Thursday December 2, 2021
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This page includes the dates of forthcoming training sessions and competitions and events we’re hoping to hold.

Events that are in bold are MHPC organised sessions but may be opened to other Pony Clubs if not sufficient numbers.

To see reports on activities that have gone on click here

04/06/21Show Jumping with Ellie ChirnsideSt Maugans Cecilia Lindburg
06/06/21Bronze/Silver Fun JumpingNP7 9DEGeorgie
06/06/21Silver/Gold Show JumpingGreen Acre FarmKatie Williams
08/06/21C+ TrainingNP7 9DEGeorgie
15/06/21C+ TrainingNP7 9DEGeorgie
17/06/21Simulated XCGreen Acre FarmKatie Williams
18/06/21Show Jumping with Ellie ChirnsideSt Maugans Cecilia Lindburg
24/06/21C+ Exam (Theory ONLY)NP7 9DEGeorgie - open to all area 10 members please email
27/06/21AREA DRESSAGEUSK SHOW GROUND - Link to Schedule Monmouthshire PC
03/07/21AREA TET - RIDELeyland CourtArea 10
06/07/21D+ ExamCastle Farm, UskGeorgie
11/07/21AREA TET - Run, Swim, ShootMonmouth Boys School Sports ComplexArea 10
13/07/21C Test ExamCastle Farm, UskGeorgie
25/07/21AREA SJDairy House Farm,, Monnington on Wye, HR4 7NG - Link to Schedule Golden Valley
29/07/21 - 31/07/21Three Day RallyPark Farm, Llantillio Crosseny Cressida and Camilla, email
02/08/21 - 05/08/21SUMMER CAMPStockland Lovell Equestrian Centre, TA5 1JJLesley Thomas -
13/08/21 - 15/08/21Champs - Games, Tet, PolocrossOffchurch BuryPony Club
17/08/21 - 22/08/21Champs Offchurch BuryPony Club
28/08/21 - 30/08/21Regional ChampsRectory Farm ArenaPony Club