Thursday December 7, 2023
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Competition Information

PC Competitions Information

Taffy Trophy.

  • Condition and turnout
  • Flatwork show
  • Course of show jumps
  • Stable Management Quiz
  • Dress code:- Show Jacket, beige/cream/buttermilk coloured jodhpurs, shirt, pc tie, pc badge, hairnet, black/navy hat, boots, jodhpur clips or gaiters, gloves.  Body protector for jumping.
  • Tack:-  Snaffle Bridle  with bit appropriate for each section.
  • Saddle,  dark coloured plain numnahs. Boots and martingales may be worn in jumping section. Mini members may use grass/daisy  reins if required for safety.
  • Horse/pony must be plaited by member for this competition, we know if you get your mum to do it!

 Danny Challenge.

  • Course of show jumps against the clock.
  • Dress code:- Show jacket, beige/ white jodhpurs. Shirt , tie, pc badge. Body protector.
  • Tack:- Any appropriate for show jumping.

 Spartan cup (minis and juniors) / Amber star (seniors)

 Crispin Cup


             Course of XC jumps

  • Course of show jumps
  • Dress code:   Jumping as Danny challenge
  • XC as jumping or XC colours rugby top, body protector, hat must be a skull cap, no fixed peaks.