Wednesday February 19, 2020
The Pony Club Coaching Conference- 20th Feb
See below for more details.
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The Pony Club Coaching Conference – have you got your tickets yet?

Sent to: Pony Club Coaches, Pony Club Members (16 and Over), Branch and Centre Officials, Company Members, Pony Club Staff
From: The Pony Club

The Pony Club Coaching Conference

Consistent Coaching to Create Confidence, Capability and Competence

Presented by Adam Kemp & Paul Tapner

From rising trot to future stars, the Pony Club coach needs to be armed with the skills to help every member learn.

Held at Hartpury College on 20th February, The Pony Club Coaching Conference boasts a fantastic line-up of speakers and will help you create consistency within your training in both dressage and jumping – no matter what level of Pony Club member you find yourself coaching!

The conference will count as CPD for Pony Club, British Eventing, British Showjumping and British Horse Society coaches – and with tickets starting at just £40, this is an event not to be missed!


Event Details

  • Date: Thursday 20th February 2020
  • Venue: Hartpury College, Hartpury, Glocs.
  • Time: Doors open 9.15am, to be seated in Main Hartpury Arena by 10am
  • Refreshments: The canteen will be open for tea/coffee and refreshments throughout the day with hot and cold food available
  • Eligibility: The day is open to anyone with an interest in coaching Pony Club members.
  • CPD: Approved CPD for Pony Club, British Eventing, British Showjumping and British Horse Society Coaches.


  • Standard Tickets: £50
  • Pony Club Members: £40
  • Pony Club Affiliated Coaches: £40 (must have up-to-date certifications)
Adam Kemp (F.B.H.S) needs little in the way of introduction to dressage enthusiasts around the globe as he is a highly sought-after teacher, trainer and coach. His career started at the Talland School of Equitation at the age of 16 when he left school and was offered a scholarship to train under Molly Sivewright and Pammy Hutton, a training course that ended up being 14 years in duration!

During this time, Adam passed all the BHS teaching, riding and horse care examinations, culminating in being awarded the Fellowship of the British Horse Society in 1995 having passed the gruelling three-day exam. Throughout the exam he was examined in teaching, coaching and riding at Grand Prix level.

Adam was the second youngest candidate ever to pass the exam and the only candidate ever to have passed the specialist dressage section. This puts him into the elite band of teachers, of which there are only 50 worldwide.

Paul Tapner was a professional international eventing rider for over 20 years, with accolades including numerous Australian eventing team representations, a winner of Badminton Horse Trials and also many other top international events.

Renowned as one of the very best cross country riders in the world, Paul has been involved with The Pony Club both as a member in his youth and as a coach throughout his whole career. He now works full time for the Event Rider Masters as the Series’ Chief Operations Director.




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The Pony Club

The Pony Club, Stoneleigh Park

Kenilworth, CV8 2RW

Pony Club Vaccination Rules

Vaccination Rules for PC -2020

End of Year MPC Celebration 31st January

End of Year Celebration – 31st January 2020
This is always a great evening for the whole family, food and drinks will be provided. It’s a good opportunity to catch up with your friends and meet other members of our branch, Cathy will have a selection of MPC merchandise to view and order and this year we have asked Bex Mason to come and give a talk on her show jumping career. This will also be an opportunity to hand over your membership forms, if you have not already done so!
However, we do need to know numbers – so please let me know if you will be attending/or not and how many of you there will be in your party

Pony Club Bulletin – August 19

Strangles Information

Hetty Hill from Waterlane Equine Vets has helped me to put together the information below – please read it carefully. Hetty is a former member of our branch and has had first hand experience of dealing with a strangles outbreak so is very aware of how emotive this subject can be, she is very happy to speak to anyone who has any concerns or alternatively please speak to your own vets.

Biosecurity Advice for Minchinhampton Pony Club Members (06/08/19)
Following recent events, we have put together the following biosecurity advice our members. To our knowledge, there are no confirmed cases of strangles locally or within our branch at this time, but it is important we all remain vigilant and follow the precautions listed below.

