Saturday February 24, 2024
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Started back in 2021, the Great Pony Club Hacking Challenge is an opportunity for members to ride out of the arena and explore new areas of the countryside.

The idea is simple – whether you already hack out a lot or want to start hacking more, you just need to sign up to the challenge and track the distances of your rides. When you hit each milestone (see Recognition & Rules), submit your tracker here to receive your certificate and Dodson and Horrell prize.

Anyone can take part! From the smallest members on Shetlands out on lead reins, to our older members getting their horses fit for eventing. If you hack (or want to start), track it!

Why should I take part?

Hacking is a great way to get your pony fit. Riding across different terrains (roads, grass, tracks, and water) help improve their balance and confidence for all other pony club activities. Especially useful on the run up to PC Camp!

Getting your pony out of the arena allows them to see different things and they will become less spooky – helpful when you take them away to rallies, competitions, and camp!

You can hack with your friends! Take a picnic and go exploring for the day.

The challenge is now sponsored by Dodson and Horrell so each milestone has a different D&H prize, ranging from feed vouchers to branded jackets.

Earn your Achievement Badges. Hacking is a great way to achieve badges such as the Countryside Access badge.