Tuesday January 22, 2019
Weekly Newsletter from HQ Jan 11

Weekly email from PC Head Office – 11th January 2019

Dear all,

It has been a busy week up in Stoneleigh with everyone settling in to their new jobs, lots of fact finding and plenty of exciting new ideas starting to be explored many of which will, we hope, come to fruition to the benefit of our current and future members and their horses.  Thank you for all your help and support as we find our feet.

Membership Forms

We very much appreciate your patience during this process and we will make sure that the forms are out much earlier for 2020 to avoid the same confusion. Both membership forms are now back on the website.  The new look membership packs for all Members will, I hope you agree, have been worth the wait. 


Marty will be circulating an FAQ’s sheet to all Branches and Centres tomorrow which will hopefully alleviate the majority of the queries which have arisen this week. 

IT update

Our plans to replace the Unity Database are progressing and you will shortly be receiving an update on the project.  We are planning to start the changes later in the year, and will be migrating the data you input to Unity across to the new system.  Therefore, whilst you are all busy updating member data as renewal season is upon us, please take a few extra seconds to ensure the information on Unity is accurate; that the post code is correct and any address typos corrected.  Many thanks.

Rule Books

These have now been signed off and are on their way to the  printers.  They will be available to purchase from the Harry Hall Pony Club shop shortly.

CPD process

We have had several queries about the CPD process, please find the link below for information.  http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/training/coaching/training_area_instructors_courses/

Coaching Conference

Tickets are starting to sell well now that epiphany is over and the decorations have come down.  This is not exclusive to Coaches, there will be lots of information that would be relevant to parents, sportspeople and ‘B’ test hopefuls so please do think about attending even if you are not a Coach.  It should be a really good day (printable flyer attached).

International Mounted Games Exchange nomination forms to be in this Friday (11th January) – http://events.pcuk.org/?page_id=6579

Bookings are still open for the Mounted Games Study day at Addington on the 9th February http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/sports/mounted_games/competitions_and_events/mounted_games_study_days/

Royal Windsor Mounted Games Trial dates

England – 10th March. Dallas Burtston Polo Complex.

Northern Ireland – 2nd March. Danescroft Equestrian Centre.

Scotland – 17th March – Morris Equestrian Centre

Wales – 3rd March. Radfords Equestrian Centre

Nominations for RWHS need to be in by Friday 1st February –  http://events.pcuk.org/?page_id=6575

Coaches Conference – 14th February 2019 at Hartpury College, Gloucestershire, GL19 3BE
‘All you need to succeed’ with talks from leading industry experts including Caroline Moore, Russell Guire, Professor (Dr.) Tony Ghaye, and Katie Stephens.  Tickets are £45 and can be purchased at: http://events.pcuk.org/?page_id=6503

Coach of the Year – entries close tomorrow (Friday 11th January)

Do you have a coach in your Area, Branch or Centre who could be a worthy winner of the prestigious Pony Club Coach of the Year 2018? We know most of them would be but we need your nominations.  Presentations will be made at The Pony Club Coaches Conference at Hartpury College on the 14th February 2019.

Nominations can be done via the link here: http://events.pcuk.org/?page_id=6532http://events.pcuk.org/?page_id=6532http://events.pcuk.org/?page_id=6532

A few key 90th anniversary dates for the diary to whet your appetite

Badminton Horse Trials.  There will be at least one exciting announcement to be made… hopefully more.  Watch this space.

3rd August at 12 noon  – a ‘Global Trot around the world’.  We would like every current Pony Club member to join together wherever they are around the world at 12 noon local time to celebrate the fact they are a Pony Club member.  This could take the form of a group musical ride including the whole of your Branch or Centre or could be all jumping in the air simultaneously shouting ‘We love the Pony Club.’  It is going to take social media by storm, it will go viral and the press will love it!!

1st November  -An evening of glitz and glamour in London for all our past members and contacts to get together and help fundraise for The Pony Club.  There will be dinner, dancing, celebrity speakers and an auction.  Please save the date.

I have attached a copy of the noticeboard which went to Olympia with some important dates on it as well.

A and AH training days

Training Days Area
Brooksby EC 6 Feb 19th
Blackdyke Farm 2 Feb 20th
Windmill Hill Eq 15 Feb 22nd
Windmill Hill Eq 15 April 9th
Brooksby EC 6 April 23rd
Trent Park EC 8 April 29th
Trent Park EC 8 June 17th
Blackdyke Farm 2 Aug 21st

Book online here http://events.pcuk.org/?page_id=6585

AH test days are;

Blackdyke Farm 2 April 3rd
Brooksby EC 6 May 28th
Windmill Hill Eq 15 May 29th
Trent Park EC 8 15th July
Ringles Green Farm 11 5th August
Brookbsy EC 6 August 28th
Ovenstone Eq 1 3rd Sept
Blackdyke Farm 2 Sept 18th

Online nomination form here http://events.pcuk.org/?page_id=6612

Please find a ‘C’ test assessors workshop flyer attached.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children (Face to Face) Courses

January 2019

17 January 2019 – Tea Pot Hall – Bottesford (Area 6)

21 January 2019 – Harrington Stables – Shropshire (Area 7)

February 2019

19 February 2019 – Yattendon Village Hall – Thatcham (Area 13)

24 February 2019 – Talygarn Equestrian Centre – RCT (Area 10)

Equestrian Advanced Safeguarding (Online) Refresher

Online Course Entry Page

Please note that there will be no-one answering the telephone from 2pm on Tuesday 16th until 9am on Thursday 18th January as we will all be at a CRM Discovery workshop.  We will pick up our emails when we can.