Tuesday October 19, 2021
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Pony Club ‘Lockdown’ Activities

Challenge Yourself with The Cotswold Pony Club  http://branches.pcuk.org/minchinhampton/2021/02/05/challenge-yourself-with-the-cotswold-pony-club/



  • The Pony Club ‘Lockdown Challenges’ have lot’s of activities to take part in and can be found using this link https://pages.pcuk.org/activities/index.php
  • Password to the Members Area on the main PC website is pony1029

Area 9 have relaunched the STRAVA Club where you can sign up and record your running and cycling activities over the week – a great way to improve your fitness. Congratulations to Harriet who has topped the leader board in the ‘Beanies Girls’ category for running and cycling for the past two weeks.



Quiz Round 8 – Fitness
Quiz Round 8 is all about ‘Getting your Horse of Pony Fit’ which is very relevant for those of you who have not been able to ride as much as usual during ‘Lock Down’ but also may be valuable knowledge if ever you have to start riding a horse or pony that has had some time off due to injury or illness. Round 8 of the Quiz is attached to this email
Please do try to have a go at the Quiz – the questions are all geared towards you looking up the answers and learning for the future.

Quiz Results

First place to Merri (5 points) and second place to Isla L (4 points)

Quiz Round 7
Attached to this email is Round 7 of the Quiz – remember that all rounds of the Quiz are available on the MPC website for you to download and take part, answers to be sent to me before 6pm on Monday 11th May. If you would like to have a go at the quiz but have missed the closing date – please do still send me your answers and points will be awarded for participation and number of correct answers.

Round 6 of the Quiz
I have attached Round 6 of our Quiz which relates to the Rules of Feeding, some of you have already received this section as ‘C+’ Test revision but it is a very important topic that is relevant to everyone who owns a horse or pony and comes into all PC tests right up to AH, so please give as much information as you can.   Please submit your answers by 6pm on Sunday 3rd May

Results – Quiz Round 6
We have a few very keen Quiz Competitors who are improving their answers every week – results from Round 6 listed below. Please let me know if you would like an update on the points that have been accrued so far.
Merri – 10/10 – 5 points
Isla & Liv – 9/10 – 4 points each

Quiz Round 5
Attached to this email is Round 5 of the Quiz, in order to encourage some of our younger members to have a go, I have done this round in 2 sections – 5a has 12 questions and is harder than 5b which has 10 questions. You can have a go at both or just pick one, please send me your answers by 6pm on Sunday 26th April, so plenty of time to look up those answers. 

Results from Round 5

Our quiz experts are getting very good and this week three members got all answers correct This was a very difficult round that required some research into Equine Diseases so well done to – Isla L, Liv and Merri – 5 points awarded to each of you

Quiz Round 4
We have a few members who are really enjoying the Quiz Questions – especially the more difficult rounds! My aim has been to set questions that will encourage members to look up the answers and therefore increase their knowledge, rather than to set questions that were too easy and at this rate some of our members will soon be ready to take the ‘B’ Test.
Results from Round 4
=1st – Isla L & Liv – 14/15
=2nd – Becky & Merri – 13/15


Quiz Round 1 – The Pony Club

Quiz Round 2 – Alphabet Soup

Quiz Round 3

Quiz Round 4 – Name that System

Quiz Round 5a – Diseases

Quiz Round 5b – Keeping a Pony at Grass 

Quiz Round 6 – Rules of Feeding 

Quiz Round 7 – Equine First Aid

Quiz Round 8 – Fitness