearty

Novice Shannon Kelly

Junior Sarah Moore


Senior Most Improved Eva Kerton

Junior Most Improved Robert Russell


Senior Girl Claire Sinton

Junior Boy Jack Scott

Junior Girl Kiara Malcolmson

Eventing – Open Eventing Team

Jonny Mulligan

Carla Troughton

Adam Haugh

Jordan Smith

Show Jumping

Dengie Open Grand Prix Horsemanship Award Abby Morton

Dengie  Senior Championship Trophy Casey Webb

Intermediate Show Jumping Team Championship Cup Sophie Buller, Nicholas Tougher, Kathryn King, Rachel Brown

Olympia Mini Major Amy Roberts


Best C Test India Forsythe

Best D+ Test Conal McGrath

Best D Test Emma Jane Orr

Visitors Trophy – Highest Placed at Championships

Sophie Buller

Nicholas Tougher

Kathryn King

Rachel Brown

Steve Hall Trophy for the highest placed individual

Casey Webb

Platinum Trophy for Competing at The Open Championships

Jonny Mulligan

Carla Troughton

Adam Haugh

Jordan Smith

Abby Morton

Gold Medalists

Rachel Brown

Sophie Buller

Lynne Clarke-Hearty

Charlotte Eakin

Kathryn King

Laura King

Lauren Morrow

Ciara Muirhead

Roisin Muirhead

Ellie McArdle

Conor McClory

Méabh McIlduff

Laoise O’Farrell

Herbie Purce

Hannah Rafferty

Amy Roberts

Claire Sinton

Caitie Slater

Shannon Kelly

Bonnie Smith

Hollie Smith

Corey Tennyson

Susan Thompson

Nicholas Tougher

William Tougher

Casey Webb

Emma White

Silver Medalists

Tara Berthalon

Selina Blair

Laura Boyce

Charlotte Brown

Zara Buckley

Katie Burns

Ruth Campbell

Emma Carville

Rachel Chapman

Lucy Cloghan

Jasmine Crothers

Connie Crothers

Niamh Donnelly

Lucy Gibson

Etain Hall-Callaghan

Holly Henderson

Daniel Kehoe

Grace Kehoe

Kerrie Kerr

Eva Kerton

Kiara Malcolmson

Kathryn Morton

Lucy Morton

Lucy Mulligan

Niamh McArdle

Gareth McCombe

Katie McCombe

Brogan McCrum

Mya McDowell

Ellie McElroy

Kathryn McGaffin

Michael McGaffin

Hannah McGinn

Rory McIlduff

Katie McKenzie

Aimee McKenna

Katie Orr

Emma Jane Orr

Toby Purce

Kerrie Rafferty

Amy Richardson

Jack Scott

Megan Simms

Sarah Sinton

William Stevenson

Conor Stevenson

Carl Webb

Bronze Medalists

Hugo Bertolon

Stephen Blair

Anna Brown

Laura Brown

Erin Burns

Bethany Cardwell

Sarah Clarke

Heidi Conlon
Scarlet Conlon

Reuben Crothers

Molly Davidson

Felicity Ferris

India Forsythe

Annie Gibson

Carly Green

Ally Haire

Katie Haire

Harry Haire

Zoe Henderson

Emma Irwin

Nicholas Jennings

Anna Jennings

Lucy Johnston

David Kehoe

Rachel Kennedy

Natasha Kerr

Ciara Lane

Amber Lucas

Jake Mitchell

Sarah Moore

Benjamin Moore

Poppy Moore

Daniel Moore

Alex Finney

Shanie Murphy

Catherine McClelland

Liam McClory

Sam McElroy

Ruby McGinn

Conal McGrath

Katie McLaughlin

Nadine McKenna

Aoife O’Farrell

Katie O’Hare

Beth Parker

Bailey Parker

Rachel Patterson

Charlotte Patterson

Bethany Robinson Smith

Jenna Rodgers

Kate Shields

Helen Sinton

Danielle Ritchie Smith

Rachel Taylor

Anna Rose Tennyson

Fintan Walsh

Thea Walsh

Kathryn Weir


Check out this link…..

It is the USA Pony Club Pledge and it is very worth the read! Nothing we don’t know – but good to keep in mind when representing ourselves, our branch and our families!


CONGRATULATIONS to the 2013 Mini Major Show Jumping Winner at Olympia,
The London International Horse Show – Amy Roberts riding Billy Two
Rivers from the Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club!

Amy was paired with Robert Whitaker riding U B One.

Here is a chance to see Amy in action at Olympia

Tues10thDec 6.30pm  
Group 1 Group 2
Finn Osborne  
Rory Osborne KatieMcCombe
James Russell Robert Russell
Finn Walsh  
David Kehoe  
Poppy Moore  
Tuesday 10th Dec 7.30  
Group 1  
Katie McCombe  
Alex Finney  
Wed 11th Dec 6.30  
Group 1 Group 2
Caitie Slater  
Carl Webb  
Conall McGrath  
Sarah Sinton  
Helen Sinton  
Rachel Taylor  
Wed 11th Dec 7.30  
Mya McDowell Group 2
Meabh Mcilduff Victoria White
Conall McGrath Lynne Clarke-Hearty
Rachel Patterson Carl Webb
Ellie Farley Gemma Chambers
Hannah Chambers Cahill Dooley

Tues 3rd Dec 6.30pmGroup 1Finn OsborneCassie McTaggartRory OsborneRuby McGinnJames RussellRobert RussellKatie McCombeDavid KehoePoppy MooreTuesday 3rd Dec 7.30pmGroup 1Katie McCombeRachel PattersonCharlotte PattersonAlex FinneyWed 4th Dec 6.30pmGroup 1Conor McCloryHelen SintonCarl WebbRachel TaylorSarah SintonGrace KehoeAlannah BoyleEva KertonWed 4th Dec 7.30pmGroup 1 Cahill DooleyMeabh McIlduffCarl WebbKaty O’HareGrace KehoeEllie FarleyLynn Clarke-HeartyVicky CampbellAshleigh WoolsleyAlannah Boyle

Tuesday 26th November 6.30  
Group 1  
Katie McCombe Poppy Moore
Meabh McIduff Conall McGrath
David Kehoe Charlotte Brown
Robert Russell ?  
James Russell  
Tuesday 26th November 7.30  
Group 1  
Katie McCombe Vicky Campbell
Alex Finney Emma Jane Orr
Lucy McIlroy Charlotte Patterson
Katy O’Hare Rachel Patterson
Mya McDowell  
Wed 27th Nov 6.30  
Group 1  
Alannah Boyle Hannah Rafferty
Carl Webb Rachel Taylor
Eva Kerton Caitie Slater
Grace Kehoe Beth Parker
Wed 27th Nov 7.30  
Group 1  
Alannah Boyle Victoria White
Gemma Chambers Conor McClory
Hannah Chambers Carl Webb
Casey Webb Ellie Farley
Lucy Cloughan Lynn Clarke-Hearty
Ashleigh Woolsley  

Show-jumping practice at Dengie heights at the rallies on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27thNovember.  On Tuesday the height will be 70-75cm and on Wednesday  90cm. Please book in as normal  for 6.30 or 7.30pm by e-mail to by Friday 22nd.

Unfortunately there will be NO MINI RALLY on Tuesday 26th November.

