Monday February 26, 2024
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New Members
We have included here some general information that will be of use to new members or those exploring the possibility of joining Lamerton Hunt Pony Club.  More information may be found on our Official Members’ Facebook page  (though note that this is a closed group, so you will need to request access in order to join).

Rallies and Events
Rallies are group riding lessons.  You will find a full listing of our forthcoming rallies and events pinned to the top of our Official Members’ Facebook page.  This includes both events run by the Branch and other equestrian events in the local are in which our members may be interested.

You will find information on our regular rally and event venues pinned to the top of our Official Members’ Facebook page.

Turnout and tack  
Please make sure your tack is well fitting, clean, and in good repair. Instructors carry out a quick tack check at the beginning of each rally and will give advice on fitting, etc.  

Your hat must be Pony Club approved and tagged. If you get a new hat, please advise Sue Ryan, who can redo the tag. All up-to-date details on the current Pony Club hat standards can be found on the Pony Club website:  

We encourage all riders to wear a body protector, which is compulsory for cross-country and pony racing. All up-to-date details on the current Pony Club body protector standards can be found on the Pony Club website: 

Long hair should be tied back and ideally in a hairnet. NO earrings or other jewellery is permitted. 

Riders must wear jodhpur boots with chaps OR long boots – no wellingtons or yard boots when riding, please. Ensure that both parents and children have appropriate sturdy footwear if leading ponies (no flip-flops or trainers). 

Whilst we encourage good turnout at all times (cream/white/beige jodhpurs; shirt; tie; Pony Club sweatshirt), for general rallies coloured jodhpurs and Pony Club polo shirt/sweatshirt are fine. No hoodies should be worn when riding. Long sleeves should be worn for jumping. Gloves are recommended. 

For competitions representing the Branch, the team organiser will advise on dress code. 

There are a number of companies that print or embroider clothing and equipment for Pony Club branches. Lamerton Hunt Pony Club’s club colour is bottle green. 

The official Pony Club supplier is Wainwright:  

However, we have an online club shop set up with GG Gear: , through which members may order clothing and equipment branded either ‘Lamerton Hunt Pony Club’ or ‘Lamerton Pony Club’, depending on preference. If you seek an item of clothing/equipment not currently listed in the online shop, please reach out to Sally Jennings or Vanessa Crossey to have the item(s) added. 

Tetrathlon and Triathlon 
Vanessa Crossey is our triathlon and tetrathlon coordinator. Triathlon consists of a run, a shoot, and a swim, and a series of winter competitions is run in this discipline. Tetrathlon consists of a run, a shoot, and a swim plus a cross-country riding phase, with competitions run over the summer months. These are very friendly events, and everyone is welcome. Siblings often join in as non-riding members. Shoot training is available within the club – note that younger members throw beanbags at a target instead of shooting! 

Please reach out to Vanessa for more information on triathlon and tetrathlon – lots of information is also available on the Pony Club website: 

Throughout the year we aim to hold fundraising events to raise funds to buy equipment for the club to fund extra activities, etc. Please support these events if you can. Friends and relatives are always welcome if they are able and willing to help! 

Awards evening 
Each year we hold an awards evening to review the year and celebrate the achievements of our members. Usually held in February, this is a chance for you to meet other parents and share your ideas for events that you would like to see the club provide for its members.