Tuesday September 28, 2021
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What is Tetrathlon?

Pony Club Tetrathlon provides members aged 7 and above, with a challenging competition requiring sound practical horsemanship and general athletic ability. Tetrathlon originated as a competition for boys however there are now separate competitions for girls under identical rules unless otherwise stated.  Tetrathletes take part in 4 disciplines: Running, Riding, Swimming & Shooting events.

Visit the Scottish Tetrathlete website where you find lots of information and details on the sport.

So why should your child do Tetrathlon? (by Karen Fletcher Scottish Tetrathlon)

Tetrathlon is the best fun you the parents will have. Yes, YOU – the parents.  And YES both MUMS AND DADS (even grandparents)!

Your child will have a huge amount of fun as they grow, learn and master each discipline.  Parents should realise this is the sport where your child will make YOU; the parents they want you to be:  involved but not pushy, concerned but not paranoid, caring but not obsessed, friendly and not overly competitive.

You along with your child will make new friends, and these friendships are lasting because you have shared experiences.  You may even find yourself joining in or competing or helping out or just enjoying the camaraderie with other parents.

Tetrathlon only needs a .177 air pistol (plenty of PC pistols), a swimming costume and trainers, you already have the pony!  Three of the disciplines are based purely on personal effort and the fourth is your child out on the pony they love.  The fitness your child will achieve through tetrathlon will open the doors to so many other sports in their future.

Several Scottish world class Pentathlon GB athletes all came through PC Tetrathlon: Freya Prentice, Kerry Prise, Eilidh Prise, Jo Muir, Mhairi Spence, Maili Mackenzie, Becky Wain to name some.  We have Kirsty Liddon playing Water Polo for Scotland and her sister Jess shooting for Scotland.

The opportunities can start at an early age, being picked for National Triathlon, National Tetrathlon, Regional Tetrathlon teams – at Mini Mini, Mini, Junior and Open Level.  Scottish Tetrathlon offers many opportunities for training and competing including residential camps.

Your child does not have to be great at every discipline.  No one is.  Everyone has a weakness, but you just work towards your own Personal Bests (PBs) in each discipline.  All small achievable steps leading to much greater success with the children cheering each other on when they see their chances, encouraging each other when they are struggling. All traits you, and they, can be very proud of.

What does it do for your child?  It grounds them and makes them more rounded. It teaches them self discipline at an early age.  It helps them to recognise and appreciate success in others.  It rewards determination and effort, and it sets them up for whatever life throws at them.

Please give your child the chance to come and try or call Sloan 01505 504711.