Saturday January 22, 2022
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New Vaccination Rule for 2018

All competitors at PC competitions at Area level and above will now be required to present their horse’s passport at these competitions. Your horse must also be completely up to date with their equine influenza vaccinations, details of which must be written in the passport, then signed and stamped by the administering vet. Some of you compete at Riding Club or BE competitions so will be used to this rule, will everyone else

PLEASE check your horse/pony vaccinations at the beginning of 2018 so that if necessary, you have time to get them done before the summer. If you purchase a new horse you will also need to check their vaccination record is correct. Please see attached PDF for details of the time frame in which vaccinations must be completed.

Some of you may not be aiming for Area Competitions next year, but this rule will be implemented at the 80cm Regional Qualifiers and Regional Dressage Qualifier, at which some of our younger members may wish to compete. It is also worth getting vaccinations up to date so that you then only have to remember to do the annual booster.