Wednesday May 31, 2023
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Please contact a committee member if you are interested in putting your child forward for any of these tests!

Efficiency Tests

E Test is not compulsory and is taken at Mini Camp. Recommended minimum age: 4+ years. Felt Colour: Pale Yellow

D Test for 8yrs & over is required for Pony Club Camp, but not for Mini Camp: contact Mrs Georgie Davies for D Test before Camps. Felt Colour: Yellow

D+ Test can be taken at Pony Club Camp. Candidates must be 10+ years old. Felt Colour: White

C Test. ALL CANDIDATES MUST HOLD Road Rider  TEST OR ACHIEVEMENT BADGE BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO TAKE C TEST. Candidates must be 11+ years old. Felt Colour: Green

C+ Test Members wishing to take C must have the Road Rider Test and must be at least 13 years old. C+ is split into two parts – Horse & Pony Care and a Ridden Assessment. Felt Colour: Pink

B Test This test is divided into the Horse and Pony Care Test and the Riding Test. Candidates must be at least 14 years old

Lungeing Test This is a practical test.  Candidates must be 16+ years old. Felt Colour: Light Blue

B+ Test This is a riding only test and is not compulsory. It must be taken after the Lungeing Test and either before, or after AH. It is a “stepping stone” half way between B and A Test.  Candidates must be 16+ years old. Felt Colour: Pale Purple

AH Test This is the top a stable management test. It stands alone as the highest Test of Horsemastership available in the Pony Club. Candidates must be 16+years old. Felt Colour: Orange. Honours –  Salmon Pink

A Test This is the top riding test and is highly respected in the equestrian world.  Candidates must be 18+ years old. Felt Colour: Blue. Honours – Purple.

Coaching Certificate For those interested in teaching within the pony club. Candidates must be 18+ years old

Achievement Badges:

There are 31 different subjects to be achieved, and 12 Mini Achievement Badges to give a basic grounding.

On gaining 21 subjects, a gold badge and certificate is awarded.  Achievement Badges can be taken at the main Pony Club Camp and at Mini Camp.

If there is any particular badge you would like to do please ask.

Road safety Tests

Road Rider Test and Road Sense Achievement Badge: The RS Achievement Badge, for 10+ years and upwards, is sufficient for C Test only, and is part of C Test. This can be taken at Pony Club Camp.

Road Rider Test: Members wishing to take C+ or B Test must have the Road Rider Test and must be at least 12 years old. Please provide a reflective tabard and white gloves. Tack checks are an important part of this test so please make sure hats are tagged all stitching on leathers etc are in good order and that stirrups are the right size.

For syllabus content please visit the main Pony Club website