What is it – strangles is a bacterial infection caused by Streptococcus Equi which may affect horses or ponies of any age.

How is it spread?

  • By direct contact between horses and ponies or by indirect contact such as –
  • People moving between horses may carry the bacteria on their clothes or hands       
  • Equipment being shared between horses (e.g. feed and water buckets, tack or mucking out equipment)
  • By other animals moving between horses such as dogs and cats on the yard

What are the symptoms?

  • Dullness and reduced appetite
  • A temperature over 38.5℃
  • A snotty nose (typically nasal discharge with bacterial infections is thick and yellow)
  • Swollen lymph nodes under the jaw
  • Some horses or ponies may show only mild symptoms

Taking appropriate biosecurity measures is essential in helping to prevent spread of strangles.

At Home:

  • Monitor horses closely for any of the symptoms listed above.
  • If you have any concerns, isolate the horse and contact your vet immediately. They will be able to discuss the best course of action, including tests required and a more detailed biosecurity plan.
  • If a strangles outbreak is suspected, no horses should be moved on or off the property until the disease status is confirmed
  • Isolate any new arrivals to the yard for 2 weeks, or ensure their strangles status has been confirmed by testing.

Isolation is recommended for:

  • Any horses or ponies with confirmed strangles
  • Any horses or ponies that have been in contact with a confirmed strangles case
  • New horses arriving at a yard.
  • Horses or ponies that become infected with strangles may not show symptoms for up to 10 days, but may still shed the bacteria and pass it to other horses in this time. This is why an initial isolation period of 14 days is recommended when moving horses to a new yard.
  • Alternatively samples to test for strangles may be taken before movement. This should be discussed with your vet.

Isolation means no direct or indirect contact:

  • Ideally horses in isolation should be handled and mucked out after non-isolated horses.
  • Separate equipment should be used for horses in quarantine and human clothing washed before making contact with any other horses. 
  • A disinfectant foot bath and hand wash should be present at the entrance and exit to isolation. Virkon is a suitable disinfectant. 
  • You are advised to contact your vet to discuss the best way to set up an effective isolation area.

At Competitions:

  • Avoid direct contact with other horses and ponies
  • Do not share feed or water buckets
  • Do not take water from communal water sources while away at events
  • Consider transport as a potential point of infection, it is good practice to disinfect lorries or trailers between groups if transporting any unknown horses

This advice applies to all contagious diseases – horses and ponies travelling and mixing with new horses on a regular basis will be at risk for catching or spreading conditions such as strangles and equine flu, but these risks can be reduced by following the guidelines above.

See the BHS Strangles Leaflet which will give you more information.

It would appear that what happened this weekend was a false alarm and everyone will be able to enjoy the rest of the summer holidays but please be vigilant and notify your vet if your horses and ponies show any unusual symptoms.

Pony Club Bulletin – July 2019

Volunteers Needed for The Pony Club Championships
There are now just seven weeks to go until the 2019 Pony Club Championships at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire, taking place from 16th to 20th August.
In this special 90th Anniversary year for The Pony Club why not celebrate your connection to this very special charity by becoming a Volunteer for the Championships?
With such a wide variety of horses, ponies and young people represented at the Championships, this is unsurprisingly the biggest week in our calendar.
To ensure the smooth running of the event, we need between 160 and 200 voluntary positions to be filled every day, so we really need your help!
By clicking the button below, you can register your interest to volunteer at the Championships:
Register as a Volunteer

From 5pm on Monday 1st July you will also be able to indicate the hours/days you are available, as well as indicate the types of role you would like to volunteer for. Accommodation information will also be available on the page.
The roles include:
• Buggy driving
• Dressage writers and stewards
• Dressage sheet collecting
• Scoring and scoreboard update
• Tack checking
• Stewarding the collecting ring
• Fence Judges
• Catering: preparation and serving (Food Hygiene certificates would be beneficial)

Please find this year’s timetable available to download below:
Championships Timetable

We are very grateful to those who have already signed up, and to those who have offered to cover their own fuel and accommodation costs. For those who would like some support with the cost of fuel, fuel can be claimed at 25p per mile and a contribution made by The Pony Club towards accommodation if required.
If your situation or availability changes please email ASAP and please also notify us of any dietary or mobility requirements.

