Wednesday October 27, 2021
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Results – MPC Eventers Challenge 18 April 2021


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Class 1 Results

Class 2 Results-1

Class 3 results

Class 4 results

Class 5 Results-2

Class 6 results-1

If you were unable to collect your rosette and would like it sent to you in the post, please contact Julie

Covid Instructions

  • To ease the maintenance of social distancing and limit numbers, only 1 person may accompany each member.
  • Please park in the parking area as directed and leave 10 metres between you and other trailers/lorries. 
  • Social distancing to be maintained at all times
  • Members and parents should bring their own hand sanitiser which should be used before and after touching any gates, toilets, poles etc.
  • Members and parents MUST NOT enter the arena unless asked to do so by the judge
  • Members must maintain a safe social distance from other riders whilst riding to and from the arena
  • All adults must wear a face mask when walking the course

EHV Precautions

  • It is no longer mandatory to return the EHV form before competing, however by attending this competition you confirm that your horse or pony is not showing any of the symptoms listed below:
    • Recent cough of unknown cause
    • Recent nasal discharge of unknown cause
    • Enlarged lymph nodes.
    • Fever (>38.5oC)
    • Recent onset of neurological signs of unknown cause
    • Diarrhoea
  • Also the above mentioned horse or pony:
    • Is not under current investigation for EHV infection.
    • Has not been in contact with and is not kept on the same premises as a horse known to have or be under investigation for EHV.
    • Has been resident in the UK for the last 28 days.
    • Is not kept on a yard where horses have been imported from the continent within the previous 28 days.

Competitor Numbers

  • You MUST print or draw your own number – on A4 if wearing in a number bib or A5 if wearing on the back, two copies of A5 if wearing on the saddle cloth. Please print/draw the numbers as big as possible in the darkest pen.

Equine Influenza Inoculations

  • All horses & ponies competing, must have had the first 2 inoculations of a course and must not have gone over a 12 month period since their last inoculation, there must be at least 6 clear days since their last inoculation.
  • Passports must travel with the horse/pony and will be checked

Tack Checking

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that tack is correctly fitted and safe and that riders are correctly dressed, also that girths are tight / stirrup leathers adjusted etc before your child enters the arena. Please remember that long hair must be tied up above the collar and preferably in a hairnet.
  • The stewards will be checking that your dress/tack is compliant with the rules – see schedule for details

Prize Giving

  • There will be no formal prize giving – rosettes may be collected by one Branch representative 30 minutes after the conclusion of the class; that person will then give out rosettes to individuals. There must be no group photographs, unless social distancing is observed.

No dogs are allowed – if you must bring your dog please keep it in your vehicle.

Please use the Portaloo provided and there is no access to the indoor barns/main yard at Prestige Equestrian