Sunday May 16, 2021
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PONY CLUB MEMBERS ARE THE FUTURE EQUINE CUSTODIANS – Let’s make sure they are suitably equipped with the knowledge their horses deserve.

The Pony Club training structure encourages members to take tests throughout their Pony Club career enabling them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding.  The tests are normally taken at recommended ages and are designed with certain criteria.  Each test is awarded a different colour felt to be placed under their Pony Club badge.


The Pony Club Efficiency test levels are acknowledged as a high level of achievement world wide and are definitely worth attaining as an additional qualification for your CV.

Once you reach C+ level the exam is split into two sections C+ Horse Care and C+ Riding. You need to pass both before progressing to B test Riding or B test Horse Care. Once you have passed your C+ you can do your UKCC level 1 coaching certificate and start assisting in instructing.

B TEST Passing you B test enables you to go straight to BHS stage 3 .

The Efficiency test structure is shown below.

Proficiency Test Table

Details of the test syllabus can be found on The Pony Club website. Click here.