Sunday May 16, 2021
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Marion Elliott

Marion Elliott Receives Cubitt Award


Marion was the back bone of Llangeinor hunt pony club for over twenty years.

We were all shocked and more than a little dismayed when Marion announced her plans to retire as our DC in August 2013.We are hugely encouraged and grateful that she will still remain an influential member of our club as a life long Honorary  member

Before her retirement as District Commissioner, The Pony Club awarded Marion with the Cubitt Award at a presentation at Stratford Manor in June 2010.  This award is used to honour those who have so generously given at least twenty years of voluntary help to The Pony Club.

The Pony Club Cubitt awards take their name from the late Hon Guy Cubitt, who was the Chairman of The Pony Club for 25 years and President from 1970 – 1979.

It is wonderful to still see Marion at some of our rallies and to still have her interest and support.

Llangeinor owes a great deal to this wonderful lady.