Tuesday September 28, 2021
What to Wear

Working Rallies with a Tack and Turnout inspection are Good Friday and the Spring/Summer Evening Rallies.

For Inspection at the start of the Rally you need:

Clean Pony & Tack with feet in good condition.

You should be wearing – Light coloured jodhpurs with long sleeved white shirt, jacket, gloves, Pony Club Tie and badge.

Boots and chaps should be of the same colour.

Hat with an Aqua tag – please see Caroline before inspection if yours needs tagging.

If you are attending one of our rallies as a visitor please wear tidy riding attire with a PAS015 Kite marked hat.


All other Rallies

Beige, cream or navy jodhpurs with a shirt and PC tie and you sweatshirt/rugby shirt


Please find the hat and body protector rules attached below