Tuesday 19th November6.30

Group 1 Group2
Poppy Moore Ruby McGinn
Finn Osborne Robert Russell
Rory Osborne Cassie McTaggart
Katie McCombe  
James Russell  
Tuesday 19th November 7.30  
Group 1 Group 2
Katie McCombe  
Rachel Patterson  
Charlotte Patterson  
Lucy McIlroy  
Emma Louise Orr  
Wed 20th November 6.30  
Group 1 Group 2
Rachel Taylor Carl Webb
Helen Sinton Hannah Rafferty
Charlotte Brown Sarah Sinton
Caitie Slater Beth Parker
Conal McGrath Grace Kehoe
Eva Kerton  
Wed 20th November 7.30  
Group 1 Group 2
Vicky Campbell Lynn Clarke-Hearty
Katy O’Hare Ashleigh Woolsley
Ellie Farley Victoria White
Hannah Chambers Lucy Mulligan
Gemma Chambers Susan Thompson
Carl Webb Conor Cunningham

Group 1 Group2 Mini-Group

Poppy Moore Ruby McGinn

Finn Osborne Robert Russell

Rory Osborne Cassie McTaggart

Katie McCombe

James Russell

Tuesday 19th November 7.30

Group 1 Group 2

Katie McCombe

Rachel Patterson

Charlotte Patterson

Lucy McIlroy

Emma Louise Orr

Wed 20th November 6.30

Group 1 Group 2

Rachel Taylor Carl Webb

Helen Sinton Hannah Rafferty

Charlotte Brown Sarah Sinton

Caitie Slater Beth Parker

Conal McGrath Grace Kehoe

Eva Kerton

Wed 20th November 7.30

Group 1 Group 2

Vicky Campbell Lynn Clarke-Hearty

Katy O’Hare Ashleigh Woolsley

Ellie Farley Victoria White

Hannah Chambers Lucy Mulligan

Gemma Chambers Susan Thompson

Carl Webb Conor Cunningham

Group 1 Group2 Mini-Group

Poppy Moore Ruby McGinnFinn Osborne Robert RussellRory Osborne Cassie McTaggartKatie McCombeJames RussellTuesday 19th November 7.30Group

Tuesday 12th Nov 6.30

Group 1 Group2
Katie McCombe Ruby McGinn
James Russell Cassie McTaggart
Poppy Moore Robert Russell
Rory Osbourne  
Finn Osbourne  
Tuesday 12th November 7.30  
Group 1 Group 2
Katie McCombe  
Alex Finney  
Lucy McIlroy  
Rachel Patterson  
Charlotte Patterson  
Wed 13th November 6.30  
Group 1 Group 2
Conall McGrath Carl Webb
Caitie Slater Eva Kerton
Grace Kehoe Hannah McGinn
Charlotte Brown  
  Hannah Rafferty

  Wednesday 13th November 7.30 Group 1Group 2Katy O’HareCarl WebbVicky CampbellSusan ThompsonMeabh McIlduffGemma ChambersEllie FarleyClaire SintonConal McGrathLucy MulliganHannah ChambersSarah Sinton

Winter Rally Ride Listwk1

Area Show Jumping 2013 – Full ResultsTuesday 9th July

Click on link below for full information



Area 17 Charity Show at Balmoral Park

Area 17 Charity Show Results

Combined Training Qualifier Results




Schools Show Jumping Results

Schools SJ Results


Congratulations to Ross Mulholland who got his first start on the Nations Cup at Lisbon for the Irish Team.

Ross, a former member of the Iveagh Branch, is the stable jockey for Olympic Bronze Medalist Cian O’Conner and got the call up from the Irish Chef D’Equipe Robert Splaine to join his other team members, Billy Twomey, Niall Talbot and Bertram Allen.  The team finished in 3rd place.

Ross is no stranger to competing on winning teams as he was on the Iveagh Pony Club Showjumping Team in 2005 which finished in 1st place both at the Pony Club Championships at Sansaw and at Hickstead.


Ross Mulholland competing at Lisbon in the Nations Cup for Ireland the first week in June.

Dengie Show Jumping Championships 2013

Casey Webb Bluestone Bee


The 2013 Dengie Showjumping Championships were held on Saturday 6th April 2013, at Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell. Once again we are delighted to announce that the Iveagh riders excelled themselves and performed magnificently on the day, scooping up 3 of the top ten positions in the Winter League Championships as well as second place and the Horsemanship award in the Dengie Open Grand Prix Championships.

Dengie Winter League Championships

1st Casey Webb, Bluestone Bee

3rd Laoise O’Farrell, Abbagail Dream

8th Hollie Smith, Gucci Rush II

The other Iveagh riders in this class were fantastic as well, congratulations to Ellie McArdle and Conor McClory.

Dengie Open Grand Prix Championships

Iveagh had only one competitor in this class, Abby Morton on Tynan Bobo Bear. Abby and Bobo Bear gave an amazing performance to come second place and to win the Horsemanship award, wow!

For a full round up of all the results please click on the link below



The photograph below shows members of Iveagh and Seskinore Pony Clubs who were guests at Parliament Buildings in Stormont on Tuesday 5th March, in recognition of their achievements and fund raising efforts to date, in aid of Mpophomo Farm School in South Africa.

The trip to Stormont is in advance of their exchange trip to South Africa in June where they will not only represent their Branch of the Pony Club, but will also be ambassadors for Northern Ireland. The Pony Club Members met and received praise from their local MLA’s, they also enjoyed a guided tour of the Parliament Buildings before being treated to light refreshments.

Image 2


Iveagh Dengie Dressage Report Week 3: 10/2/13

Complete dedication was shown this week by the hardy dressage riders at The Meadows, all of the large novice class appeared despite the unceasing rain. A special mention must go to Sarah Moore who was on her first pony at 9.15am and 3 hours later was still riding! The Novice class for the third week in a row was won by a smiling Laoise O’Farrell on Abigail’s Dream which she has aptly nicknamed “Fabigail”, and in second place the judge’s eye was caught by Stephanie Foster riding Camiro for the first time, obviously a partnership to watch in the future. The introductory class are to be commended for their excellent turnout and determination, the winner this week was Noah Brown and in second place Bethany Robinson-Smith, both showed great maturity in their test presentation. The Open class had a clear winner in Katie Burns on Thornberry, this combination has improved each week, Susie Berry on Lola took second place again,  Susie has been in the top placings each week.

The dressage arenas were unaffected by the continual deluge, but unfortunately surface water did restrict the number of show-jumpers, and only 20 plus riders braved the course, with one poor competitor landing in a pool!

The league results were calculated by the efficient scorer Kirsten Dunbar, and the lucky winners of each category were presented with beautiful challenge cups and rugs.

Our grateful thanks to the dressage judges Janet Hall, and Sally Hodgkinson, jump judge Jennifer Russell, Stephen McAlindon, the Meadows staff, and all the other co-opted “volunteers”.  Best of luck goes to all the riders who have qualified for the Dengie Dressage Final on 9th March.

Results Dressage Competition on 10/2/13

Introductory Test 2007

1st Noah Brown, Jaffa Cake

2nd Bethany Robinson-Smith, Charles Dream

3rd Connie Crothers, Kenilwood Moonstone

4th Aoife O’Farrell, Bonny Be

League Results Introductory Test

1st Noah Brown, Jaffa Cake

2nd Bethany Robinson-Smith, Charles Dream

3rd Connie Crothers, Kenilwood Moonstone

4th Sam McElroy, Tinkerbelle

5th Katie McCombe, Bambi

Novice Test 2009

1st Laoise O’Farrell, Abigails Dream

2nd Stephanie Foster, Camiro

3rd Amy Boyce, Elms Dolly

4th Laura Boyce, Glenloughlan Star

League Results Novice Test

1st Laoise O’Farrell, Abigails Dream

2nd Laura Boyce, Glenloughlan Star

3rd Sadie Henry, George

4th Roisin Muirhead, Dunsallen

5th Amy Boyce, Elms Dolly

6th Sophie Buller, Irish Clover Boy

7th Kiara Malcolmson, Mac

Novice Dengie Qualifiers

Joanne Eames, Killultagh Branch, Christine McNally, Route Branch, Sarah McNally, Route Branch, Beth Cunningham, Iveagh Branch

Open Class/ Intermediate Test 2009

1st Katie Burns, Thornberry

2nd Susie Berry, Lola

3rd Carla Troughton, Gerionomo

4th Katie Burns, Prince

League Results Open Class

1st Katie Burns, Thornberry

2nd Susie Berry, Lola

3rd Ciara Muirhead, Phoenix Firefly

4th Katie Burns, Prince

Open Dengie Qualifiers

Katie Burns Iveagh, Carla Troughton Iveagh, Laura King Iveagh

Open Results week 3

Novice Results week 3

Junior Results week 3

Dengie area details 13

Iveagh Dressage Report Week 27/1/13

Despite the arctic weather conditions the Iveagh dressage and clear round league continued with increased dressage and jumping numbers. The introductory test where many of the entrants are under 10 showed marked improvements from the first week. In first place this week was Bethany Robinson-Smith, the judges felt her wonderfully straight centre lines could be copied by many of the more senior riders! Just behind was Noah Brown who again made excellent use of the arena riding a very accurate test.  Due to the large entry the novice class was divided into two sections. Section A had a clear winner in Sophie Buller who is just beginning the move up to horses, in second place Kiara Malcolmson on her wonderful pony Mac.  The other novice section was once again won by Laoise O’Farrell riding a superbly even test, beating Sadie Henry into second place. The open section although smaller, is of an exceptionally high standard. The winner was Daniel Brown, showing how it is done! Jill Hobson was second in this class on the first of her two rides.