Have you checked out our fantastic 90th Anniversary range?
Clothing and Accessories
In celebration of our 90th Anniversary, we are delighted to be offering a beautifully designed selection of commemorative clothing created by our Partners, Harry Hall. The full range is now available on The Pony Club Shop powered by Harry Hall. Shop the range by clicking below:
View the 90th Anniversary Range

Visit our Facebook page for a competition in partnership with Harry Hall to win a Pony Club kit bundle to enjoy using over the summer holidays.

The 90th Book
We have been enjoying all the stories, memories and anecdotes that Members have sent us in response to our request for contributions to the 90th Anniversary book. Thank you so much for sharing these with us. Our only regret is that we can’t use them all, but how wonderful that we could, in theory, create several books from all your contributions! The Pony Club means so much to us all.
To pre-order your copy please click the button below:
Pre-order the 90th Book

Take part in Ride around the World Day
Make sure you have the 3rd of August in your diary to take part in ‘Ride Around The World Day’. This is a unique opportunity for you to share your connection with The Pony Club whatever your age.
Members old and new are getting together all around the world, whether it is at a competition, camp, hacks or picnic with friends. We would love everyone to share their stories on the day via social media channels with the hashtag #PonyClubWorldRide.
There is even music kindly provided by Andrew Lloyd Webber, husband of our President, Lady Lloyd Webber for those who wish to use it as the soundtrack to their videos from the day. Download the file by clicking the button below:
Download the 90th Anniversary Soundtrack

Latest Sports Updates
Flu Vaccinations
With cases of equine influenza continuing to be reported, Members are reminded that it is essential to have their horse’s flu vaccinations up to date before attending any Pony Club activity. If a horse has not been vaccinated appropriately, it may not attend a Pony Club event to protect the health of the other Members’ horses and those of the hosting venue.
The seven-day clearance period, between having the vaccination and attending an event, continues to apply (see point 7 of the vaccination rule on page 30-31 of the Health and Safety rulebook).
If it has been more than six months since your horse has been vaccinated, then the British Equestrian Federation recommendation is to consult your vet. Find out more by clicking below:
Latest BEF guidance on Flu Vaccinations

Young Volunteers
Calling all YELA candidates and Pony Club volunteers! The Young Equestrian Leaders Award is the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) youth volunteering award, and it’s open to all young people aged 13 to 25 years old who volunteer with BEF Member bodies like The Pony Club. To find out more and register just click below:
Register for the YELA scheme

Centre Equitation Competition
Find out more about this competition which takes place at The Pony Club Championships for Pony Club Centres by clicking below:
Centre Equitation Competition Info

Training Vouchers available at BSPS Gold Cup
In collaboration with the British Show Pony Society, we are able to offer a training voucher for £100 to the highest placed Pony Club Member in each of the three height sections of the BSPS Gold Cup at Burghley Horse Trials. This has been generously sponsored by Mrs Sheila Clifford. Further details of this competition and how to qualify can be found on the BSPS website.
Please note that the version of the Open Dressage Test 2019 in the Dressage Rule Book is incorrect. All other versions on the website and through Harry Hall are correct.
All Dressage and Eventing tests can be downloaded here on the Pony Club website. Score sheets can be purchased from the Pony Club shop through

Project Pelham enters Data Cleanse stage
The project is progressing well, and we are about to start writing the testing scenarios for the first major phase (Membership) which will be received from the developers in the next month.
We are very excited to be able to tell you that according to current planning we will be able to start the implementation phase in October this year, when we will migrate Branches in a phased manner over 6-7 weeks. More details will follow in due course on exactly how this will be done.
In the meantime, we are starting to prepare the Unity data for transfer into the new system, and we need help from you all! Over the next month, individual reports will be sent to all Branches requesting that they check the data that is stored in Unity for Members, parents/guardians and Coaches.
The main focus of this is not the accuracy of each field (that is up to all of you) but to remove the duplicate entries that are present in Unity. There will be clear guidance given on how to use the reports, and you will only be asked to check the records that we believe are an issue, not every Member in your Branch. We are checking both active and archived Members.
To find out more info on the Pelham project click the button below:
Pelham Project Site

