Monday July 13, 2020
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Our Coaches

We are blessed with simply the best coaches at L&S and our members have a brilliant relationship with our supportive, encouraging and professional coaches.

  • Lead Coaches: David Harland, Pauline Herbert & Lisa Ogilvie
  • Team Coaches: 
    • Show Jumping – David Harland
    • Eventing – Pauline Herbert
    • Dressage – Pauline Herbert
  • Regular Coaches:
    • Amy Ogilvie (Show Jumping, Working Hunter and Minis)
    • Megan Ogilvie (Minis)
    • Joanne McCabe (All disciplines)
    • Catrina Leckie (Dressage)
    • Gemma Kennedy (Show Jumping)
  • Badge and Test Training is led by Lisa Ogilvie.