Saturday September 19, 2020
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The Pony Club and its Branches are entirely separate organisations to any hunts. Historically Branches were founded by members of local Hunts for the benefit of their farmers’ and subscribers’ children.

The Pony Club recognises that traditional hunting has changed following the inception of the Hunting Act 2004 on 18th February 2005. As long as hunts are acting within the law, The Pony Club continues to encourage those Members who wish to take part and experience riding across country to do so.

Trail-hunting, hound exercise and exempt hunting are recognized activities that hunts participate in to comply with the current legislation.

Many of our members hunt annually and we are proud to say they always receive the Best Turned Out Awards. Levi Williams and Alys Warman both have received the award.  Well done both.

There is also a Hunting Certificate where members who would like this have to…

-attend one session at the Hunt Kennels, to include a talk from either the Huntsman, Whipper-in or Master with a tour of the kennels and stables.

-attend one practical session at either the kennels or other suitable place – to include opening and shutting gates and hunting conduct.

-attend one morning hunting accompanied by a suitable (nominated by the Branch of The Pony Club) adult.

The day to the hunt kennels is always so much fun ending in the members attempting the blow the horn.




 Totally plain black or brown tack (definitely no bling at all).

Plain white, cream, black or navy saddle cloths – (no writing at all).  

During formal hunting season (after the Opening Meet) your pony must be plaited.

No colourful bandages or boots.


White shirt with PC tie or white collarless shirt with Pony Club Stock.  

Children under 18 are normally allowed to continue to hunt in tweed jackets even during Formal Hunting season.

You should wear your PC badge with the Efficiency Test felt under it on your lapel.

Black / brown or navy hat or hat silk to match your jacket and black or brown jodhpur boots or long black boots.

White or cream jodhpurs.

Black brown or navy gloves to match your jacket.