Saturday December 15, 2018

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Welcome to

 Lanark and Upperward Pony Club


Lanark and Upperward was established in 1974 and is part of Pony Club Area 19. We are a small friendly club with around 40 members and throughout the year we hold an annual camp, rallies, competitions, mounted games competitions , fund raising events, stable management, evening visits and much more, full details of these can be found on the relevant pages.

If you wish to join please contact our membership secretary

If you wish anything discussed at Committee Meetings please contact DC – Maggie Young , , if you wish anything added to the agenda .



It is mandatory for all members to wear a protective helmet at all times when mounted with a chinstrap fastened and adjusted so as to prevent movement of the hat in the event of a fall. Please see the link below for full rules defining the quality and manufacture required by Pony Club. It is strongly recommended that second hand hats are not purchased.  If you do not have your hat tagged please contact Audrey Coubrough or Leeanne McKay

Hat Rules 2018

 Page updated May 2018