Saturday September 19, 2020
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We try to hold a rally once a month for all groups and abilities and it is great to see so many members of all ages turn out for these rallies. It is not only an opportunity to get some great training but they are ideal times to catch up with other Pony Club friends for both members and parents and have some FUN.
PLEASE SUPPORT these Rallies they are the mainstay of the Pony club where we can offer tuition in small groups with qualified Instructors enabling us to give all round general knowledge tuition that will help you progress through your tests.

Please remember rallies are general riding lessons and they are not discipline concentrated unless specified. 

Dates will be posted when Rallies arranged however we do look to have one a month.

Members will need to take part in 3 rallies to be eligible for camp and area competitions.

We will be holding rallies and lessons at various locations – please ask for directions you are unsure. We have used Usk Coleg, Smugglers Equestrian (manmole) and Park Farm (Goytre) or their indoor schools.

We ask members to take pride in their appearance for rallies and to turn out their horses and ponies well.

Rally Dates

January 18th- Senior Rally (D+ and above) @ Usk

February 2nd- Junior Rally (D and below inc lead rein) @ Usk

February 24th- General Rally @ Smugglers Equestrian

March 24th- General Rally @ Smugglers Equestrian 


Dress code

Remember in the Pony Club plain is best! Riders must not have no facial piercings!

Long hair must be tied up (most go for buns) with a hair net and PC scrunchy.

PC legal hat in navy or black or with navy or black hat silk are necessary. Which must be tagged with the turquoise tag (Purple is not up to date anymore).  Hat rules: Hat_Rule_2019.

Cream, beigh or white jodhpurs/breeches.

Long boots or jodhpurs boots in black or brown.

White shirt, pony club tie or pony club stock with pin with the PC sweatshirt.

Whips may be carried,

Gloves may be worn.

Plain numnahs preferred