Over 60 rounds were jumped , not only the dressage riders, but quite a few horses appeared for a first outing and education.

A huge thanks to dressage judges Fran Warden and Ivor Harper, and all the other volunteers who have probably only just thawed out.

The next and last date is Sunday 10th February, details on Meadows and Iveagh website, open to all, but dressage must be pre-entered by the Wednesday before on 07788710325.

Results Dressage Competition on 27/1/13

Introductory Test 2007

1st Bethany Robinson-Smith, Charles Dream

2nd Noah Brown, Jaffa Cake

3rd Lucy Morton, Prince

4th Connie Crothers, Kenilwood Monnstone

5th Sam McElroy, Tinkerbelle

Novice Group A

1st Sophie Buller, Irish Clover Boy

2nd Kiara Malcolmson, Mac

3rd Ellie McElroy, Belmont Toby

4th Laura Boyce, Glenloughlan Star

Novice Group B

1st Laoise O’Farrell, Abigails Dream

2nd Sadie Henry, George

3rd Amy Boyce, J Lo

4th Roisin Muirhead, Golden Gate


1st Daniel Brown, Ricardo Colour

2nd Jill Hobson Furisto 7 for a Secret

3rd Susie Berry, Aero

4th Katie Burns, Thornberry

5th Jill Hobson, Ludovik K

Novice Dengie Dressage Qualifiers: Amy Boyce on J Lo, Kerry Magill on Flapjack, Jasmine Crothers on Prince Aragog’s Spirit, Maeve McCall on Snowy, Ellie McElroy on Belmont Toby, Sarah Moore on Chester, Suzanne McQuade on Ice King, Caitie Slater on Little Miss Rock Chick

Open Dengie Dressage Qualifiers: Katie Burns on Thornberry, Sophie Buller on G Maha, Sophie Buller on Marque, Matthew Johnston on Balladeer Stanley

Junior Results week 2

Novice Results week 2 Arena A

Novice Results week 2 Arena B

Open Results week 2


Iveagh Dengie Dressage Report Week 1: 13/1/13

The first day of the Iveagh Dressage League incorporating a Dengie Dressage qualifier and clear round jumping attracted over 60 dressage entrants. The cold weather ensured that several horses were very much on their toes, however the judges were impressed with the standard of riding and tests  produced.  The introductory test was won by a first timer Elaine Clark and in second place Connie Crothers who has been working hard on her dressage in the past year. The novice class had to be split into 2 sections. Section A was won by Laoise O’Farrell riding her new mount Abigails Dream with Amy Boyce on Bertie in second, again showing that hard work pays off! Section B had Roisin Muirhead a clear winner ahead of Sadie Henry on George. The warm-up arena for the open class showed that it was going to be a tightly fought contest.  The eventual winner was Toby McAlpine on Rumba Jumba with Susie Berry on Lola in second place. The clear round jumping proved popular, the 85cm course remained up all morning and the introductory height changed to 1m 10 at 12 o’clock. In both the introductory and open heights clear rounds proved hard to obtain but the 85cm class had a 60% success rate. Grateful thanks to our dressage judges, Pat Ryan and Judith McBride and to all the other helpers. The next round will be on 27/1/13 and all are welcome. Dressage must be pre-entered by Wednesday before on 07788710325.

Junior Results week 1

Novice Results week 1 Arena A

Novice Results week 1 Arena B

Open Results week 1

Dengie Dressage Qualifiers & Clear Round Show-Jumping 2013

Remaining Dates


Venue: The Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan, BT66 6NE

Dengie dressage 2013 flier




NI Pony Club Riders Sparkle at Olympia

Abby Morton at Olympia

The Pony Club Mini Major competition was one of the highlights of the 2012 London International Horse Show at Olympia. It was held on the afternoon of Wednesday 19th December and involved Pony Club Members selected from Branches throughout the UK riding 128cm ponies. The young riders were partnered with leading International Riders. This year the rules changed and the International Rider’s time was not taken into consideration, just the time of the Pony Club rider, putting the emphasis and the pressure fully on the young rider.

Two members from Northern Ireland were lucky enough to be selected. They were Abby Morton from Iveagh riding Badbury Blackthorn and Katie-Jane Conlon from Seskinore Harriers riding Sharon’s Choice. Abby was partnered with Tina Fletcher who rode Hello Sailor, whilst Katie-Jane was partnered with Laura Renwick on Beluga.

The International Riders were very considerate and supportive of the young riders. Tina Fletcher took the time to walk the course with Abby, she watched the earlier competitors with her and discussed tactics. This was very reassuring and was greatly appreciated by Abby.

Olympia is daunting and can be over-whelming for the most seasoned of professional riders, with large crowds, top named riders, noise, razzamatazz, bright lights and TV cameras amongst the many distractions. The young riders coped admirably and kept their focus.

Katie-Jane Conlon and Laura Renwick both went clear, Tina Fletcher went clear and Abby Morton was last to jump in the competition. She knew that she had to ‘go for it’ and that a clear round would not be enough. Abby rode a fantastic round with the second fastest time, however just clipped the last fence to finish fourth.

This was a wonderful experience for the young riders. They were fortunate enough to meet the British Olympic Equestrian Team, who were happy to chat, pose for photographs, give autographs and encouragement.

The riders were supported by many family members and friends. Roisin Muirhead from Iveagh was there as a spectator this year, in 2010 she represented Iveagh Pony Club in the same competition. This year her loyalties were divided, as her cousin is Katie-Jane Conlon!

Both NI Riders were a credit to themselves, their families, their Branches and Area 17.




Tetrathlon 2012 Masterscore sheet


TETRATHLON 2012 – click on tab for full results

We are sure that everyone would agree that Iveagh hosted a wonderful Tethrathlon on Saturday 2nd June. An enormous thanks to all who built, flagged, strimmed, painted, scored, judged, stewarded the cross country element. Thanks to those who set up and ran the shooting, swimming and running phases, to those who have trained the members all year. Thanks also to those who cleaned and distinfected the toilets and kitchen at Moyallon, to those who provided food, begged sponsorship and gave of their time and skills. To those who helped in any other way – thank you for the fantastic Tetrathlon.

An enormous thanks to the Richardson family for the use of their grounds, Craigavon Borough Council and to Donnelly Brothers, Dungannon for their very generous sponsorship.

To all the competitors who trained hard all year, we’ll have to up the training as the Scots cleaned up the top prizes! Training Thursday 6.30pm at Banbridge Pool.

Areas 20th and 21st July Fivemile Town for swimming and shooting, Glasslough for running and riding.

2012 Area Trials at Scarvagh


AreaTrials Full Results

_asi7318Katie McKenzieIMG_4527Sophie Buller

On Friday 27th July 2012 The Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club played host to the 2012 Area 17 Trials which were held at the wonderful Scarvagh House Estate, home of the Buller family.

There were 16 Novice teams, 8 Intermediate teams and 3 Open teams, as well as additional individual competitors in all three classes.

The best Open Dressage score of the day was Carla Troughton from Iveagh on Geronimo who scored an impressive 29.2, whilst Nicola McKee from Mid Antrim riding Silken Mix, dazzled the Dressage Judges with her top Intermediate Dressage score of  29.6. In the Novice arenas there were quite a number of impressive Dressage scores in the 20’s, however Hannah Blakely riding Rough Terrain from Killultagh scored 22.5 to achieve the best Dressage score of the day.

The Cross Country course was designed by Vina Buller and Steven Smith, they were very pleased with the results. The course rode and flowed well from a technical sense, there were faults spread throughout all the obstacles and no particular obstacle stood out as proving particularly problematic. Scarvagh House provides an ‘old fashioned’ type event course, with undulation, up and down hills and in and out of dykes. It requires a fit event horse. The strong course provided excellent preparation for what the qualified horses and rides will be faced with at the Championships in England.

