Friday May 14, 2021
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Efficiency Tests

Llangibbys Training structure encourages Members to take tests which enables them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding. The tests are taken at recommended ages and are designed with certain objectives in mind.

The Pony Club tests range from E-A with many in the middle.

Elements of the very first test of an E include(Minimum age 4+) –

*To be able to sit on a pony in halt.and at walk.

*To be able to hold the reins.

*To know the name and colour of the pony they are riding

Elements of the very last A include (Minimum age 18)-

*Work a horse in showing a logical and progressive plan. Assess a horse specifically and accurately.

*Offer individual and appropriate further work programmes for all types of horses and


*Outline a plan to improve the cross country performance of the horse in order to compete in Pony Club Open Eventing.

We are very fortunate to have two of our members to have gradually works at their tests and do date Grace Gillies hold her B test and Rachel Davies holds her B test and Lunging. 

At the higher end of tests the BHS takes them as direct entry into the BSH examinations, this is explained here: BHS-_Pony_club_tests_mapping_2017  Pony_Club_tests__BHS_mapping_17

Here you can find The Pony Clubs Training system for efficiency tests and it explains which tests are compulsory and voluntary: THE_PONY_CLUB_TRAINING_SYSTEM_revised_2018


Current Test Fees

Tests E, D, D+, Road Rider, C and C+ are organised at Branch and Centre level and do not attract standard fee’s. B, B+ and the Lungeing tests are organised at Area level with Ah and A tests being organsied by the Pony Club office.

B test- £40 per section
B+ test- £75
The Lungeing Test- £35
The AH Test- £150 for the full test or £60 per section
The A Test- £190 for the full test, £150 for the riding sections and to retake the Lungeing and Training the Young Horse section is £90

Here is a breakdown or the test level, colour felt achieved and the minimum age required.