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The Pony Club
The Pony Club, Stoneleigh Park
Kenilworth, CV8 2RW

Pony Club Members Bulletin – April 2019

Pony Club Members Bulletin – April 2019

Sent to: Pony Club Members, Area Representatives
From: The Pony Club

Crafty Pony Club Pony – almost here!

Don’t forget to come and buy your limited edition Crafty Pony Club Pony at Badminton Horse Trials this year – available from The Pony Club stand at 143 Allengrove Avenue. He’ll make a great gift for any Pony Club Member!

Not going to Badminton? Don’t worry – you can pre-order NOW from The Pony Club Shop powered by Harry Hall. Just click the link below!

Pre-order Crafty Pony Club Pony

All-action at Addington for the Dengie Winter Championships

Last weekend saw the return of the Dengie Winter Dressage and Show Jumping Championships. Held at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, it was a fantastic two days of action featuring talented riders of the future. Hop on over to our results site here to see a full set of scores!

A big thank you to all of the staff and volunteers who made the championships possible, as well as Addington Manor for being a great host, Dengie for their generous sponsorship and 1st Class Images for top-quality competitor photos!

(Photos: 1st Class Images)


National Quiz Results – Quorn Hunt make it a quiz double!

Congratulations to Quorn Hunt who won their second successive National Quiz last weekend, and also to Silvermere Equestrian Centre who won the Centre competition!

Want to get involved in next year’s National Quiz? Visit our website here for more info, and speak to your Branch or Centre about setting up a team!

(Photos: 1st Class Images)


Pony Club Race Day @ Cheltenham Racecourse – last minute booking opportunity!

Coming up this Friday 19th April there will be a Pony Club Pony Race day taking place at Cheltenham Racecourse.

Run alongside the Pony Racing Authority (PRA), these days are a great way to find out more about the sport, experience sitting in a racing saddle, have a go on an equiciser and much more. You’ll then get a chance to see racing in action with fellow members battling it out for the thrill of winning their race!

To book onto this event just contact Clarissa Daly using the button below, and if you want to read all about the action from the recent Race Day at Ascot, click here.

(Photos: Liea J Photography)

Book Pony Club Race Day @ Cheltenham

Ride Around the World – Saturday 3rd August

As part of our 90th Anniversary celebrations we will be hosting a special event on Saturday 3rd August, and everyone is invited!

Starting at 12 noon with our Branches in New Zealand and travelling around the world like midnight on New Years Eve, the day will finish on the West Coast of America at 12 noon having passed through Branches and Centres across the world.  It truly will be a magnificent moment in the history of The Pony Club and we hope that all Members, Coaches, Officials, Volunteers and past Members will be able to share in it as without all of you there is no Pony Club!

We want to make it a HUGE social media moment so please share your photographs and videos with us. You can send us your files by going to – this link will work on any device (computer, tablet, phone etc) so please send us your memories of this special event!

For more information and ideas please contact

90th Anniversary Book

You are now able to register your name to be in one of the 900 in the 90th Anniversary book. The book will be a great lasting memento of your time in The Pony Club – to order your copy click the button below, but don’t delay as orders need to be received by 13th May!

We’d also love to hear all about your memories and photographs of being a Pony Club Member – what does it mean to you and what are your favourite things about your Branch/Centre? Please email us your stories and photos to


Pre-order 90th Anniversary Book

Hannah Francis Award – Nominations Open

The Hannah Francis Award for Talent, Courage and Inspiration was created to honour Hannah (Wylye Valley Branch) for the bravery she showed throughout her battle with cancer. It is an annual award for a Pony Club Member who has displayed talent, courage and inspiration in the face of adversity and will be presented this year at Badminton Horse Trials on Wednesday 1st May.