The only rider at Open level to have no penalties in the Cross Country phase was Iveagh’s Atalanta Purce on Stan from Meelin. There were 4 riders with no penalties at intermediate level and 7 at Novice level.

The Show Jumping Course was designed by the very experienced Raymond Jess. The arena was not on a level field, and as usual Raymond’s course did prove challenging, with balance and good lines were required to get around without faults.

The weather was perfect, the ground was in great order and a fantastic day was had by all, there were very few dramas and most importantly everyone came home safely. Well done to all those who took part and massive congratulations and good luck to everyone who has qualified for the Championships in England.

The District Commissioner, Vanne Campbell and Assistant District Commissioners Shirley McCombe and Sharon Lyle-Hall were delighted with the good will, help and support they received in hosting this event and wish to thank everyone most sincerely. Special thanks to the Buller Family and team, especially Vina for all the thought, time and effort. Thanks to Joan Murtagh for her fantastic artistic skills, Adam Stevenson who constructed the Cross Country Course and to all the officials. Thanks to Liz Lowry Area 17 Representative for her support.

Thanks to Jennifer Russell who organised and co-ordinated the event and thanks also to Susie Hamilton-Stubber for the catering.

Thanks to the sponsors Strutt and Parket, Ballymac Stud, Wineworks, Newry Clinic, Ruby’s Country Catering, Bluegrass, Kehoe Kars, Botannica, Kanteq, and Prime Photograph.

Results (full results on Iveagh PC website)

Open Team Results        
1st Iveagh Black      
2nd East Antrim 5      
3rd Iveagh White      
Open Individual Results      
1st Katy McKenzie, Iveagh, The Dock  
2nd Atalanta Purce, Iveagh, Stan from Meelin
3rd Rosie Alcorn, Route, Fiorella  
4th Alison Crothers, East Antrim, Waikato Ko  
Intermediate Team Results      
1st East Antrim      
2nd North Down      
3rd Iveagh Freisians      
Intermediate Individual Results Arena 2    
1st Toni Quail, East Down, Stonebrook Tosca
2nd Rebecca McConnell, East Antrim, Done It
3rd Lea Jackson, North Down, Cardy Springs
4th Katy Lyttle, Killultagh, Pepper Joe  
Intermediate Individual Results Arena 3    
1st Nicola McKee, East Antrim, Silken Mix
2nd Toby Purce, Iveagh, Seapatrick Hamish
3rd Zara Mulholland, North Down, Orchard County
4th Niamh Cooper, Killultagh, My Bagatelle
Novice Team Results        
1st Iveagh Badgers      
2nd East Antrim      
3rd Route        
Novice Individual Results Arena 4    
1st Hannah Blakely, Killultagh, Rough Terrain
2nd Lucy Lamont, Route, Yogi Bear  
3rd Sophie Buller, Iveagh, Abbagail Dream
4th Cathy Campbell, East Down, Cairnhill Lucy
Novice Individual Results Arena 5    
1st Nicholas Tougher, Iveagh, Monochrome Boy
2nd Oliver Ferris, Iveagh, Bayard King  
3rd Lia McKenzie, East Antrim, Maddie  
4th Laoise O’Farrell, Iveagh, Walking Grey Shadow


Dengie Finals 2012

Conor Captures Championship for Area 17

Conor Cunningham Open Dengie Winner 2012

The Dengie Show Jumping Championship is the first Championship of the year with qualifying competitions open to non members who can then join up. This year, 12 members from Area 17 Finals travelled to Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell to compete.

In the Speed Round class Ronan McSorley (East Down) on Magnificent Paedro had the daunting task of being the trail blazer as the first to go. He did a very good round with an unfortunate pole down, but showed the others that Steve Martin’s technical course could be negotiated by Area 17ers! He was further down the field in the Dengie Championship, again with only 4 faults.

Hannah Patterson, Route, qualified with two ponies, Glenlough Lady and Crindle Foxy Lady who both reached the Dengie Championship Jump-Off and Glenlough Lady went clear to help Hannah gain 8th place.

Sarah Jane Alexander, Mid Antrim on Princess Ita had a very successful day coming 10th in the Speed Competition and the pair did a fantastically exciting round in the Dengie Championship Jump-Off to come 4th so Sarah Jane made both prize parades.

Aisling Monaghan, Seskinore on Murphy’s Law did a very good steady, clear round in the Speed and a very fast round in the Championship Jump Off which would have put her in 3rd place except for a pole down.

Naomi Duncan, Seskinore, on Pure Inspiration, despite a very good first round, did not make the Jump Off. Whilst Abby Morton, Iveagh on Tynan Bobo Bear (one of the younger competitors) did a super round in the Speed Competition to gain a very exciting 4th place, a fraction of a second behind 3rd.  She did not make the Championship Jump-Off due to a rogue pole in a very nice round.

Amy Richardson, Iveagh on Monclone Girl attempted a very exciting tight turn in the Speed Round, it did not quite work, but did a super Jump Off round in the Championships to gain 7th place.

Casey Webb, Iveagh on Rocky did a very good ride in the Jump Off, but unfortunately had a pole down, Casey’s approach and technique earned her the very prestigious Horsemanship Award. A most encouraging award which lets riders know that they are riding correctly, to a very consistent standard. Casey expressed her delight in winning this award and expressed her thanks for all the help and support she has received from Steven and Trevor Smith.

The final class of the day was the Dengie Open Show Jumping Championships which is now jumped like a Grand Prix. Three Iveagh boys qualified for this, Adam Haugh on Knockbordan Revelation, James Johnston on Glenkeen Chino and Conor Cunningham on Wellcheek Girl. James Johnston was the first to go in and jumped a clear round to qualify for the second round. Adam Haugh did a very good round with an unlucky pole down, while Conor also got through to the second round.

In the second round James did a fast time with a pole down, while Conor went clear and through to the Jump Off, where he kept his cool and did an amazingly fast round which excited his supporters. Conor proved uncatchable, and he duly became the 2012 Open Dengie Show Jumping Champion, while James’s second round was fast enough to earn his 10th place.

The overall result was that the Area 17 competitors returned home with 25% of the rosettes awarded for Showing Jumping Performance, much to the delight of Area Representative Liz Lowry and Mickey McCann who put so much effort into helping and encouraging the Area 17 members gain such fantastic results. Liz is such a fantastic support to all in Area 17 and travels extensively encouraging the members to all feel like one big family. Proud father Ronnie Morton was also a great help in preparing the competitors.  Vanne Campbell, Iveagh DC said we should be very proud of how our young riders cope with these high level events and of how well they all rode, whether or not they made the ribbons.

Full Results


Silver Show
Junior Gymkhana Report and Results – click on link below

Jnr Gymkhana Report Sept 2012


Please click on the links below to keep up to date with the achievements of the Iveagh Branch at the various championships over the Summer

UK Pony Club Championships 2012

Home Championships

Massive Congratulations to all those who competed in 2012 Home Championships

Team Results
2nd Iveagh Zebras
Individual Results
Arena 1
1st Matthew Johnston, Wahiki
4th Laura King, Abigail
Arena 2
1st Maeve McCall, Jacko
Team Results
Iveagh Ostriches 2nd
Individual Results
Arena 1
4th Nicholas Jennings, The Wee Grey
Team Results
Iveagh Dolphins 5th
Iveagh Mussels 7th
Individual Results
Arena 1
2nd Kiera Malcolmson, Max
Arena 2
2nd Ellie McIlroy, Belmont TobyFor full results see link belowHomeChampionshipsResults

Biggest Ever Easter Camp for Iveagh’s – for news and results click  on link  below!!


Thrilling Easter Derby at Moyallon

The Easter Derby at Moyallon kindly sponsored by Tullyraine Equine Clinic, was again a triumph with the course looking and riding better than ever, with the addition of several new fences beautifully built and designed by Billy McCombe, who most definitely, is one of Iveagh’s unsung heroes.

Alex Finney on My Little Duke competing in the 70cm class

The competition was divided on the basis of fence height which meant that future stars competed on equal terms with established equestrians. There were several parent/child duals notably the course designer Steven Smith and his daughter Holly who showed her potential riding her lovely new mount Gucci.

Steven Smith used all his experience to design a fair but challenging course with all obstacles incurring penalties at some stage throughout the day. Testimony to the course building was the optimum number in each jump-off.

