Wednesday May 31, 2023
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Area Competitions

Although we are a small club but last year has a rider competing for the club in all disciplines and levels we will help and support you be in position to take part in these events.

Unfortately this year all area and National Events are cancelled.

All members wishing to compete at Area competitions please follow the link below to view Eligibility Rules 2020 :

Lamerton PC Selection Criteria

Area competitions are held every year in each area, for each discipline. Our area is Area 16. These competitions are usually held in July/August.

In order to be considered for any Area team/individual entry, members must fulfil the selection criteria, which can be downloaded via the link above.

Members need to inform the discipline organiser or Sue or Sarah that they wish to be considered to represent the club. We will endeavour to allow as many members as possible to be in teams or enter as an individual provided they are have attended the required rallies, and are safe to compete.

LHPC Progress Chart

The Area Managers are:

Dressage: Sarah Wilson

Show Jumping: Sarah Wilson

Eventing: Sally Watton



Please be aware that you need to be a fully paid-up member before 28th February 2020 if you wish to represent your club at Area competitions.

Members wishing to compete at Area competitions will be required to attend the minimum number of rallies to qualify their horse/pony. Please see the relevant trainer for details.

Over the years, Lamerton members have taken pride in their turnout and overall appearance and we ask all members to turn out clean, tidy, and dressed correctly. If you are missing anything, please contact your trainer or visit the New Members page, where you will find a list of basic turnout requirements for Area competitions.