To make a nomination for this award just download a nomination form using the button below. The form should be returned to no later than 24th April so don’t delay!

Download Nomination Form

Want to volunteer at Blenheim Horse Trials?

The Young Equestrian Leaders award is working with the organisers of Blenheim Horse Trials to promote and encourage more young people to participate in volunteering.

As part of our joint work on this, Blenheim Horse Trials will be promoting YELA to its volunteers and we have the opportunity to encourage Pony Club Members to find out what it is like to volunteer at an international event.

There are a variety of roles available – to register interest just click the button below!

In the Blenheim Volunteer newsletter you can meet members of the team who ensure the event is a success – read about them here.

Register to Volunteer at Blenheim

Polocrosse Home International Nominations

On the 20th and 21st July at Celyn Polocrosse Club’s Backford Grounds in Cheshire the Home International will be taking place. This event is currently open to all Members wishing to participate and represent one of the four home nations: England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

To be considered for one of the positions in teams please submit a nomination form by 30th April. Nominations and further information is available via the button below.

Interested in finding out more about Polocrosse for your Branch or Centre? Please contact

Polocrosse Home International Nominations

Work Experience Opportunity

We are currently looking for temporary cover to assist our Membership team, with the potential to extend during the busy summer events season. This could be a great work experience opportunity for an older Member – please contact for more information.



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The Pony Club

The Pony Club, Stoneleigh Park

Kenilworth, CV8 2RW

Equine Flu Requirements – Update

Due to the ongoing precautions with regards to Equine Flu, most venues

and competition centres that we use – including Star Farm, are now

asking that all horses and ponies coming onto their property have had a

vaccination for Equine Flu within the past six months, but not during

the 7 days prior to the event you are attending.


I am informing you all of these requirements so that you can check you

horse/ponies passport and if needs be get them inoculated


Please let me know if you have any queries?

New Online Dressage Competition

New online dressage competition! 

A relaxed and stress-free way to ride through your test without leaving your field/yard! All judged by a BD list 3 judge.   

Pony Club pure dressage AND eventing tests to choose from – all tests may be called. 

No competition wear required, just someone to film your test. 

Perfect if you don’t have time to get to an event, great practice if you are looking to move up a level and a really relaxed way to compete if you are nervous or new to dressage.   

Simple to enter – pay your fee on our PC website – just £7.50 per class, upload your video and wait for your test sheet which will give you constructive, helpful feedback and maybe you will also receive a rosette!

Entries close last day of the month – see our PC website for full details. 

Results will be posted online and sheets/rosettes will be sent back to you in the post.  

Changes to Dressage Tests 2019

Dressage Tests 2019

The PC Dressage Committee have listened to feedback regarding some of our tests and done some re-writes. Therefore in 2019 there will be a new Novice Dressage Test and a new Open Dressage Test to be used at the summer Area Competitions. The Committee also thought it was time to update the Introductory Test which will also be new for 2019. Please note the important tests below to be used in 2019 (changes from 2018 marked in bold):



Level Prelim & Area Test Championship Test
Novice The Pony Club Novice Dressage Test 2018 The Pony Club Novice Dressage Championship Test 2017
Intermediate The Pony Club Intermediate Dressage Test 2013 The Pony Club Intermediate Dressage Championship Test 2014
Open The Pony Club Open Dressage Test 2015 The Pony Club Open Dressage Championship Test 2018



Level Area Test Championship Test


Grassroots Dressage Test 2018 Grassroots Dressage Test 2018
Novice & Open Novice The Pony Club Novice Dressage Test 2019 The Pony Club Novice Dressage Championship Test 2017
Intermediate The Pony Club Intermediate Dressage Test 2013 The Pony Club Intermediate Dressage Championship Test 2014
Open The Pony Club Open Dressage Test 2019 The Pony Club Open Dressage Championship Test 2018