The largest entry of the day was the first class which was the 85cm class. It took over an hour before the first clear round was jumped by Sophie Buller and her adorable coloured pony Abba, a further 5 clears guaranteed a thrilling jump-off. With two rides in the jump-off, Kathy McGaffin set a strong pace, jumping clear, which meant the followers would have to push hard. Stephen Richardson, Helen Parkes and Sophie Buller all jumped clear, but Cathy having nothing to lose jumped the fastest time on her 2nd ride, Mojo. Sophie Buller’s time split Kathy’s two ponies and Sophie, therefore finished second.

The metre class followed the pattern of the 85cm class, and again it took some time before Sophie Buller, this time on G’Maha, jumped clear to show it was possible. In total there were 8 clear rounds with Gary Hylands on the consistent Piccanto the only male. He jumped first with the fastest time, but had an unfortunate pole down.

Kathy McGaffin buoyed by her success in the first class pushed hard but carried faults, as did Susie Berry and Lucy Mulligan. The sponsors daughter Rachel Suffern jumped a lovely clear round on her working hunter pony Arnie in a strong time, but not good enough to hold off her cousin Sophie Buller on G’Maha, who took the class ahead of Abby Morton on Tynan Bobo Bear. Abby has made a very successful step up from winning the 70cm class last year.

Sophie Buller on G’Maha winner of the 1.00 metre class

The final class of the day was the 70cm class which attracted a wide variety of entrants, from very young riders entering their first big competition, to novice adults and novice horses. All entrants learned an awful lot by negotiating the complexities of the derby course.

Out of 29 entries, only 5 jumped clear to go through to the jump-off.  Ten year old Kathryn Morton on Tynan Expresso was the first to jump and it is hard to imagine seeing a more thrilling and more entertaining round in any competition, at any level. Kathryn took every turn and every chance, spectators were almost terrified to look at this young child riding with the poise and determination of someone much older. Kathryn finished her flawless jump-off round with an amazing time of 48.22 which was the fastest time of the day and could not be touched, to win a thoroughly deserved first place. Next to jump was Jack Scott on Houdini who jumped a lovely clear round, but could not match the speed of the previous rider. Caitie Slater on the stunning coloured pony Little Miss Rock Chick pushed hard, but just missed the turn, therefore incurred penalties. Nicholas Jennings, riding The Wee Grey showed his determination and drive by knocking a couple of seconds off Jack Scott’s time, to get a well earned second place, with Jack in third place. Rosemary Trainer on Lucy jumped clear, flying the flag for the adult riders earning 4th place.


1.00m Class

1st Sophie Buller, G’Maha

2nd Abbey Morton, Tynan Bobo Bear

3rd Rachel Suffern, Arnie

4th Gary Hylands, Piccanto

5th Susie Berry, Louellas Bay Vanesse

6th Katy McGaffin, Mojo

7th Lucy Mulligan, Bushfield Boy

85cm Class

1st Katy McGaffin, Mojo

2nd Sophie Buller, Abba

3rd Kathy McGaffin, Sparky

4th Helen Parke, Mylo

5th Stephen Richardson, Easyjet

6th Courtney Wilson

70cm Class

1st Kathryn Morton, Tynan Expresso

2nd Nicholas Jennings, The Wee Grey

3rd Jack Scott, Houdini

4th Rosemary Trainer, Lucy

5th Caitie Slater, Little Miss Rock Chick


Conor Captures Championship for Iveagh and Area 17 – click on Dengie tab to read full report from Dengie Showjumping Championships in Moreton Morrell.


Fantastic Turnout and Blue Skies for Iveagh Two Phase

The Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club held an extremely successful Two Phase Event on Sunday 1st April at Moira Equestrian Centre. It was a beautiful, bright and sunny day, the grounds were in fabulous order and the course designers had ensured some challenging and fun riding for all competitors.

Lucy Johnston and LJ Sparky negotiate the water in the Junior 2′ 9″ class

There was a large entry of around 140 competitors, the organisers were delighted to see competitors across all age groups. Non-members or those with no connections to Iveagh were most welcome, and their support of this event was greatly appreciated. It was also wonderful to see both parents and children competing together! In particular, many of the young competitors competed magnificently and it is clear that the future of equestrian sport is safe with these up and coming young riders.

The event ran like clockwork, with every class adhering to the time schedule or in some instances, ahead of time. Sincere thanks to the team at Moira Equestrian Centre, and to all those pony club volunteers who organised the event and helped throughout the very long day. Without their support and commitment this event could not have taken place.

Class 3′ 3″ Senior  
1st Zoe Woods, Breeze
2nd John Close, Spartacus
3rd Rebecca Johnston, Zoe
4th Orla Sheehan, Sovereign
5th Louise Flynn, Flo
6th Anne Bowe, Breeze
Class 3′ 3″ Junior  
1st Sophie Buller, G’Maha
2nd Ciara Muirhead, Pheonix Firefly
Class 2′ 9″ Senior  
1st Joseph Evans, ICB All Carrick Diamond
2nd Noel Kane, Maverick
3rd Hannah Winters Twighlight Prince
4th Geraldine Reilly, Levi
5th Meredith Jackson, Atlantic Dancer
6th Melanie Moorhead, Bobby Sox
Class 2′ 9″ Junior  
1st Jasmine Crothers, Albus Dumbledore
2nd Sophie Buller, Abba
3rd Rebecca Williams, My Idea
4th Fiona Grogan, Amber
5th Laoise O’Farrell, Lady
Class 2′ 3″ Senior  
1st Samantha Trimble, Millie
2nd Martin Trainor, Lola
3rd Chloe Wright, Flash
4th Hannah Ewart, Bramble B
5th Caroline Dinning, Rathcarigg Cool Imp
6th Louise Houston, Ballybrack Tom
Class 2′ 3″ Junior  
1st Sarah Moore, Chester
2nd Caitlin Rogers, Timmy
3rd Jas Hogg, Arthur
4th Natasha Kerr, Baronagh Boy
5th Morgan Skillen, Mayo
6th Meabh McIlduff, Hunter



Amazing success for Iveagh at the Dengie Championship on Saturday 31st March 2012 at Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell

Connor Cunningham on Wellcheek Girl – 1st in Open Dengie Championship 2012, with James Johnston 10th on Glenkeen Chino

Amy Richardson 4th on Monclone Girl in the Dengie Senior Championships 2012

Abby Morton 4th in the Warm Up Class

Casey Webb 1st – Horsemanship Award

Many Congratulations from all at Iveagh!!


Iveagh Spring Derby Results 2012

Class 6.

1st Kathryn McKibbon       Shadow

2nd Katie Graham             Joey

3rd Roisin Muirhead           Dunsallen

4th Ellie Parkhill                  Toni

5th Lucy Johnston              LJ Sparky


Fantastically well done to all our members who rode so well and did

Iveagh proud at the Dengie Show Jumping Final!

Results are as follows (rider, pony, Branch):-

12 and Under Open competition
1) Carl Webb, Bella, Iveagh; 2) Ella Duncan, Dimples Dilema, Seskinore

12 and Under Novice competition
1) Jack Scott, White Ribbon, Iveagh; 2) Courtney Wray, Puzzle, Mid Antrim; 3) Ruari Logue, Matilda, Route; 4) Shanie Murphy, Wee Romeo, Iveagh; 5) Kathryn Morton, Tynan Expresso, Iveagh; 6) Ben Rowlitt-McCormick, Jet, East Down; 7) Paul Reid, Cooper, Tullylagan; Amy Boyce, JLo, Iveagh; 9) Herbert Purce, Belmont Toby, Iveagh; 10) Jack Scott, AJ, Iveagh.

12 and Under Tack and Turnout

1) Jack Scott, White Ribbon, Iveagh; 2) Ryan Truesdale, Jasper, East Down; 3) Caitie Slater, Little Miss Rock Chick, Iveagh; 4) Amy Boyce, Bertie, Iveagh; 5) Fiona Grogan, Amber, Killultagh; 6) Ben Rowlett-McCormick, Jet, East Down.

