Friday May 14, 2021
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About LPC


What we do…

Llangibby’s aim for the year is for each individual  members to improve and complete an individual goal they have set for them selves, this could include for the junior members having their first trot of lead rein, canter in an open field or have their very first jump! For our senior members they could be striving for that perfect score in a dressage test, a double clear at a new level or completing a One Day Event at championships.


The most important regular activities are monthly rallies which take place throughout the year.  Everyone, whatever your age or ability, are welcome.  Most rallies involve both riding instruction and horse & pony care learning.  They all involve LOTS OF FUN with your horse or pony and your friends. We aim for theses to be a smart event where we wear out PC sweatshirts and have our horses or ponies clean and tidy (but without the stress of plaiting). 

Efficiency Tests 

You’ll have the chance to work towards a range of efficiency badges linked to riding and care. These are highly thought after in the horse world and really help you progress. They start at E where you have be be 4 years of age, be able to do walk and trot and also know basic parts of the pony. After many years of hard work you can work towards an A test which is the highest PC award where you must a minimum of 18 years old and be able to support your practical work alongside relevant logical theory. The PC A test is accepted by the BHS as an exemption from the Stage 3 and 4 in Riding and Care.

Achievement Badges 

Alongside riding we put many evening Badge rally’s on for all our members. Achievement badges are awarded for equine and non-equine activities and have been created to encourage our members to learn and be able to demonstrate proficiency in a ride range of skills.


We organize our own training for members of all abilities. We have active training programmes in all the disciplines shown in the links on the left of this page. Our teams compete at inter-branch, area and national level, with some amazing results (and I am sure there is some competitions between members on the side). 




The highlight for many members of the year is our annual camp. We have a lovely camp each year with many amazing memories made that all our members will treasure for ever! We cater for all ability’s at the camp with many disciplines being taught and also some times an equitation competition if the members have enough energy by the end of the camp. Lots of our older members also help out with leading the juniors when riding and also looking after their ponies.

Area Competitions

Many of our members take part in the wide variety of area competitions that are held in our area. We have teams representing Llangibby in the Horse and Pony Care, Showjumping, Eventing Dressage and many more. We  are always so proud of our members and the aim for the days are just to enjoy themselves, however this being the aim the teams always do super well and on many occasions go all the way to The Pony Club Championships (much to the joys of the parents loving the drive up there!).

One Big Family!

At Llangibby we are one big family with many of the members meeting up outside of PC events. Many of the members greatest friends were made from PC and have grown up together. We always share outgrown items like PC sweatshirts, polo shirts, other riding clothing and also any tack that is no longer used. Bring any items that are no longer used to events or pop them on our Facebook page and I am sure they will get snapped up.