Sunday May 16, 2021
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Meryl Hanmer – YELA Gold award / UKCC level 2 coach /  B test /has represented Llangeinor at most disciplines and currently still representing us at Championship level with Horse & Pony Care / PC instructor specialising in Riding & Road Safety training rallies / General rallies and Efficiency Test training from E to C+.

Josh Rees – YELA Gold award / B test /has  represented Llangeinor at Area Dressage / National Championship Elite show jumping and national Championship Horse & Pony Care / Josh is PC instructor specialising in Show Jumping training rallies / Athletic Jumping rallies and Efficiency Test training from E to C+.



Young Equestrian Leaders training towards their YELA silver awards

Sophia Harpin

Scott Pope

Young Equestrian Leaders towards their YELA bronze awards

Sophie Oddy

Stephanie Brownbill


Are you 13 years or over and have been an active Pony Club member with experience and enthusiasm you would like to pass on to the younger children?

If so would you like to become a Young Equestrian Leader?

Duties include occasionally helping out at a Pony club rally with items such as:

Pre Rally Inspection (for further details see Pre Rally Inspection page on this website)

Assisting the Instructor with course building / Mounted Games course setting / poo picking etc

Helping out with the tuck shop

In return we will keep you informed of all the latest information and opportunities available to members up to 25 years old in the pony club , plus this voluntary work may be recorded and used to help gain your DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARDS or towards awards issued by the YOUNG EQUESTRIAN LEADERS AWARDS (YELA).

These awards are open to all young people from 14 to 25 years old.Josh Rees was the first boy to receive a YELA Gold Award and another if our members Meryl Hanmer was also one of the first in the country to receive this award. They travelled together up to Buckingham Palace to receive their awards. Meryl was awarded the Prime ministers award for her work in YELA and Road safety instruction.  So get logging those hours!

To get started:

1. simply fill in an application form on line. Go to the YELA website and fill it in.  It will cost £14 to apply to enter the scheme and once they have your form you will be sent a log book in which you must enter all your voluntary hours spent in a registered equestrian organisation.

2. They will then post you a log book in which to record all your hours towards a bronze award. Unfortunately no hours may be back dated.

3. hours may be counted from volunteering with any Registered Equestrian body such as Pony Club / riding clubs / Riding for the Disabled etc.

20 hours in your log book = Bronze Award

60 hours with at least two different equestrian groups = Silver Award

120 hours with at least 3 different listed equestrian groups = Gold Award


Introduction to Coaching Courses 

This is a one day course suitable for members from 16 years of age who hold at least ‘C’ Test.

Following this course, members may enjoy shadowing more experienced coaches, helping at Junior camp, helping deliver training for Achievement badges. It is a fun, interactive course and dates can be found on the main Pony Club website, under Area Coaching Courses on the Training tab.

Hunting Exchange with America 

Each year four Pony Club members from the UK, Ireland and USA are invited in rotation to a hunting exchange in each country .

Pony Club Members aged 16-25, with their full Pony Club B Test or higher, are invited to apply for selection.

To enter you complete a CV and send it into Pony Club main office for consideration.

Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excelence  (AASE)

The Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) helps develop talented young athletes (16 -18 year olds) who have a real chance of excelling in their sport and competing on the international stage.

From September 2013, Hartpury equine will be offering selected talented riders the chance to progress their skills whilst learning how to manage all aspects of life in a professional sport, as well as a chance to continue their education.

The scheme is aimed at those riders who have aspirations, and the talent, to compete at international level and they will be guided throughout the course to make sure their potential is fulfilled.

Those who are selected will have the chance to complete the course either at Hartpury or from their home training base. At Hartpury riders will have the added benefits of a high-quality training environment, access to modern, well-equipped facilities and the benefits of conditioning experts, physiotherapists, nutritionists and mentors.

Coaching Development

 Have completed The Introduction to Pony Club Coaching Course within the previous 2 years.

* Hold the C+ Test or above.

  • * Hold a log book signed by a Branch DC to show that they have been actively assisting with coaching in a Branch / Centre since completing the Introduction Course.
  • Groups will be provided with demo riders at the level at which they are coaching.

Ambassador Scheme 

The Pony Club Ambassador Scheme acknowledges and rewards members who have been an exceptional asset to their Pony club branch or centre.

If you would like to be considered for this you will need to to be:

• 18 years old or over
• Actively supportive in your Pony Club Branch or Centre
• A Pony Club member for a minimum of five consecutive years
• Committed to The Pony Club aims and ethos.

If you meet all of the above criteria please mention to your DC that you would like to be considered as a Pony Club Ambassador. Your DC will then nominate you and a maximum of 12 Ambassadors will be selected from all of the nominees each year.

Young Instructors Advanced Course (YIAC) 

The Young Instructors Advanced Course (YIAC) is a scholarship course with the aim of educating young instructors to teach at all levels within The Pony Club.  As a training organisation, The Pony Club feels that producing high quality instructors is as important as producing quality riders. These students are the people who will teach future Pony Club Members and setting the standard early will help to maintain the high standards within The Pony Club.

Our resident YIAC Coaches are Vicki Macdonald BHSI and William Blane FBHS; both valued Members of The Pony Club Training Committee.

Guest coaches and speakers included Corinne Bracken, who worked with the students on their riding and coaching, Nicky Fuller and Matt Ryan.

The Course is held at Caradoc in Sellack, Herefordshire; home of Major Patrick Darling and the late Lucinda Darling who had been heavily involved with the YIAC and Pony Club Training. The 2013 course ran from Sunday 23rd to Thursday 27th June.

Each student brings their own horse or borrows one so that everyone has the opportunity to put into practice what they are learning and try out new techniques and exercises on each other.

to be considered for this scholarship you must have obtained your Pony Club A test.