Dengie Competition
1) Hannah Patterson, Crindle Foxy Lady, Route; 2) Ben Peppert, Paddy, Randalstown Centre; 3) Naomi Duncan, Pure Inspiration, Seskinore; 4) Hannah Patterson, Glenlough Lady, Route; 5) Abbey Morton, Tynan Bo Bo Bear, Iveagh; 6) Aisling Monaghan, Murphy’s Law, Seskinore; 7) Amy Richardson, Monclone Girl, Iveagh; Casey Webb, Rocky, Iveagh; 9) Craig Ferry, Shadow, Tullylagan; 10) Ronan McSorley, The Magnificant Paedro, East Down; 11) Rebecca McKenna, Asterix, Seskinore.

Dengie Turnout
1) Fiona Cooper, Sodapop, Tullylagan; 2) Sophie Buller, Abagail Dream, Iveagh; 3) Laoise O’Farrell, Walking Grey Shadow, Iveagh; 4) Chloe Rooney, Rosedale Angel Wings, East Down; 5) Leah McKee, Reggie, Iveagh; 6) Lizzy Graham, Harvey, Mid Antrim.

Open Competition
1) Tara O’Connell, Graf Pepsi Max, Mid Antrim; 2) Conor Cunningham, Holly, Iveagh; 3) Adam McHugh, Knockbordan Revelation, Iveagh; 4) James Johnston, Glenkeen China, Iveagh; 5) Casey Webb, Willow, Iveagh; 6) Aimee McNiece, Hilltown Thunder, Mid Antrim.

Open Tack and Turnout Competition
1) Lizzy Graham, Harvey, Mid Antrim; 2) Aoife Owens, Shravagh Boy, Seskinore; 3) Tara O’Connell, Mid Antrim.


Please click on Area Competitions Tab on left hand side and respond asap! This is important as we need to organise training! **************************************************************************************************************************

On Wednesday 16th November, Hannah Dunbar, Tori Mills, Casey Webb and  Katie McKenzie travelled to Dorest for the day. As well as a flat work lesson with Mary and a jumping lesson with William, the riders were given a tour of the yard and met a couple of William’s top horses who were just beginning work after a holiday at the end of the 2011 season.

A video of the day was produced and can be seen by following the link below.



Iveagh Dengie Dressage League Week 3 Sunday 5th February

Only one shower marred the otherwise dry run of the Iveagh Dressage League and Clear round Show-Jumping at The Meadows. Hearty congratulations to Ellie McElroy who won the Intro class for the third week, beautifully turned-out she produced a very smoothly ridden and accurate test and also brought home the rug and silver cup presented to the league winner. All riders in this class are to be praised for their dedication and determination, Alex Finney took second place this week, despite being sandwiched between two open riders on horses, she was totally unfazed and showed them how to make the most of her pony’s paces. Bethany Robinson-Smith earned second place in the league, another one to watch for the future, and Caitie Slater and Connie Crothers took 3rd and 4th places in the league.

The Novice Class once again had very large entries and praise must be given to some of the younger riders, Maebh McIlduff, Laoise O’Farrell, Charlotte Brown ,Jasmine Crothers, Olivia Shaw, Carl Webb and Amy Boyce, they all completed the league and improved their scores tremendously and held their own against the older members in this class. The winning test this week was the very highly scoring Hannah Blakely on Rough Terrain, a welcome visitor, she finished ahead of Kerry Shaw on Sundial Cuddy who also ended up second in the league, another great supporter of the league Katie Parker was 3rd and last week’s winner Hannah Whittle claimed 4th, but in first place in the Novice league was Laura Boyce on Glenloughan Star who has put so much work in over the last year.

Daniel Brown proved unbeatable again and on his new mount Ricardo Colour won not only the Open class but the League, stable companions Susie and Carla had their own personal battle for the second league place and Carla Troughton just nudged ahead on Gerionomo, with Daniel Brown again in the prizes on Duky Point.

56 show-jumping rounds were jumped with clear rounds being rewarded by calorie free chocolate and Blue Grass feed!

A huge thank you to dressage judges Angeline Nicholson and Fran Warden and to Helen, Gilly, Kirsten and Jennifer who helped each week and to all the others who helped on the day, and of course the McCusker family who prepared the arenas.


Introductory Test: 1st Ellie McElroy Jimmy, 2nd Alex Finney Flash Harry,3rdCaitie Slater Little Miss Rock Chick,Bethany R-Smith Charles Dream, 4thConnie Crothers Basil Niamh McArdle Sunny D

Introductory League Results

1st Ellie McElroy, 2nd Bethany Robinson-Smith,3rd Caitie Slater, 4th Connie Crothers, 5th Sarah Moore

Novice Test: 1st Hannah Blakely Rough Terrain, 2nd Kerry Shaw Sundial Cuddy 3rd Amy Whittle AJ, 4thNiamh Ward Dillon.

Novice Dengie Qualifiers: Laoise O’Farrell, Niamh Ward, Shannon Kelly, Lucy Mulligan, Hannah Blakely, Amy Whittle

Novice League: 1st Laura Boyce 2nd Kerry Shaw 3rd Katie Parker 4th Hannah Whittle

Intermediate 2009 Test: 1st Daniel Brown Ricardo Colour, 2nd Daniel Brown Duky Point, 3rd Carla Troughton Gerionomo, 4th Susie H-Stubber Balladeer Stanley

Open Dengie Qualifiers: Nina Mulligan, Jazmin Vollands, Hannah Dunbar

Open League: 1st Daniel Brown, 2nd Carla Troughton, 3rd= Susie Stubber, Daniel Brown

Intro Clears: Niamh McArdle, Charlotte Brown, Ellie Farley, Jasmin Crothers, Connie Crothers, Niamh Ward, Mya McDowell, Alex Finney, Lucy Mulligan

Novice Clears: Meabh McIlduff, Amy Boyce, Laoise O’Farrell, Orlaith McGuinness, Casey Webb, Sarah Sinton, Hannah Tisdale, Caitie Slater, Rachel Kelly, Anna Kelly, Shannon Kelly, Amy Boyce, Jenny Montgomery, Ciara Muirhead, Debbie Walker, Ellie McArdle, Hannah Blakely, Casey Webb, Jasmine Crothers, Roisin Muirhead

Open Clears: Nicholas Tougher, William Tougher, Susanna McQuade, Ellie McArdle, Laura Boyce, Amy Roberts, Lucy Mulligan, Hannah Blakely, Amy Roberts, Susannah McQuade, Conor Stevenson and Carl Webb

1.10M Class: Susannah McQuade

dengie J results wk3.12

dengie N results wk3.12

dengie O results wk3.12


Please check Archives for older results and information


Spring Derby @ Tyrella

Sunday 26th February 2012

Entries close on Monday 20th February 2012

Rules & Entry


Iveagh Dengie Qualifier 28.1.12

Iveagh Pony Club hosted their penultimate qualifying round of The Annual Pony Club Dengie Winter League Show Jumping Competition at Millbrook on 28st January 2012.  However, Saturday was the last night of the league. All that remains is for points to be totted up and prizes to be distributed to the winners. Prize giving will be at the very last Iveagh qualifier which will take place in Portmore on 25th February 2012.

Many thanks to everyone who has given so freely of their time and effort to run this league, a special word of thanks to Mrs Anne Kerr, Mrs Shirley McCombe and Ms Avril Hall-Callaghan. Thanks also to Millbrook Equestrian Centre, who hosted the league.

Don’t forget to submit your entries for the Iveagh Spring Derby at Tyrella, which will take place on 26th February. Full details and entry forms can be downloaded at

Junior Qualifiers

  1. Amy Boyce, Bertie
  2. Molly Graham, Sweeper

Grade A Junior Dengie

  1. Carl Webb, Bella
  2. Kerry Kerr, Brookvale Royal Consort

Dengie Junior League

1. Carl Webb, Bella

2. Katie Slater, Little Miss Rock Chick

3. Carl Webb, Tiffany

4.  Lucy Johnston, MJ SParky

5.  Jack Scott, Houdini

6.  Kerry Kerr, Brookvale Royal Consort

Dengie Senior Qualifiers

1. Matthew Johnston, Wahiki

2. Abbey Morton, Mullantine Sure Diamond

Dengie Senior League

1.  Casey Webb, Dan

2. Matthew Johnston, Wahiki

3. Abbey Morton, Mullantine Sure Diamond


BHS Riding & Road Safety Test

The only test that any rider will undertake that has the potential to save not only their own life but that of their horse as well.” (BHS)

*** Must be attained before attempting ‘C’ Tests or above ***

Minimum age of 12 years

Theory Sessions: Wednesday 7th, 14th & 21st March 2012 7.15 – 9pm at Moyallen

Practice Session: Wednesday 28th March 2012  7 – 9pm (venue TBC)

Test: Wednesday 4th April 2012 approx 2pm (venue TBC)

Please contact Vickie White

07825 408648   



Unfortunately, Iveagh membership is now closed for this year (except for renewals or siblings). If you wish to be put on a waiting list please contact the Membership Secretary (see contacts list). REMEMBER – there may be another PC branch closer to you!


