Tuesday January 19, 2021
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Junior Series information

Rules for Junior Series Show Jumping Competition 2020

The rules applying to the Junior Series Show Jumping Competition 2020 are the same rules that to Regional Competitions 2020 with the following exceptions:

  1. Tack
  • In all classes tack is the same as Rules for Pony Club Show Jumping 2020
  1. Course
  • No upper time limit imposed on any of the classes, therefore no time faults can be incurred.
  • Minimum of 9 jumps with no combinations only doubles with upright only as the 2nd part
  • The competition may be run as Single phase with a minimum of 7 jumps followed by a timed section of no less than 6 jumps.
  • There are 3 heights of competition to be run, (each qualifying event does not have to run all 3 classes).
  • You do not need to use a BS accredited course builder or judges for the Junior Series.

The classes are:

  • 60cm with 10yrs and under – maximum height of jumps 60cms, maximum width of 50cms , maximum of 2 jumps at 65cm height in second round or timed section.
  • 70 cms 12 years and under maximum height of jumps 70cms, maximum width of 60cms,  maximum of 2 jumps at 75cm height in second round or timed section
  • 80 cms. 12 years and under maximum height of jumps 70cms, maximum width of 70cms, maximum of 2 jumps at 75cm height in second round or timed section
  • The final will be run at the height of the qualifying rounds.
  1. Eligibility
  •  Eligiliblity will be the same as for Regional competitions with the exception the combination must not have recorded a double clear with British show Jumping at the following heights or above


  • Class 60cms with 10yrs and under – 60cm
  • Class 70cm 12 years and under – 80cms
  • Class 80cms 12 years and under – 90cms


  • Combined teams cannot qualify as a team but the individuals can qualify (in line with the Rules of Regional competitions)


  1. Numbers to qualify
  • Top 2 teams at each competition not already qualified
  • Top 4 individuals at each competition not already qualified.


  • Qualification will pass down the line to the next eligible team or individual providing they have not been eliminated.


  1. Jury of Appeal
  • The jury of appeal will be made up of the Organiser or the DC of the hosting branch and one of the Judges.


The Competition:

  • This is a team competition with individuals also being placed.
  • Allocate your team a name on entry for identification
  • Individuals can enter the classes
  • A combination of rider and pony can only jump once in any class on the day (i.e. you cannot jump twice in the same class on the same day with the same combination)
  • You can only jump once in a team at a particular height (i.e. you cannot jump 2 ponies in the same team)
  • The combination for the final must be the same combination that qualified unless the pony has been genuinely sold and replaced. The branch DC must confirm this to organiser in writing to the Area competition organiser before the Final competition
  • Substitutions as per rules for Regional Finals
  • Teams of individuals will not be made up at the final.
  • No substitution of an Individual competitor is allowed.
  • Members competing as individuals may join their branch team to make up a team of 3 to 4.
  • At each qualifying competition the successful teams and individuals will be given a qualifying slip which must be given to their own branch officials for safe keeping.


  • After each qualifying competition the organiser will submit to the Secretary of the Middleton Pony Club a list of riders’ names and ponies qualifying for each class using the Master Qualification Sheet.
  • A qualification slip will be given out at the event to the qualifying teams and individuals
  • Qualifying slips can be obtained from Heather Headley – heather@withernay.co.uk
  • A list of qualified teams and members will be posted on Middleton PC website as the results are received.