Saturday May 8, 2021
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Mid Antrim Junior Team
The Mid Antrim Junior Games team, Eve, Molly, Erin and Timothy, celebrating with the Graham family after placing second in the Junior PPC competition at the 2018 Area Games.

Mid Antrim Prize Night – 2017 Award Winners
1. Rocky Memorial – Bethany Gordon
2. Premier Cables – Tori Surgeoner & Laura Wylie
3. Mid Antrim SJ Cup – Jo Henry McCool
4. Teeshan Road Stud Cup 1 – Bethany Gordon, Lindsay Cameron, Nikki McNeice & Ami McNeice
5. Teeshan Road Stud Cup 2 – Abbie Irwin, Jessica Mark, Terese Doherty & Jo Henry McCool
6. Pepsi Shield – Hannah Woolsey, Joe Dickey & Jessica Mark
7. Webb Textiles Perpetual Trophy – Abbie Irwin
8. P&O Ferries Cup – Abbie Irwin, Jessica Mark & Eva Miller
9. Ulster Bank Cup – Jamie Lee Mark, Kirsten Thom, Josh Mark & Ami McNeice
10. Box-It Cup – Tori Surgeoner, James McNabney, Grace Doherty & Alex Henry McCool
11. O’Connell Eventing Trophy – Josh Mark
12. Graham Family Trophy – Jo Henry McCool
13. Stevens Catering Cup – Hannah Woolsey, Jo Henry McCool, Joe Dickey & Abbie Irwin
14. Trooper Cup – Hannah Thompson, Jessica Mark, Jo Henry McCool, Charli Henry McCool & Eve O’Neil
15. Ferson Cup – Jessica Mark, Jo Henry McCool, Charli Henry McCool, James McNabney & Timothy McNabney
16. Windsor Tankard – James McNabney
17. O’Connell Tetrathlon Shield – Grace Doherty
18. Storm Cup – Josh Mark
19. Glens Trophy – Fionn Henry McCool, Darcy Henry McCool, Cohn Henry McCool & Timothy McNabney
20. Getty Cup – Jamie Lee Mark
21. Mid Antrim Mini Cup – Erin McCoy
22. Clonkeen Trophy – Jo Henry McCool
23. McAvoy Cup – Josh Mark
24. Rally Award – Ben Smyth
25. Runner Up Rally Award – Keinan McAuley
26. Victor McDonald Cup – Ergnat McLaughlin
27. Gary Gary Cup – Josh and Jessica Mark

  • Rob_118

    At the Annual Prize Night November 2016 Mid Antrim said fairwell to their long standing DC, George Graham, as he stood down from his position after 14 enjoyable and successful years. George has contributed a massive amount to the club during his time as DC and will continue to support and serve the club as Honorary DC.