Sunday May 16, 2021
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About Mounted Games

Mounted Games provides a team competition for all Branches and Centres encouraging determination and all-round riding ability, with careful and systematic training of their ponies.

If you like Gymkhana Games and want to have lots of fun then you and your pony will love Pony Club Mounted Games where you and your team will get to play lots of fun and imaginative games.

The objective is to ensure a higher standard of riding throughout Pony Club and to stimulate among the future generation a greater interest in riding as a sport and as a recreation.

For those of you who are new to this discipline, Mounted Games is divided into two groups, Juniors (not to have attended their 11th birthday on 01/01/17) and Seniors (not to have attained their 15th birthday on 01/01/17). We can send as many teams as we wish to competitions as long as we have at least 4 riders per team. All our more experienced riders all started somewhere, many of them on lead rein so please do come along what ever your ability, however if your child is struggling or still on the lead rein please will you provide a runner!

Area Games

Areas will be arranged to take place before June, at venues selected by Area Representatives and will be organised solely by the Branch organising the competition, including the taking of entry forms and entry fees. All Branch teams will compete at their own Area Meetings.

There will be a Tack & Turnout Inspection for all teams which will take place before competition.

At each Area Meeting the teams will compete against each other in eight events, as listed in the Mounted Games Rule Book.


  1. Bending
  2. Five Mug
  3. Tyre
  4. Ball & Flag
  5. Old Sock
  6. Just Chaps Pyramid
  7. Stepping Stones
  8. Five Flag
  9. Spare: Two Flag


  1. Bending
  2. Two Mug
  3. Ball & Flag
  4. Stepping Stones
  5. Just Chaps Pyramid – Junior Version
  6. Tyre
  7. Five Flag
  8. Spare: Two Flag

Zone Competitions

There are 4 Zone Finals that will take place in June and July. Each Team will compete against each other in 10 Events as listed the Mounted Games Rule Book.

The winning team from each Zone will qualify for the Horse of The Year Show, 2nd to 7th places will compete for the final two HOYS places at the Pony Club Championships. The next three places at each Zone that have not Qualified will be invited to compete in an Intermediate Competition at the Pony Club Championships.

Zone Date and Venue


Zone Games 2018