Carla Troughton, 3

HSBC donated a unique and wonderful prize to the winners and runners-up of the Open and Intermediate Team Competitions at the Eventing Championships this year. As part of their partnership with The Pony Club, HSBC gave the lucky riders a prize they would never forget – a bespoke training day with our country’s top event riders William Fox-Pitt and Mary King. The four teams were invited to join Britain’s favourite Eventing Champions for a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from the country’s best in a eventing clinic hosted at William’s yard.

Iveagh Dengie Qualifier 21.1.12

Iveagh Pony Club hosted a fifth qualifying round of The Annual Pony Club Dengie Winter League Show Jumping Competition at Millbrook on 21st January 2012.  This qualifier included an additional junior class which was open to Grade A ponies, 14.2hh and under and ridden by a child aged 12 or under.

Amy Roberts showed great form, she improved on her second place last time out, to win the Junior League on A Little Fair Play, whilst Lucy Gibson fought off stiff competition to secure her Senior League win on Sam.

Junior Qualifiers

1. Nadine McKenna, Tommy

Grade A Junior Dengie

1. Amy Roberts, Billy Two Rivers

Dengie Junior League

1. Amy Roberts, A Little Fair Play

2. Nadine McKenna, Tricky Vicky

3. Carl Webb, Tiffany

4.  Jack Scott, Houdini

5. Lucy Johnston, AJ Sparky

Dengie Senior Qualifiers

1. Lucy Gibson, Sam

2. Abby Morton, Cappuccino

3. Casey Webb, Dan

4. Sarah Sinton, Calico Jack

Dengie Senior League

1. Lucy Gibson, Sam

2. Abby Morton, Cappuccino

3. Chloe Crozier, Lady

4. Casey Webb, Dan

5. Sarah Sinton, Calico Jack

6. Jessica Crozier Rocky


Iveagh Annual Prize Giving and Party

The Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club Annual Prize Giving and Party was held on 6th January 2012 at the Bannville Hotel, Banbridge.

There was a huge turn-out of members, parents and guests who donned their finest for the celebrations; indeed many of the members were barely recognisable in their party attire!

The night kicked-off with D.C. Mrs Vanne Campbell welcoming everyone and congratulating members for their spectacular achievements in 2011, especially at Area and Championship level. However the main message of the evening which Mrs Campbell was very keen to impress was “to do your best is to succeed”.

The guests of honour were Senior Instructor Mr Steven Smith, and Show Jumping Chef d’equipe, Mr Mickey McCann. Vanne gave them the daunting task of inspiring the members in just two words. The two words chosen by Mickey McCann were ‘Role Model’. He advised members to pick a role model to emulate. The message from Steven Smith was equally as important. His two words were ‘ambition’ and ‘commitment’, which clearly Iveagh members have in abundance.

After the prize-giving, Iveagh’s Got Talent got underway in the form of a fun karaoke, however it could be argued that the members should stick at what they are good at! This was followed by a disco with members, parents and guests all strutting their stuff.

Cup Winners

Dressage Cup Junior                                         Kate Shields

Dressage Cup Novice                                       Jordan Smith

Dressage Cup Intermediate                               Carla Troughton

Dressage Cup Open                                         Katie McKenzie

Games Senior Most Improved             Toby Purce

Games Junior Most Improved               Hollie Smith

Windsor NI Games Team                                 Josh Rowe/James Johnston

UK Games Team                                             Jason Mackey

Tetrathlon Highest Scoring Boy Senior  Stephen Richardson

Tetrathlon Highest Scoring Boy Junior   Adam Haugh

Tetrathlon Highest Scoring Girl Senior   Hannah Dunbar

Tetrathlon Highest Scoring Girl Junior    Rachel Chapman

Eventing Open Team

Hannah Dunbar

Casey Webb

Tori Mills

Katie McKenzie

Show Jumping

Dengie Champion                     Amanda Hylands

Horsemanship Award               Sarah Adamson

Horsemanship Award               James Johnston

Highest Place team – Open Event Team

Hannah Dunbar

Casey Webb

Tori Mills

Katie McKenzie

Simpson Shield Gareth McCombe

Pony Club Tests

AH Gareth McCombe (hons)

AH Carla Troughton

Best B Test                  Stephen Richardson

Best C+ Test                Amy Whittle

Best C Test                  Zara Buckley

Steve Hall Cup Nicholas Tougher

Sherelle Duke Cup       Katie McKenzie and Hannah Dunbar

Platinum Medal Winners – Open Championships

Amanda Hylands

Sarah Adamson

Gareth McCombe

James Johnston

Tori Mills

Hannah Dunbar

Katie McKenzie

Casey Webb

Johnny Mulligan

Emily McCleane

Iona Hamilton-Stubber

Gold Medal Winners – Intermediate/Novice Championships

Abbey Morton

Rachel Lyndsay

Hannah Orr

Nicholas Tougher

Megan Orr

Ciara Muirhead

Sarah Sinton

Bonnie Smith

Jessica Crozier

Connor Cunningham

Rachel Chapman

Aoife Dooley

Jordan Smith

Sophie Buller

Oliver Ferris

Nicholas Tougher

William Tougher

Jake Rowe

Josh Rowe

Toby Purce

Susan Thompson

Carla Troughton

Amy Richardson

Katie Slater

Herbie Purce

Connor McClory

Niamh McArdle



Dengie Show Jumping – 7.1.12

The Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club held their fourth round of The Annual Pony Club Dengie Winter League Show Jumping Competition at Millbrook on 7th January 2012.  There was a very large turn out for both the Junior and Senior Competition and quite a late night, the course proved challenging for some and it fully tested both riders and ponies. The next qualifying round will be held in Millbrook on Saturday 21st January at 7pm.

Junior Dengie Qualifiers

1st Amy Roberts, A Little Fair Play

2nd Grace Kehoe, Starlight

3rd Daniel Kehoe, Terry

Senior Dengie Qualifiers

1st Hannah Orr, Misty

2ndAmy Richardson, Easyjet

3rd Ciara Muirhead, Trisha

4th Etain Hall Callaghan, Cloughfinn Warrior

Junior League

1st Lucy Johnston, MJ Sparky

2nd Amy Roberts, A Little Fair Play

3rd Shanie Murphy, Wee Romeo

4th Meabh McIlduff, Hunter

5th Grace Kehoe, Starlight

6th Katie Slater, Little Miss Rock Chic

Senior League

1st Hannah Orr, Misty

2nd Amy Richards, Susie

3rd Amy Richardson, Easyjet

4th Chloe Crozier, Lady

5th Ciara Muirhead, Trisha

6th Etain Hall-Callaghan, Cloughfinn Warrior


Dengie Dessage Results – 8 Jan 12

dengie junior results wk112

dengie open results wk1.12

dengie novice results wk1.12


Pentathlon GB / Sport Northern Ireland’s information evening will be held at the House of Sport in Belfast on 24th January at 7pm. Coaches, parents, or volunteers with a particular knowledge in any of the five sports of swimming, running, shooting, fencing and show jumping that are involved in the Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon, are welcome to attend. Please register your interest in attending by email and forward to:

Further information regarding a Talent ID session is available via link below:


Iveagh Pony Club.

New Year’s Resolution Start Working on Dressage Earlier (with a little jumping too!) OPEN TO ALL ADULTS AND CHILDREN

Dengie Dressage Qualifiers & Clear Round Show-Jumping 2012

Dates: 8/1/12 and 22/1/12 and 5/2/12

Venue: The Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan, BT66 6NE

Arena 1: Starting at 10am

Novice Qualifier, Pony Club Novice Dressage Test 2009

Arena 2: Starting at 10am

First time dressage/Junior Members, Pony Club Introductory Test 2007

Arena 2 : Starting at 11.30am approx

Open Qualifier, Pony Club Intermediate Dressage Test 2009

Arena 3: Showjumping consisting of Novice Course (85/90cm) and Introductory Course (approx60/70cm) from 10.15am. Changing at 12 approx to Novice (85/90cm) and Open Course (1m/1.10)

All dressage to be pre-entered by the Wednesday before as dressage times allocated. Show-jumping entries on the day.

