Thursday December 8, 2022
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Challenge Yourself with The Cotswold Pony Club

Challenge Yourself Series: This is a series of 6 activities where each person does their own research into the set topic. This is then sent to Nicola Bates, Once a fortnight there will be a zoom session to talk about the topic and sum up people’s ideas, which must be sent to in to above 3 days prior to this zoom session. The sessions will be on a Sunday evening starting at 5pm. The first one will be 31stJanuary and will run fortnightly after that, ie 14th Feb, 28th Feb, 14th March, 28th March and 11thApril.  The cost for the WHOLE  series is £15 for Cotswold members. Hopefully these activities will give you the chance to develop your understanding and thought process.  Pay: Cotswold Hunt Pony Club Sort: 30-95-75 Account: 0036056 quote: CYS and Branch Name  please fill ensure you fill in a consent form found here and that an adult is present during the zoom.

31st January 2021 ACTIVITY 1:  Write a dressage test of no more than 12 movements plus 4 boxes for the collectives. For each movement you must include the directives (what the judge is looking for). You can choose what level you are basing your test upon up to PC open level.  Any questions please email Nick Bates: M: 07791 205095

14th February 2021 ACTIVITY 2:  What to think about, ask and look for when buying a new horse.

28th February 2021 ACTIVITY 3:  Design a show jumping course. You must state at what level your course is aimed at. You need to include a course map, plus a separate description of each fence. You do not have to give the distances between each fence but must do so for doubles and trebles. Think of how to encourage a good round.

14th March 2021 ACTIVITY 4:  What you need to think about when buying or renting a field.

28th March 2021 ACTIVITY 5:  Design your own stable yard. Show the plan and describe why you have the choices. Money is not unlimited so don’t go overboard!

11th April 2021 ACTIVITY 6: What to pack when heading off to a ODE.

Should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Nichola Bates, Chief Instructor  M:07791 205095  Pay: Cotswold Hunt Pony Club Sort: 30-95-75 Account: 0036056 quote: CYS & Branch ENSURE YOU FILL IN A CONSENT FORM

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