Tuesday February 19, 2019
Mounted Games

mounted games

Mounted Games is brilliant fun and suitable for all ages. It improves riders confidence and abilities, whilst enjoying a fun, competitive sport.In competitions, each team has 5 members.  All the teams race against each other and gain points depending on how they are placed in each race.Although there is an age limit of 15 at competitions, there is no age limit for training, so anyone is welcome to come along and give it a go!

Games practices are held at West Kype farm on a Saturday or Sunday morning from January to March, from March onwards we move outside to the Longshot Lanark on a Thursday night from 6pm-8pm. Any changes will notified to members via email and Facebook.

If you would like to take part or need more information on Games contact the club at Lanarkupperward@pcuk.org

Well done to our members Kayleigh Devine, Ellie Davidson and Katie Frame on a great effort at the Scottish Mounted Games Trial.

We have 2 members going forward to represent their country at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in May.

Kate in the team and Ellie as reserve.

Good Luck .

Once again this year Lanark & Upperward are hosting both the Area 19 Mounted games competition and Zone finals. Both these competitions involve a lot of organisation both before hand and on the day. If you think you can help in any way please speak to a committee member. The Area 19 competition will be held on Sunday 19th May at the Longshot, Lanark and the Zone Finals will be held on Saturday 6th July with friendly comp to follow on Sunday 7th July at Overton Farm, Crossford.



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