Tuesday June 25, 2019
Info for New Members

Welcome to L&U Pony Club! As a new member, you must have alot of questions about Pony Club. Here is some basic information to get you started, but if you have any other questions, please contact one of our commitee members who will be happy to help. Contact information can be found on the Commitee Contacts page.


Full Day Spring/Summer Rallies

 These events take place mainly at Longshot, Lanark.  They start at 10am with a lesson.  The members are split into groups by, as far as possible, age and ability.  They receive a lesson by a qualified instructor on a variety of disciplines.  After lunch, and a well earned rest for the ponies, the members take part in a competition based on the morning’s lesson.    At the end of the year we have competition day. At prize giving and cups and trophies are awarded for all the different competitions.

All day rallies are for everyone, Minis, Juniors and Seniors.

You must book in for each rally in advance. This allows us time to book enough instructors etc.  If you have booked a rally and need to cancel please give as much notice as possible to allow the rides to be rearranged.


Competition Rules

The same pony must be used all day.  You must off attended 2 full day rallies on this pony (camp can be included as one) to be elligible to compete.

Showjumping is split into different heights for different age groups.

 Dress Code for Rallies 

–          Pony Club sweatshirt

–          Polo Shirt or White shirt and Pony Club tie

–          Cream jodhpurs and jodhpur clips, white jodhpurs are allowed except for games.

–          Long hair should be tied back and a hairnet worn

–          Gloves should be worn

–          Hat must be tagged

–          We would encourage the wearing of L&U saddle clothes.

–          There is random tack inspections carried out at all rallies.

It is mandatory for all members to wear a protective helmet at all times when mounted with a chinstrap fastened and adjusted so as to prevent movement of the hat in the event of a fall. Please see the link below for full rules defining the quality and manufacture required by Pony Club. It is strongly recommended that second hand hats are not purchased.  If you do not have your hat tagged please contact Audrey Coubrough or Leeanne McKay

Hat Rule 2019


The Pony Club does not make the use of body protectors compulsory, except for all Cross Country riding and Pony Racing whether it be training or competing. If a Body protector is worn for any Pony Club activity it must meet BETA 2009 Level 3 standard (purple label) or BETA 2018 Level 3 standard (blue and black label) – please see link below for full details defining the quality and manufacture required by Pony Club.

Body Protector Rule 2019



Three Rally Rule

–          Rider and pony must have taken part in three rallies to be considered for Area competition.  At one of the rallies rider and pony must have been together.



Once you have established what lesson you are involved in, please help with the taking out and putting away of equipment.  We appreciate that not everyone is in a position to help, but if you can please do.  The less setting up time, the more riding time the members have.


WE have a toilet block at the Longshot .There is a tap for water for the ponies.

 Lanark & Upperward Jackets and Sweatshirts

 If you wish to purchase a L & U jacket – warm and cosy for the winter – or a L & U sweatshirt – which should be worn at all our rallies – these can be ordered at:



Member under the age of 12 are NOT allowed to wear spurs at any PC event and those over 12 can only do so with the written consent of our District Commissioner .  

 Area Competitions

 We are in Area 19.  Each area of Pony Club holds competitions in all riding disciplines.  Our branch usually takes part at Area level in dressage, showjumping, eventing, tetrathlon and games.  Some members make up teams and some are entered as individuals.  If you qualify from Area you go on to a Zone Final or qualify directly to PC Championships.  Area competitions are split Junior and Senior. 

 Pony Club Rule Books

 If you wish to take part in any Area competition please purchase a rule book for that discipline.  It is your responsibility to know what is involved.  You can buy direct from the Pony Club web site www.pcuk.org

  Longshot, Lanark

 The Longshot is opposite Lanark Market (Lawrie Symington) ML11 9AX.

Unless the ground is very wet please part INSIDE the perimeter fence of the Longshot.  We are only insured within this area.


 This consists of four activities.  Cross Country riding, swimming, shooting and running.  Participants are split by age and the course and distances are different for each age group.  Girls compete against girls and boys against boys.  If you would like further information visit the Tetrathlon in Scotland web site (www.tetrathlon.org.uk).


 Complaints Procedure

 The following procedure has been implemented by the Committee to ensure the continued smooth running of the Club.

–          If a parent or committee member has a complaint they must go direct to Maggie Young

–          If the complaint is about Maggie Young , then refer to Brian Ross.

–          Complaints should not be discussed in front of the members.


 Winter Team Show Jumping

These are inter branch competitions that run from October to March.  Teams are made up of four riders and ponies (the same pony cannot be used twice).  The best three scores count as the team score.  The competition is usually two phase so each rider has two rounds.  The heights go from 50/55cm to 90cm/1m.  There are 4 classes, nursery novice, novice, intermediate and open.

Teams are put together after our own selection process which is based on a team trial and performance throughout the year.  Classes are not restricted by age and all members are welcome to try out.

Dress Code for Team Show Jumping Competitions

 –          Show Jacket must be worn

–          Jodhpurs musts be cream with jodhpur clips or plain chaps

–          Hat must be black or navy and have a Pony Club tag attached

–          White shirt and Pony Club tie

–          Long hair should be tied back and a hairnet worn

–          Saddle cloths must be completely plain – no piping, preferably our own branch one.

Parent/Guardian conduct at Team Show Jumping Competitions

–          No outside assistance is allowed when your child is competing in a show jumping competition. Once they have entered the arena it is not permitted to instruct from the viewing area or gate.

–          Positive comments are encouraged before and after competing.


If you need more information please contact the club at Lanarkupperward@pcuk.org