The dressage and jumping is open to all but only pony club members can qualify for Dengie. Entries will be accepted from those wishing to show-jump only

Entries £12 for both, £10 for dressage only and £5 for show-jumping only.

Spot prizes for clear round jumping and dressage to be run as a league.

Contact or text  07788710325

All dressage tests can be found on the main pony club website under discipline dressage.





Membership renewal forms and volunteer sheets have been sent to members today. (12 Dec 11)

  • Must be returned properly completed if you wish to be member next year. These must be returned by instructed by 23 Jan 11.If you have not received please contact Jennifer on 07713075131. or here. – Membership_letter_2012 Please note that this contains an updated volunteer form with new events added for you to choose from. “Volunteer” sheets not properly completed will not be accepted as a valid renewal application.********************************************************************************************************************************************Iveagh Third Round of Dengie Qualifying League The Iveagh second round of The Annual Pony Club Dengie Winter League Show Jumping Competition was held at Millbrook on 3rd December.  There was a great turn out and some fantastic jumping. The next qualifying round will be held in Millbrook on Saturday 7th January at 7pm. Junior Dengie Qualifiers1st Kathryn Morton on Bugsy2nd Kathryn Morton on Expresso3rd Ciara Collins on Rex (East Down)4th Kathryn Morton on PetalSenior Dengie Qualifiers1st Carl Webb on Smurf2nd Amy Richardson on Susie3rd Niamh Ward on Dillon4th Amy Richardson on ZoeJunior Legue1st Katie Slater on Little Miss Rock Chick2nd Kathryn Morton on Bugsy3rd Lucy Johnston on MJ Sparky4th Kathryn Morton on Expresso5th Jack Scott on Houdini6th Ciara Collins on Rex (East Down)Senior League1st Carl Webb on Smurf2nd Amy Richardson on Susie3rd Niamh Ward on Dillon4th Amy Richardson on Zoe5th Rachel Chapman on George6th Chloe Crozier on Lady
    Iveagh Team Training Day with the Top
    On Wednesday 16th November the Iveagh Open Event Team of Hannah Dunbar, Katie McKenzie, Tori Mills and Casey Webb went to a special training day with Mary King and William Fox-Pitt, sponsored by HSBC.

    They were awarded this special opportunity as a prize for coming second in the Open Eventing Team Championships at Draycott 2011 Pony Club Championships. The team were kindly lent horses for the day by Jabeena Mazlin after flying over under the guidance of Kirsten Dunbar.The day started with a flatwork lesson with Mary King, followed by a dressage session with Mary and William Fox Pitt, who also took them for a jumping session. The training was held at William Fox Pitt’s yard and the day was fully enjoyed by girls who said it was a wonderful and beneficial experience.

    HSBC Photo




Mrs Vanne Campbell 30 Years DC of Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club

On Friday, 27th November former and present members, as well as friends of the Iveagh Pony Club assembled for a surprise celebration, at Banbridge Rugby Club to commemorate their District Commissioner (DC) Vanne Campbell, on her 30 years as DC within the Iveagh club.

Mr. Hugh Richardson launched the evening with an opening speech, pronouncing “It is an honour for me to be beside Vanne Campbell this evening, as I happened to also have been by her side when Vanne took over from Di Watson, thirty years ago. The Richardson family has always been pleased to help with Vanne’s requests.”

“ I also wish to announce that owing to the past two or three months, Vanne has put pressure as per usual, for a further twenty five years of pony club lease at the Moyallan grounds. I am pleased to announce that the Richardson family is pleased to be able to agree to this matter”.

Former member and Vice-Chairman of Iveagh Pony Club Mr. William Anderson said to Vanne “Please believe me when tell you that I was not part of the skullduggery which has brought everybody here to celebrate tonight with you.  I am, however, honoured to be asked to say a few words on behalf of parents past and present.

“It’s great to see such a turnout. I first became an Iveagh parent at summer camp 1989, that’s 20 yrs ago, but that is nothing compared to you Vanne! I remember the first day we arrived at Moyallan, with our 10 yr old daughter and our horrible little pony, to be greeted by you Vanne-the lady with the hat! “He continued

“Old minutes of the branch committee show that on September 12 1977 at the Belmont Hotel in Banbridge, the then chairman Dr Watson and DC Di Watson, discussed the offer of Mr. Hugh Richardson that the branch may use land at Moyallan and on April 5 1978, the first formal lease was agreed with the Richardson trust, and as you know, they are still there today. On the 10th July 1978, Mrs. Di Watson announced that she wished to be less involved and that she had approached a certain Mrs. Vanne Campbell so at the first AGM, official AGM that is on the 10th October 1978 at the meeting room Moyallan, Vanne you were duly appointed district commissioner.

“Two generations of members have learnt to ride, make friends, learn to take responsibility and grow in confidence (with Vanne as DC) and I am fairly sure the third generation is coming round soon.

This is a great tribute to you Vanne. Iveagh branch is flourishing;  hundreds if not thousands of young people and their parents have benefited from your hard work and long hours- especially every summer for the last 30/31 years, what a fantastic service you have given the branch and the Pony Club overall! There are 340 branches in the UK and under your leadership Iveagh have grown to be the 4th largest, and a big pride to you, that it has the 2nd largest number of boys!

Your skills as an organizer are legendary and your knack of creating volunteers, without them even realizing; also your ability to turn what often looks like impending chaos into a well run event or show. I am sure it’s due to your ability to keep cool under pressure- I am also quite sure the term ‘multitasking’ was invented especially for you!

We all know you have a competitive side and Iveagh teams have consistently been successful at home and abroad, but we have also seen your consideration for members who needed to be given extra confidence- not everyone can be a winner! But you have the knack to help every member to achieve and enjoy riding to the best of their ability.

“Vanne all of us have enjoyed our involvement with your branch, your help and support to us has been deeply appreciated. I feel that we have all had fuller lives because of it, as well as lots of very exciting times to remember” William concluded


Elizabeth Jess’s two sons both past members unfortunately couldn’t come to the celebration but did write a poem to celebrate Vanne’s achievement

Our vantastic DC.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years,

Of triumphs, successes, of laughter, of tears,

Since our family, Iveagh; our gathering, our clan,

Came under the wing of our very own Vanne.

A redoubtable leader, a true matriarch,

She’s got selfless commitment down to a fine art.

With her thumb on the pulse, she’s our best organiser,

And virtually nothing would ever surprise her.

From Goldie to Ruffles, from Flicka to Biggles,

Vanne leads us with smiles and that wide silent giggle,

Hat rakishly planted come rain, wind, hail or snow

She commands with a charm that means none can say NO,

For not only has Vanne got a keen eye for sinkers,

She’s peerless in making great doers from thinkers,

With a style and a smile that is highly disarming,

She’ll have you judging a fence with a speed that’s alarming

“Is your mum here?” she’ll say “Have you seen Trevor Rankin?”

“Can you go collect slips?” – And before that has sank -in,

You’re inspecting bit size, and stitching and glue,

And ensuring the hat’s BS 4472.

If ever she leaves us, sure it wont be the same,

For without her our jumping, our dressage, our game,

Will grind to a halt, for Vanne’s really the brain

That keeps us together and in the right lane.

So for all that she does, for each woman, each man,

Please stand up, prepare, to give a big hand,

To our DC, our great pal with the plan,

The one and the only, our very own Vanne.

By bros jess

Vanne thanked everyone for attending and for the fantastic surprise and spoke of her enjoyment with her involvement in Pony Club and the Badsworth before Iveagh Pony Club, and how she has enjoyed seeing so many people growing up.

Vanne expressed how lucky Iveagh were at having permanent grounds at Moyallan, many thanks to the Richardson family and good organization that the Duke family happened to be across the road with a very nice cross country course. Vanne thanked everyone for being lovely Pony Club members with fairly useful parents.

It was a magnificent night, one to remember, with superb photos from days gone by adorning the walls.

Iveagh pony club would like to thank Vanne for past 30/31years and many more ahead.